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  1. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    For adds you have the same loadout I use. I’m assuming you use trans, strat, and solar for aoe.

    If that’s the case I’ll just rehash my rotation incase you need it.
    Heat vision > arch lightning > voltaic blast > Tesla ball > arc lightning > repeat

    One thing that you need to keep a eye out for is who you have target locked. Arc lightning has a unique mechanic that makes it so good on adds. The first target will receive full damage and once it reaches the split number it will do the reduced amount. It’s one of the reasons electric is so strong for aoe. However this also comes with a downside. If the target it hits is low health and dies than it won’t bounce anymore and no other target gets hit.

    For single target however I use a different setup. I use solar, grimorium, and transformation. Now, I haven’t retested my single target loadout in a while so i suggest testing it and other loadouts/rotations. By my loadout is:

    Heat vision, electro static bomb, finisher, electro genesis (or shield), robot sidekick, and circuit breaker

    My rotation is:
    Heat vision > genesis > finisher > ESB > HV > genesis > ESB > finisher > ESB > repeat

    If you have a boss that jumps from time to time than use ESB in every rotation and when the boss moves use genesis instead of ESB for that rotational section since ESB is a projective and can miss. If the boss jumps a lot than switch ESB for Tesla blast

    If the bosses summons a lot of adds than replace ESB with arc lightning and replace electro genesis with Tesla ball. The rotation would be similar but it would be:
    HV > arc > finisher > Tesla ball > repeat.

    If you are in a Gemini group you might want to swap solar for Gemini. I’ll have to do some testing between replacing solar vs grim. Both do added damage. If replacing grim turns out to be the better choice than also replace ESB with Tesla blast as well. The only reason ESB was there instead of Tesla blast was because ESB has PI set up by grim and it had a shorter dove tail.

    Other than that you should be doing good. If you are falling behind than I’d suggest keeping an eye on your positioning and the speed at which you keep up with the take between adds. Also there are some people who actually only care about the scoreboard. Especially in elite for some reason. If you are doing mechanics and the others are just attacking than ignore the scoreboard. They are gonna outdps you just because they are scoreboard chasing. In FVe especially you will even see some dps try to get changed to a gorilla since they do massive damage to the adds and then switch back without hitting the cogs on the platforms. Don’t let that distract you from the objective of the raid. And that’s to actually finish lol
  2. Apolloin Well-Known Player

    Well I also have been using the event head augments instead of the normal head augments, I just realized this yesterday so I have been missing out on some good stats. Thanks for all of the information, I really appreciate it. Have you tried the quislet artifact with electric? I was gonna level another artifact but if it is useless then I will just level my healing artifacts
  3. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I actually like quislet with electric and a few powers. The reason is that if the power has a good supercharge than any type of sc regen is good. But only for st. For aoe it kept being a loss of damage. I haven’t tested it recently for might since I’m prec. But I’d try to replace solar for quislet IF you get it. The loadout and rotation would default back to the standard electric loadout of:

    Arc lightning (1) > voltaic blast (2) > Tesla ball (3) > electro genesis (4) > electrocute (5) > circuit breaker/robot sidekick (6)

    The rotation is:
    412 > 312 > 512 > 312 > repeat.

    The issue with this is that your rev up damage is lower because you have to wait to set up all your dots. You can’t just set up all your dots and rotate the rest since cooldowns don’t line up. So if you have a decent group with you you won’t be fully set up on any adds. In an area like FVe before grodd the tank can actually grab all the adds within a few seconds if they are superspeed and know how to maintain their aggro durations. Same with most hallways. In this situation you will be able to make most use of this loadout. And since all the adds are together you would want to use circuit breaker on the adds which also falls in line with your quislet. However those cases are not to common unless you run with league and the tank does it.

    So I’m short… I wouldn’t recommend getting it up unless you don’t have anything else to level up.
  4. Fighter Mama New Player

    Hi! I am returning to the game after about 2 years. Electricity has always been my favorite power. How is it as a dps power right now? Does it do best as Might or Precision? Thank you in advance for reaponding!
  5. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    It’s a great power. And don’t worry about it being better as might or Prec. Pick the style you like more and we can help you from there
  6. L T Devoted Player

    Electric Might is dependent on how many adds are alive in an instance, and on how many bosses are active at one time. For the third part of the next episode, Electric/Might could shine.

    In general, it does a bit better as precision these days though. Most boss fights have been single-target fests and are likely to continue to be so. In both cases you'll be leaning hard on your Circuit Breaker supercharge ability.
  7. Fighter Mama New Player

    Thank you DietySupreme and LT! How is the healing side if Electricity in raids at the moment? I like healing with it too!
  8. L T Devoted Player

    The healing is really good, but it requires you to pay attention-- it's burst-on-demand rather than lots of hots or shields.
  9. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    One of the most common mistakes electric healers (and others in general) do is that they over heal. Since electric is burst you see a lot of healers spam their heals off cooldown to keep people topped off. But you end up draining your power and find yourself in a bad spot when a damage spike occurs and you don’t have power to heal. So get used to learning when to heal and when to conserve.
  10. Fighter Mama New Player

    I would love some feedback in my loudouts.

    Adds: Electrogenesis, act light, Tesla ball, voltaic, eletrocute and circuit breaker
    I start with Electrigenesis and prioritize my 1st 3 powers then fill in with the last two as needed. I am using trans card, scrap and Gemini for as many circuit breakers as possible.

    Single Target: Electrogenesis, heat vision, arc light, Tesla blast, sickkick and circuit bresker
    I uses my 1st 3 then Tesla blast till one of 1st three are up again. I have same artifacts but can sub solar amp for one but not sure which it should be.

    Healing: bio surge, recover, galvanize, flux, bio-cap and group trans
    I have Trans card, page of dest, scrap and Gemini as artifacts I can run

    Any suggestions for improving would be very much appreciated!
  11. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Your aoe loadout is pretty much the standard loadout/rotation most electric dps use. There’s only one suggestion I would make but I’m hesitant to do so because it is in regards to an artifact. Which is strategist. You have a lot of ticks going off which means it’s easier to rev up the strategist procs. Electric struggles when there are less adds so something like strategist whose procs are independent can help a little especially with that many procs. However when things die fast the strat loses strength because adds don’t live long enough to have your strategist dot fully tick. So it would mainly depend on what you run. If you run lower stuff than trans/scrap/gemini works best. But if you are doing things that have long lasting adds than trans/strat/scrap might be better. But in all honesty you will probably be fine with what you have on now. I’d only say strat over gemini if you mainly run elite.

    As for your ST. There are 2 loadouts depending on what I’m facing. Bosses that are pure ST I will use:
    Heat vision, genesis, electrostatic bomb, ionic drain, robot sidekick, and circuit breaker

    If the boss is mobile than I’ll use Tesla blast instead of ionic drain. The rotation is also simple. It’s:
    Heat vision > esb > ionic drain > esb
    Pretty much using electrostatic bomb after every heat vision and ionic drain. Use electric genesis in place of ESB whenever it’s off cooldown. And to start a rotation you use it before heat vision

    For bosses that summon adds the loadout I use is:
    Heat vision, arc lightning, tesla ball, ionic drain, robot sidekick, and circuit breaker

    The rotations is simply left to right.

    For both loadouts I use transformation, solar amplifier, and grimorium. You could replace grimorium with scrap if you’d like. Since you have solar but don’t have grim than I’d just use the trans/solar/scrap combo.
  12. L T Devoted Player

    If you find adds dying quickly-- which they tend to do halfway through a DLC, try swapping Heat Vision or Ionic Drain in for Electrocute.

    Since you use Eye and Soul, I would suggest starting your aoe rotation with Arc - Tesla-VB. A few more teslas will mean more supercharge.

    For pure single target, Egen-Vbolt-HV-Tblast+ will outperform arc lightning as long as there are three or fewer total targets. Just don't use VBolt more than once every time you refresh Egen. ID should be roughly the same performance as HV, unless you have the solar amplifier. If you want to sub Solar, I'd suggest Eye or Soul, which one depends on who you're running with. If you run with a league where everyone jumps into an eye to boost total damage, then obviously swap for soul. I should point out that if you already have all three leveled you can run with solar amplifier and call up your inventory screen and swap soul cloak in just before you use Circuit Breaker, and then swap back. You wind up with the benefits of Soul Cloak, and the stats of Solar Amplifier. It kinda feels like an exploit, but the Developers haven't called it that, and they're well aware of it being a thing at this point.

    For healing you're good. I've personally gotten away from Group Trans cause I hate not having something available on my bar, but with your artifacts it ought to work ok. I'd choose Scrap over Gemini for that healing load out as it's way more valuable to have the supercharge available more often-- and swapping artifacts as a healer can lead to group wipes if you're not careful.
  13. Fighter Mama New Player

    Thank you both for the awesome feedback!
  14. Fighter Mama New Player

    If I don't use Group Trans, what do you recommend instead?
  15. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Personally my healing loadout changes depending on what I’m fighting. My regular loadout is recover, genesis, flux, galvanize, surge, bio cap.

    This is what I would normally run since I can stay with the group and use galvanize to keep people healed and this includes brick tanks. However if the group has to be spread out than I will add eburst or arc for galvanize. And depending on how restricted movement get I’ll use group transducer instead of genesis. And other times I’ll keep genesis and replace group trans for galvanize instead
  16. L T Devoted Player

    Group Trans is fine-- it's a really strong shield and I see lots of successful players using it. I use different artifacts-- just because I'm not using it doesn't mean it won't work at all for you. That's a cool thing about artifacts, they enable you to legitimately play different ways.

    If you're frustrated with lack of uptime on Group Transducer, a lot of players like to use a 2500 cost supercharge when they run Eye and Soul Cloak-- your movement shield or pheromone bloom-- and they're using the Eye effect to heal the group and generate extra supercharge for them. DPS love it cause they get to use their supercharge more. That's a viable option for you with your artifacts, though it works better in coordinated groups that talk to each other than in random q groups. People have to know ahead of time to look for the happy green circle, and they have to plan on having more supercharge.
  17. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    No changes to the Electric power since 2021? Or is this guide dead and I missed the newer one?
  18. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Not much changes, just individual play style and preferences.

    Others have listed what they use, I suppose I can list what I use as well.

    AOE: transformation card, strategist card, quislet.
    Zatanna (for pets DMG increase) and cyborg passives. HoL bot for active (or Superman for AOE).
    SC generator, Arc lightning, voltaic, electrostatic bomb, electrogenesis, robot sidekick.

    Rotation: SC gen, Genesis, *arc-voltaic-ebomb (twice if needed)*

    Single target: HoL active, passives are cyborg and Superman(channeling).
    Same artifacts (solar amp really doesn't increase DMG much, but we will still use heat vision)

    Powers: Heat vision, Tesla blast, ionic drain, electrogenesis, rsk, circuit breaker.
    Rotation: HV, Tesla, ionic, repeat. Use Genesis whenever it is ready (and as your first attack). Circuit breaker when able. Always tap range attack "DURING" heat vision attack, as it will automatically do the range attack after the channeling of heat vision, without cancelling the casting. This truck WILL NOT work with ionic drain: it will cancel the cast.

    These rotations are quick, easy, strong, and if you have enough SP, dropping 100 into resto and 100 into Dom, increases the healing effect of arc lightning, which can be pretty helpful without a healer.

    I've got great healing loadouts as well.
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  19. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    In addition to what Pale Rage stated above, another good option for Electric Might is the Ebon artifact. Tesla Blast is only a 100 power cost move, and you can spam with ebon never running out of power. A single Tesla Blast will hit sparring targets for over 125k with just Ebon buff, crits over 250k last time I checked. In content with episode augs likely higher.
    Just remember if using Ebon never use your finisher to keep the buff active at all times. Trans, Quiz, Ebon is a good setup to feed circuit breaker.

    Healing is pretty much the same, other than using Group Transducer now with EoG for the max green circle. I use Purple Healing Ray, Scrap, and swap Trans with EoG (I don't have Page on my electric, or would probably swap page EoG).
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  20. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Thanks for the info
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