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  1. Hemmy Committed Player

    Basically, what if we have another option in our style menu called "Movement" below our weapons. Selecting something from here doesn't change your movement mode, just the animation it uses.
    The items you can select for instance might be something similar to the personality types but again, only change tha animations your particular movement mode uses.

    For flight maybe something like:
    -Powerful (flight animation as it stands now)
    -Serious (arms are by your sides, kinda like a bullet)
    -Comical (Just kind of amateurish at flight so your arms and legs droops slightly and swing with you. Limbs are spread slightly to give the appearance of imbalance.)
    -Prideful (magneto style, hovering without changing the arm's crossed position)
    -Skimming (wouldn't make much sense to keep it separate if this idea were fully seen through)

    SS (super speed):
    - Speed force (default SS animations)
    - Speedy (same animation as default but lacks the lightning trailing behind you. Very similar to how SS was in very early versions of the game.)
    - Skater (basically you have rocket powered roller blades on your feet. :p)

    - Gymnast (basically the way it is now)
    - Hulking (no flips or fancy stuff. You're a lumbering bad *** getting from point A to B)
    - Primal (cat/animal like animations. I.E. traveling on all fours.)

    The color pallet would work similarly to the way it does now with other style items. Allowing us to alter the color of our trails based on the three colors we have equipped.
    By rule these would not effect (in any way) the mechanics of the movement mode and so everything else about the game, balance, races, etc. could stay the same.
    What do you guys think? Have any other ideas for styles/variants/whatever for any particular movement mode? Leave it below for us to see!
  2. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Someone made a thread like this a while back, and even had the pictures. But its under new personality types instead of just custom movement modes.
  3. Princess Zero Well-Known Player

    How about roadrunner feet.
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  4. BurntMind Active Player

  5. sirzap Well-Known Player

    beep beeo
  6. Leafy Committed Player

    i'd like the p i m p walk along with a cane and a purple suit.

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