Cut scenes after completion brainstorming

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    As I sit here at work it got me to thinking.

    It is funny, in the beginning of a new tier individuals and groups can struggle for an undetermined amount of time, due to different skill levels and whatever, to then beat the content to just have the score card pop-up as that is the ultimate goal for the group.

    To back it up a bit, my mentor being Batman, 1-30 I am under his command due to not being a full member of the JL, but after completion (becoming a member of the JL) it then becomes Batman needs my help or Super needs assistance as I am out to stop those that are trying to defeat the heroes and it then comes down to players vs the mentors to thwart disaster.


    Is it possible to have control over the pop-up following the end of a run to show the score card or to show an action lets say a player turning to the defeated foe and simply making contact with an outside person then taking off?

    I mean instead of just having the scorecard pop-up a player could have a cut scene, with the ability to show or not show the cut scene for those that choose not to have the cut scene pop-up but choose to have the score card.

    Example: After beating Necro.. it shows your toon either performing an action for the villains or hero's in the return of the Artifact to either HQ (HOD or WT) better yet to your League hall or something along those lines that would direct you to some other objective to be done next, or even if you cued up while in whatever zone you rour cutscene shows you returning to the zone on your way to return the objective or after returning it.

    I realize that it could take away from the development of other content, but this seem like something that could be really cool as far as a story for one's toon, at least those that try to go beyond the FOTM types and try to build a story around there toon, but for the next big update possibly since it there are different individuals to work UI vs DLC that do work towards the same goal?