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  1. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Agreed on the supply drop artifact. 8 seconds is nothing. That's 1 rotations maybe. IMO, it should mirror or come close to powers that perform the same. I'm not sure exactly how long Sorc bat form lasts, but if it was anywhere close to that. Then, it MIGHT be worth it, but not 8 seconds.
  2. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I forgot to test this, I'm guessing Philosphers Stone causes Orb of Arion not to use up so much power? Personally hate Orb for Electric because I think we can burst things so much quicker. I still use Starheart but it isn't leveled much.
  3. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    I'm trying to level up that pet artifact for Ebomb myself. That extra burst damage on trash mobs could be a nice bump plus the 4% might buff is nice.
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  4. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    I think that artifact gives more options to mixing PI when creating a LO for situational sake. Might be the game changer and answer to the 1 PI idea that's been asked for since forever.
  5. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    The might buff isn't quite as good as the Solar Amplifier. The base values for some of the polarized powers aren't bad but the problem is that you don't have the same AOE. Polarized generally requires more compact mobs especially for Spark Barrage.
  6. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    I'm currently running Scrap/Solar/Tet. I was going to replace Tet or Scrap but more than likely Tet because I want the SC build up for CB. As far as Polarized I was thinking EBomb and Spark depending on situation.
  7. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I wanted to log on test and try out some Polarized loadouts especially with Void Gazer active but Test was not cooperating.
  8. L T Devoted Player

    Black Jaq got sneaky on us and updated the Damage Artifact Post and also the Healing Artifact Post with the new Metal II ones.

    Nicely done!

    Thought I'd add my comments...

    The Transformation Card is really good for Electric. It's basically a 5-10% increase to both DPS and Heal depending on how high you're leveling it, and you don't have to change your load out or do anything to activate it. If you're new to Electric and haven't leveled an artifact yet, this is probably a good place to start.

    The Strategist Card... is meh for both DPS and Heal. UNTIL you pair it with the Transformation Card. For DPS the pairing produced some truly stellar results on situations with lots of adds. For Healing I was never really convinced that it was awesome sauce though. I've long since stopped running with Electrogenesis as I've found getting close to the Tank in an elite raid every 12 seconds to put a HOT on him just doesn't work out, and beyond that our only multi hit heal is Galvanize and I just didn't see tons of extra healing from this. YMMV, but I'd skip this one for pure healing.

    The Page of Destiny... is a very good Healing artifact, though less so for Electric than for other Healers. For Electric, this is a safety net for your safety net. A heal that kicks in at 40% health after Bio Capacitor has already kicked in at 45% health. At its max, it's not quite as strong as the bonus heal from Bio Capacitor-- plus you have to build it over time using multiple casts-- plus you put the safety net heal on the 4 (or 6 when leveled up) group members with the lowest health which means probably not the tanks most of the time. Still it can save a raid in those situations when adds pop in from all directions and it seems like everyone takes a ton of damage all at once.

    The Eye Of Horus is a REALLY good artifact for Electric precision DPS. When I tested I specced into Weapons but was able to run a couple of non-WM hybrid-clipping style rotations that outperformed Might by a wide margin on 3 targets. Keep Tesla Ball in your load out to get the hit count up and this artifact can produce some good numbers.

    La Mort is OK. If you haven't leveled the Solar Amplifier, you may want to level this one. It's not better than the Solar Amplifier, but it's about the same. With this artifact leveled to 120, Ionic Drain becomes actually useful for single target situations. I wasn't able to really come up with a killer rotation that used both Heat Vision and Ionic Drain though, so if you already have the SA leveled, you can safely skip this one.

    And as a foot note, Ionic Drain got a HUGE damage buff, but nothing was done to its healing, so still useless on that front.
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  9. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Thanks for all your input! I don't think any of the new artifacts are world shaking but yeah, if you don't have A, then why not try B.
  10. Careless Active Player

    Has anyone tried running vwd, trans, and strat on elec prec? and what numbers where you pulling?
  11. mbrewer77 Active Player

    I have a fresh(ish) level 30 electricity dps. What are some standard loadouts for open world, alerts, and on-duty stuff?
  12. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Electricity is the king of AOE. It will aggro a lot of enemies if you aren't careful (especially in Thanagar). Tesla Ball and Electrogenesis are notorious for hitting other enemies. So sometimes for open world, I just use AL, Tesla Blast and Voltaic Blast and rotate the three.

    I would say two DoTs, 3 burst and a super is your general loadout. I don't think you can go wrong with keeping Tesla Ball and E-gen along with AL, Tesla Blast and Voltaic Blast and then use Circuit Breaker as SC. E-gen is a must for any boss that likes to move around a map because it stays on your target instead of an AOE field like Electrocute.
  13. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    It’s top tier. I had times when I hit 47-48k and times when I hit 30k. I’d say on test the average would probably be around 38-39k. I used tesla ball/wired/flux then tesla ball/wired/phase dodge. You could probably get higher numbers with tornado pull but supercharge gen and extra dot ticks are nice for circuit breaker. Test is down but if I remember correctly grim was slightly better than wrist dispenser and more consistent as well. Electric imo is top because of circuit breaker then water with bubble and depth charge with trans/strat/grim
  14. mbrewer77 Active Player

    Thanks. Where do I get gear? I'm at 216 CR. The gear sets in the Hall of Doom are all below that. Just run alerts and such?
  15. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Since you are 216cr you can pretty much level up somewhat quickly. Always have your current cr alert duo and solo qued up to get the quick gear. Do the daily for your CR to get content boxes. When ever you are rewarded a choice between multiple gear items open up your inventory and look what the lowest piece is. After you do your current CRs dailies run your vault for the free gear. Then head over to thanagar and do the dailies there while you have the event version of metal 2 stuff qued up. This includes the raids too since it’s easy on event. After you do the thanagar dailies hopefully your cr got high enough to do the next dlcs dailies for even more content boxes.

    Doing the thanagar dailies is important because you’ll get marks for the current dlc. You have 2 choices for the marks. You can either save them for when you are at the current cr and buy your accessories for the dlc (rings, neck, face, weapon, utility belt, trinket) since they don’t have an elite version. Your other choice it to buy gear from the purple vendor to help you gain cr faster.
  16. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    What is your cr and your prec/might? Those numbers look a little low for current cr. (Hopefully this didn’t come off as rude as that is not my intention)
  17. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    It was on test with reg content gear and like 330 sp. If I remember correctly, it was around 30k prec with jld gen mods and like rank 14 augments for prec because I had no catalysts. I also couldn’t spec anything into might and power but 1 sp for an innate. I tested trans/strat/grim combo on electric with much lower stats and nothing into might and power. Electric did about as good as water with those 3 artifacts but I’d say it’s stronger than water due to supercharge. On live with rank 23 augments and 2% extra prec from affinity and 500+ sp you could easily parse over 40k-42k with electric with dips down to 35-36k on bad crits or of you strat card doesn’t proc. Water can also hit hard but it will dip to like 46k+ but it will dip down low after depth charge/bubble/weapon buff
  18. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    The things is that on live with one lvl23 augment, artifacts 200, and 460sp I range between 57k to 60k average on 3 targets. And on 8 targets I range between 60k and 66k. So getting 40k or even 50k seems a bit low.
  19. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    Oops. I was talking about flurry spam only. But yes, on live with hand blasters and purple gear I parse close to 60k on 3 targets. Running hb/bow combo with trans 180, wvd 200 and 160 grim and purple gear I manage to get pretty consistently close to 60k range. The key is to clip might powers with hand blasters without over clipping the third combo hit. I don’t have strat card on live but I’m hoping for a double xp weekend so I could eat my vwd into it.

    On test, Strategist card in my testing was a better than VWD on on both single target and especially AoE.

    AoE damage on 3+ and especially 8+ targets was hitting in the 60-80k range max with electric shuriken/dots clipped. I also tested hand blasters and got similar numbers. Hand blasters hit harder than shurikens but won't proc strat card as often though it depends on power set and powers you use in general. A lot of variables.... Just to note, I had nothing crappy stats on teat and couldn’t even spec 10 into might and power. On live I could put around 175 into might and power. Though I did get those numbers I don’t know how they will play out in the actual content, I’m assuming it won’t be that great in reg content and most elites maybe excluding Fi E forge weapons and stuff like that.
  20. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Strat better than VWD? Really? Now that is interesting. I wish I could test on the test server however I don’t have a gaming computer so my laptop lags out and I can’t do any proper test. That’s why I do my testing on live. As you could imagine, it is an expensive test lol. Most of my support artifacts are 160 for all roles (I change power. A LOT). For my dps side the artifacts I have are:

    200 Gemini
    200 VWD (free upgrade since mine was 160)
    200 transformation
    200 Horus
    160 grimorium
    160 soul cloak
    120 strat

    I had 160 solar amp and 160 philosophers stone (along with 160 claws for trolling). I fed all 3 to my trans and Horus when they went live.

    I don’t see myself using genini anymore because of all the new artifacts and how few healers are now using the Gemini. So I might feed that into my strat artifact. Thoughts?

    I also have 7th perfect nth metals which I was saving for double artifact xp weekend.

    Using the trans, vwd, and Horus I am netting 35k to 38k consistent numbers.