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    Lol yeah it’s definitely an expensive test... Test is good just to get a general idea and its potential. I can’t test prec aoe to it’s fullest potential either with like no power pool on test server. But yes, I’m almost certain that strat/trans cards combo is better than trans/vwd combo on single target. For AoE prec, hands down strat/trans. I also believe that the grim is bett than VWD but not 100% sure if it’s better than VWD if your 2 artifacts are trans/strat. I’d say best prec artifact combo is Strat/Trans and third is a wild card, depending on your power and group set up it could even be gemini. If I was rage and maybe even electric I’d probably run gemini/strat/trans. For rest and probably in general grim>vwd for the third artifact
  2. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I have done a lot of testing on these artifacts this week. From everything I tried the best combo has been a combination of:


    Getting rid of venom was costing me to much damage on aoe for it to be replaced at the moment. The grim was a viable alternative to the VWD because it would apply the PI to make up for the the damage lost for the first 6 seconds. The issue with it was that some powers (electric and nature) didn’t need to have the PI set up because they used moved in the main rotation for aoe that set up the PI. For electric arc lightning is amazing ability because of how it splits. This ability also works great with the Horus because arc counts for 2 attacks instead of 1. Another issue that came about was that because we were prec based with limited investment in might, the boost the grim gave were minimal. Not only that but the 2 artifacts are complete opposites.

    Vwd did great damage during the 1st 6 seconds and then lost its charm. The grim would start slow because pet had to be summoned and than attack. So on hallways adds the vwd was a clear winner. The grim started to inch during elite runs where the other dps weren’t as good.

    Funny thing is that the same cane be said for the Horus and strat. The Horus needed a build up time because of the hit counter while the stray was better upfront since when adds died the potential ticks from strat were wasted.
  3. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    Horus is niche and only works with certain powers and fewer weapon combos. I could see horus being good on AoE only if you happen to be either water or electric using depth charge (3s) or tesla ball (6s) in your load out since both of them hit multiple times. Depth charge hits 4 times and tesla ball hits 5 or 6, can’t recall.

    So in theory, as water on live you could spec full might and power then max out prec and put rest into might and power or vice versa. I think Horus/Strat/Trans would do great with water and electric clipping out of HB solar flame combo with tesla ball or depth charge since you can get your combo meter in a matter of seconds doing good damage clipping might powers out of HB combos early. Alternatively, shurikens could work ok but it’s a bit more awkward and slower damage. My issue with Horus is that most weapon combos and power sets in general cannot really make good use of it hence I think it’s not worth the nth metal investment.

    Now, my reasoning for grim is that grim is a lot more consistent than VWD plus the PI application/permanent pet dmg. I know it isn’t a lot but it free damage after all. Grim also gives a bit of might whereas VWD doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, VWD is decent but in my experience, even on live with 500sp it drains your power bar when you clip combos with might powers. On the other hand, running grim and sidekick will not affect your power regen whatsoever especially if you have grim at rank 200. Grim, strat and trans imo are more versatile than VWD and allow you to play hybrid with prec/might stats. You could get really nice crits, tactical advantage from DoTs with Grim doing consistent damage without draining your power bar. Hell, you could even be full might spec’d and run those three artifacts and have success with them on AoE using precision combos just to clip them into might powers
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  4. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I’ve actually used the Horus in all powers (all I switched too). As I said before, I like testing things lol. This doesn’t just mean artifacts but powers too. Within the last month I’ve probably switched each power about 2x each testing things lol.

    On every power I’ve been on Horus was great. Yes it’s true that some powers benefit more from strategist than the Horus but every power lost total dps whenever I stopped using VWD. There were some that did good replacing it with grimorium but electric was not one of them. I’ll probably do another round of testing on powers when they give a sale on power respec tokens.
  5. Careless Active Player

    Does depth charge hit as hard as t pull with pi setup? And do you think earth could hit those numbers? Last i check on pts running brick and using tpull was strong than crystal
  6. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    Same here. I like playing around and testing stuff as well. I think it would make sense if you tested VWD and refreshed weapon buff every 12 seconds without using phase dodge. On gadgets, I do think that vwd is a must have or on acro movement water. I tested a lot of powers myself, nado pull/weapon buff/phase dodge and spamming 13 flurry combos with grim versus vwd was consistently better and higher on average. VWD did have high parses but it also dipped down a lot. For gadgets, since you are clipping suppressor turret with nado pull and weapon buff the best combo to run is probably trans/grim/vwd for other power with good ST dots like nature for example strat/grim/trans might be a way to go. It’s almost impossible to pin point best 3 artifacts because of play styles, power set perks and even group set ups. As far as top tier prec powers go no matter what 3 artifacts you run it’s going to be electric/gadgets with water being slightly behind. The pet powers such as sorc, earth and ice are probably going to be set up a bit differently than dot heavy powers such as nature, fire etc that may or may not be better than pet power sets running strat card. (needs to be tested)
    No, not quite... It hits 4 times but in smaller ticks making it a bit more consistent than the tornado pull in terms of parses but definitely lower damage overall. I’d definitely use depth charge as a non movement iconic power. Water is good because of bubble, you can use nado pull/weapon buff bubble phase dodge every 20 seconds when both bubble and phase dodge are off cool down. Bubble is like additional 15k on top of already strong nado pull. Doesn’t seem like it’s a lot but it is over a course of a raid... Water also has dehydrate, pop and forget supercharge sort of, it does approximately same damage as venom boost would and has no cool down so if you have gemini spam you’d make more use out of your supercharge than any other power set aside from electric because you aren’t waiting for 45 seconds for your venom boost to come off cool down.
    I’d probably put earth at a tier below electric, gadgets and water and maybe sorc too since offering does do more damage than fortify golem does
  7. Careless Active Player

    For elec would it be better to run tpull or electrogen if you run trans,grim,strat?
  8. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    Depens on an instance probably. Definitely a dot if its a boss/add fight and you are running strat card. Definitely nado pull if you don’t have strat cars
  9. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    So Horus could be better even as a might DPS on Electric?
  10. L T Devoted Player

    It's almost certainly a loss for might DPS. The Talon Strike damage scales with precision, even though it makes yellow numbers, and it doesn't boost your might stat at all.
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  11. Careless Active Player

    What rotation would u use to get the extra tick of damage from bubble with tpull?
  12. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    You get 3 ticks of damage from bubble that will all proc after any 3 attacks you do. For example, you get your first tick of damage on tapping range when you do flurry shot. A second tick of damage you get on first flurry hit, not combo, hit. Third tick will proc after second flurry hit.
    Nado pull/Pressurize/bubble phase dodge then keep spamming flurry without screwing up and then clip all your good stuff into phase dodge. You are focusing on getting consistent 4 hits and then as fast as humanly possible you are clipping 1,2,3,4 with phase dodge to get straight into flurry asap. For non super speed movements like acro, the most consistent rotation i've used was either depth charge/zip tie/pressurize/ bubble/riptide. All 1,2,3,4 are ready to use every 12 second and you can swap your back mod for berserker too. Healers I run with usually don't spam 4 mans so bubble never gets overridden, if it does, odds are I already got the damage in from bubble because all you need is a second. It works well in elites and not so well in alerts lol.
  13. not_again Dedicated Player

    I have come up with what I think is the new might single target loadout. I have been testing things quite a bit recently since there really isn't much to do in game currently. This is probably a lot different then what people are used to running and hopefully some of you here can possibly help build on this with movement powers.

    Loadout is Heat Vision (HV), Electrostatic Bomb (EB), Attract (A), Electrocute (EC), Electrogenesis (EG), Circuit Breaker (CB)

    Artifacts- Grim (sets up the polarized PI), Solar Amp, and transformation

    Rotation- HV, EB, A, EC, EB, HV, EB, A, EG then repeat

    I have tested a ton of different rotations that I have come up with and a lot of the YouTube rotation. I keep getting the best results with this setup. The only drawback here is the only flexible artifact is the transformation card. The dead king works well here as well as scrap. This rotation does not gain Supercharge fast so the Gemini probably isn't the best.

    Give it a shot its really good and a nice change of pace from tesla blast spam.
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  14. ObsidianChill Creator League, Community "Trusted"

    I was comparing yours against the one I used in my guide

    These were the results that I got and have the video doing the rotation with no weapon taps and robot sidekick not being in melee which would have added alot more dmg to mine. I also had 500ish more might using the grim-solar-trans setup than I did using my trans-strat-solar setup.


    The rotations are obviously close, I also had 2 worst case senario parses 21-22k bringing down my average even more when nothing crits. I was using drastically more power with the polarized rotation even for me with a 92k powerpool as a dps. Also without running tesla the rotation misses out on the pure single target damage and the extra damage you would get from TB using circuit breaker which with buffs I have seen easily 150k+ crits on tesla blast where your polarized rotation besides HV is all AOE damage.
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  15. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    Can you test grim/strat/trans using electric bomb/tesla blast/heat vision/ionic drain with sidekick and cb. Curious what it would hit on live.. It did pretty well on test and if I recall correctly I actually used tesla ball not tesla blast. Was getting 26-28k averages over 30 seconds with much lower might and using tesla ball. I think I was rotating tesla ball with e bomb as fillers before heat vision and ionic drain immediately after heat vision. I remember playing around a lot with artifacts testing this load out with solar amp over grim, solar amp over trans card and solar amp over strat card. Don't recall the results because even strat card with solar/grim did ok but I really do believe tesla ball/ebomb/heat vision/ionic drain parses higher than anything else. If using tesla blast, solar over strat card or grim might be slightly better.
  16. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    I have not played for about 3 years now (2017) and I was thinking about getting back into the game. I jumped on last night and had a good bit of fun but of course ran into some issues because I was no longer Legendary and had lost access to almost all the DLC's.

    Current overall cr is 198 (195 dps and 192 Healer) with 215 sp.

    I like to play from the tray and stopped playing right after the major revamp for the powers and stuff where they consolidated the powers into different trees and such.

    So my question is where should I start? I do not have any artifacts or know where to get them. I still need to do the Constantine thing where from what I have read you get your first. But I am unsure if I should buy some DLC's I have missed or just go legendary for a month and try to get to the end then buy the last one. Any help or insight would be appreciated. I do plan on looking over the stuff at the start of the guide for some info but thought this may provide more current info.

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  17. L T Devoted Player

    You can run the event versions of the latest episode even without a subscription. You may have to go to open world thanagar first before the the events show up. When you do that you'll get some very good artifacts just for running the latest content. The transformation and the strategist artifacts are good for electric in both roles.

    If you logged in before Jan 31 you have a free skip to 255 that doesn't get messaged very well. If you got that, you can get some other good artifacts by running Atlantis and justice league dark content.

    You get a free artifact from the Constantine mission, but they're not great.

    You can get the omegahedron from the death of Superman content. That's not horrible.

    If you have a league mate who can give you some old time capsules, you can get some artifacts from opening a couple of assassin time capsules.

    But for now, definitely grab the transformation and strategist, and page of destiny if you want to heal.
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  18. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I remember you! Welcome back! You just missed open episodes. Going Legendary for a month would be a better experience to give the game a fair shake. Nth metal for the artifacts drops out of the vault daily. It may not seem like a lot but it can add up. That doesn't happen until you complete the Constantine mission (select Tetrahedron since he gives you limited options). After that, you could actually purchase Scrap of Soul Cloak from Constantine. I would focus any Nth metal into that. You can fold Artifacts into other Artifacts at a loss of about 50% XP. So that's why I wouldn't bother moving up the Tetrahedron.

    After that there is a lot to do. If you have monstrous essence and so forth, you need to put those into your origin augments. This includes old exo bits and bytes and materials. It's depressing how little you will get. After that, you can start the event content in thanagar which will get your some Thanagarian Marks and some Source Marks. Source Marks replace MoV. The Transformation drops out of this content and you'll want that regardless. You can also get the Strategist Card too but I'm not sure if it's better to go Trans/Strat/Scrap or Trans/Scrap/Eye of Gemini for DPS. You won't be able to get the Eye until Atlantis content though. But if you keep the Tetra at 20 with working on Scrap and Trans, you will be fine.

    There is a safehouse vendor that sells gear at a reduced rate. Buy it from there as opposed from the in-content vendor. I am not sure which safehouse for heroes though. Then just start running content then buying gear from that vendor. Nth will drop from stabilizer and content so just go with that for now.

    Let me know if you have other questions.
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  19. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Thanks for all the help. I am glad that some for the players I respected and looked to for info are still playing.
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  20. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Thanks for the info. I just logged in last night so I of course missed the freebie but no big deal.