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  1. Mazahs Loyal Player

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  2. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Curiosity. For single target, and also for adds (3, and another for more). What are your thoughts?:

    1. For single target, using heat vision in loadout: Solar amp, transformation, then what's better - strategist or Grim?

    2. For 3 adds (alert hallways) same artifact question as above.

    I've found constantly on checking, with 4+ adds, strategist is way better than Grim, but in single and 3 adds, the numbers seem a little mixed, or too close.

    ST rotation: HV, Ionic, Arc, Tesla blast (rinse, repeat). Using RSK, and circuit breaker as SC.

    For 3 adds: Arc, Tesla ball, Electrostatic b, voltaic Blast, HV (repeat) also RSK (no SC, as I generally save for boss)
  3. L T Devoted Player

    when I tested, strategist was about a wash with grim on 3 targets but a loss on only 1.

    It's an interesting philosophical question -- do you play to your strengths or cover your weakness? Strategist does the former, Grim does the latter.
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  4. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    The only change I make in a raid is Electrocute for Tesla Blast or VBlast. When there's only 1 target they Crit pretty close as well as Arc. I either run straight through or skip EG until the adds pop up then it's back to normal rotation. The simple logic is rarely is there a boss only fight so going strictly ST imo is damage loss for decent ST damage that's not competitive or really a difference maker in overall outcome.
  5. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    Swapping Arts or armory switching again imo isn't worth the hassle. Even replacing the Weapon Buff for Tesla Blast for explosive shot seems like a better route even with the Solar.
  6. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Okay, so I've made a battle healer, and it actually does very well.

    Using dual wield (mastery into bow) , Transformation + Strategist + Demon Fang as artifacts. 2 Precision Augs and 2 Healing Augs (bottom 4). In the top augment spots I've got 1 resto and 1 might (haven't started working on a precision for the top just yet). Critical Attacks and heals full spec.

    Currently, for the L/O I'm using Wired (Critical Wired head mod) with Voltaic Bolt (for the dot, as it does seem to proc the Strat often enough, and 3s cooldown allows frequent use when moving through adds). Galvanize, Arc Lightning, Biocapacitor, and Flux.

    Running through adds is no problem, and the damage that I'm putting out, along with the heals, is quite sufficient (imo). Here's the rotation:
    Before any weapon attacks, I hit Voltaic clipped into Wired. Weapon mastery (hold triangle twice) then Biocap, WM - Arc (clipped with Galvanize only if needed) WM - Arc (again clipped with Galvanize if needed) and WM - Voltaic+Wired (when wired off cool). Using the shield when needed.

    For bosses (alerts) I'll take Voltaic off and add Electrogensis.

    My curiosity is in ways to tweek the healing. There's no doubt that Arc lightning does great damage for both roles, but is the healing amount and range (from its ability to bounce off players/enemies) good enough to keep it on there during a boss fight (say with Lex in VMF for example)? Considering that sometimes a DPS or 2 might be on one turret, whilst the other dps and myself are on the opposite one (other side of room). Would it be more beneficial to replace Arc Lightning with Recover for certain circumstances like this? Remove Electrogenesis and replace with Recover? Remove another power to include another heal (or dmg+heal power)?

    Things I cannot remove from my loadout as battle healer:
    Biocap, Flux, Wired.
    The other 3 spots are up for debate/discussion: however I'm leaning towards not removing Galvanize as well, as that power is something that I frequently use, and it does help proc the strat card from it seems to me.
  7. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    Arc would be a must have since it does damage in healer role.
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  8. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    For battle healing I use the following loadout:

    Arc lightning, recover (group heal), Tesla ball, galvanize, X, group transducer.

    St the end of the day, as a battle healer your first priority should still be to heal. This is why for my loadout I do primarily healing. Arc and Tesla ball are the bread and butter for electric dpsing so those were the only 2 moves I brought for damaging. For x you can use flux, your priority heal, electro genesis, or eburst.

    I use the brawling into shuriken storm mastery. Between arc, Tesla, and shuriken I get enough procs from the strat to make up the damage.

    For artifact I use trans, strat, and page. Using page and bio capacitor gives me 2 safety nets to fall back on incase I am in the middle of animation.

    For rotation:
    Shuriken storm/arc/recover > shuriken/Tesla/galv > shuriken/arc/recover > shuriken/galv

    At this point Tesla will be up for my next shuriken clip so I’ll use Tesla/recover instead of arc recover. The follow combo will be arc/galv
    In other words arc and Tesla swap places in rotation throughout the fight. I will also clip capacitor as needed or off cooldown depending on what I’m doing.
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  9. LONEKNIGHT New Player

    How many armories should I have only have one at the moment just wondering how many I need and what artifact are good for Dps
  10. I3eleth Well-Known Player

    All dps that want to maximize damage need at least 3 armories. Melee ranged loadout, Range, and solo target.
  11. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    For might builds, 1 AOE and 1 single target. For weapon based builds you would need 2 if you use 2H for melee and DW for range. A third can be helpful for a special loadout for particular content but likely not necessary.
  12. I3eleth Well-Known Player

    The reason i say three is my loadout for alerts/non elite content uses up close moves like whirling dirvish i cant use in elite and some other raids i have to use a different ranged load out for adds at times.
  13. I3eleth Well-Known Player

    I could use my ranged loadout for all content but my parcer for ranged is around 10k+ lower than my melee loadout so it isn't the most efficient thats why for peak efficiency 3 is needed.
  14. L T Devoted Player

    I only use 2-- one for DPS and one for Healing. If I need to switch my load out for single target I just do it during cutscenes.

    Good artifacts for electric DPS (I'm assuming might) are
    Soul Cloak
    Solar amplifier
    Eye of Gemini

    Tetrahedron is a group buff and only one per group is active, but it's very strong.
    Transformation and Strategist go well together, as do Soul Cloak and Eye of Gemini. But really any three of the above list will be good.
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  15. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I don't see many Electric Might DPS use Dervish though considering they aren't using Grim and RSK for passive damage. But to each his own.
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  16. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Ya, I haven't seen many electric with whirling dervish either. I do use robot sidekick though, but with my loadout, I'm keeping my numbers up pretty good anyway.
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  17. I3eleth Well-Known Player

    Tetra is basically obsolete outside of a couple load outs.
  18. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Dervish, arc, vblast, Tesla ball, RSK, circuit breaker

    This is the loadout I tend to recommend for electric melee. I basically used one of my loadouts and replace HV for dervish. I use soul cloak, trans, strat. But have been think about replacing strat for a more burst focus artifact since this loadout would be mainly used in a melee situation when adds die to faster than strat can proc completely
  19. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Tetra is definitely not obsolete. It’s a niche artifact but a powerful artifact in those situations.

    Trans strat combo is the strongest aoe combo for anything that has a high health pull. 3rd artifact depends on what being used. For example if I am using HV which I do in a lot of my guilds than I will use solar amp, trans, strat.

    However in things like regular raids alerts and other stuff tetra will out perform strat because the strat procs won’t be able to proc enough. So in these situations using trans, terra, and finally slot going to either solar amp or other artifacts like philosophers stone will let you do more.

    Or if you are new to dpsing and or have an alt with low skill points and now you dps isn’t the highest than running the tetra, grim, source shard is best. With this you will use grim and source shard to buff your damage with your low skill points while using the tetra to buff your teams damage. Unless you only care about the scoreboard and care about your own damage more than the group doing better lol.
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  20. SuperBell Loyal Player

    Does anybody have pre-revamp power tree information for Electricity?