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    *Special thanks to L T for help in testing Electricity on the test server and providing the hard data on the damage abilities.

    December 2019: GU100 will have a buff to Ionic Drain along with several different artifacts added to gameplay
    3-27-19: Devs have announced that Supercharges will be getting a pass. Group Transducer will have it's shield strength reduced and it will now cost 10,000 (or full) Supercharge. Also updated some sections regarding Justice League Dark DLC.
    2-2-18: added artifacts section, info on GU78

    This guide is being written after implementation of GU73, the Stats Revamp. The stats revamp changed several abilities and saw some new abilities being created. Included in the Revamp was a new User Interface (UI). It also changed how we receive our powers as the Amperage and Voltage trees new longer exist. Power Points have been removed and all abilities are granted within stages of the 1-30 leveling up process. The guide is for those who have completed that process.

    Why a Stat Revamp?

    Basically, there were imbalances caused in designing Advanced Mechanics (AM) for the damage roles of all power sets in the game. Some were able to achieve maximum damage much quicker than other powers. The Revamp sought to equalize this by removing AMs, removing damage modifiers, standardizing abilities and simplifying play, but also giving new options at the same time. Many powers didn’t have a lot of flexibility in loadouts because of how the Ability trees were designed and the availability of Power Points. Electricity suffered from this limitation. Weapons were also looked at as there were discrepancies in the various weapon combos. The decision was also made to look into the support roles as well.

    How did they standardize abilities?

    The Developers (Devs) started with a system of constraints: base power cost (this refers to the Power stat and not any one set of abilities), cooldown, and range. Abilities were reviewed and given new power costs. A higher power cost ability has generally a longer cooldown, 3 or 6 seconds, while a low cost ability has a shorter cooldown. The more an ability costs, the more base damage from the ability. Abilities that were considered melee or near-range were also given a higher base damage. These were not the only considerations. One factor was crowd control. Abilities that had some type of control effect, stun, knockdown, etc, generally have lower damage than an ability with same power cost and cooldown. Another factor is AOE vs cone abilities. Lastly, there was the creation of a Supercharge Generator. These abilities have lower damage because you get increased Supercharge regeneration from using them.
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    Power Interactions (PI)

    Despite there no longer being trees, Electricity still utilizes two Power Interactions: Polarized (Amperage) and Electrified (Voltage). There are six damage abilities that do not leverage any PI for damage, they are Wired, Electroburst, Electrogenesis and Ionic Drain, and the two supercharges MegaVolt and Circuit Breaker. Wired and Circuit Breaker granted Electrified and Polarized PI respectively prior to GU73, but this is no longer the case. PI no longer factors into healing either. Abilities that leverage PI receive a 10% damage increase.

    The following abilities grant Electrified PI:
    Voltaic Bolt, Arc Lightning

    These abilities leverage Electrified:
    Tesla Blast, Overcharge, Tesla Ball, Voltaic Blast, Electrocute

    The following abilities grant Polarized PI:
    Repulse, Static Push

    These abilities leverage Polarized:
    Attract, Shockwave, Spark Barrage, Electrostatic Bomb, Electrocute

    Long time veterans will note that Overcharge and Shockwave have switched PI.

    With the Justice League Dark DLC - there will be a new artifact called the Grimorium Verum. This Artifact will generate a pet that will do additional damage based on your powerset independent of any other pets you may use. This pet will be able to apply the Polarized PI, which we asked for, hoping it will help revitalize interest and open up using that PI again.
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    Power Costs, Cooldowns and Damage

    So below is a chart with a comparison of the base damages of various powers (PI not included):

    The cooldowns for each are as follows:

    Shockwave: .5s (100), narrow cone, full range
    Spark Barrage: .5s (100), wide cone, mid range
    Attract: 3s (200), sphere, full range
    Repulse: 3s (200), sphere, full range
    Static Push: 6s (200), wide cone, mid range, Supercharge generator
    ESB: 3s (300), sphere, full range
    Electrocute: 12s (300), AOE field
    Tesla Blast: .02s (100), single target, full range
    Overcharge: .02s (100), single target, full range
    Electrogenesis: 12s (200), dual damage aura
    Arc Lightning: 3s (200), multi-target, full range
    Voltaic Bolt: 3s (200), DoT on target, full range
    Tesla Ball: 6s (200), multi-target, full range
    Ionic Drain: 4.4s (200), single target, full range
    Electroburst: 6s (300), AOE burst, melee range
    Voltaic Blast: 3s (300), AOE burst, full range
    Wired: 12s (300), weapon buff
    MegaVolt: 18s, (50% SC),DoT sphere supercharge, full range
    Circuit Breaker: 15s, (now 50% SC), personal buff

    One thing to remember is that Tesla Ball is strong on multiple adds and weak on single target. Best use of this ability is in content with large trash mobs. Electrogenesis seems strong, and it is, however, the aura of the ability does transfer to other targets, so since it usually casts on the two closest targets, but I have seen it cast behind you if there is only 1 target in your line of sight. While Voltaic Bolt has a short cooldown, it's not worth recasting unless you have new targets entering.

    Now, what some might think is that I’m not going to worry about PI because it’s such a small amount, so I’m going to get Arc Lightning, Electrocute, Voltaic Blast, Electroburst and ESB along with a SC. That chart says they yield the most damage. Well, that is true, but you have to remember that most of those abilities have long cooldowns. On a single target, you can actually get 2 casts of Tesla Blast in for the one cast of Voltaic Blast. You just did more damage with less power. Think about that as we move on and consider loadouts.

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    Generator Mods
    This is a subject that should be mentioned. Often times, especially in higher tiers, we are given the opportunity to select a generator box that you can select a specific mod from. I would even say that as you start a new Episode of content, the generator mods are one of the first things you should look to upgrade. They are broken into three categories

    Health and Power

    Support: Restoration, Dominance, Vitalization

    Damage: Precision, Might

    The blue one is easy: always go power, regardless of whether you will be primary damage on your Electric toon, or primary heal, or for both. Having that larger power pool will benefit you. The yellow is really inconsequential if you are playing damage only, but if you plan on ever healing or being back up heal, then restoration is your choice. The last one is much more tricky. If this is a healer alt, going precision won't hurt your damage too much if you need to do your dailies. However, if you plan on primary DPS, go with the mod that will reflect your play style, whether it is weapon focused or superpowers. Personally, on my healer alt, I choose Might.

    This should be touched upon as well. In later episodes we start to see content specific Adaptive augments. We have choices for them based on the role you play. You are granted 2 with the episode but can purchase more from the vendor, so you can have a damage set and a heal set. I would not recommend using Nth metal in these even though you can. Specific content will drop exobytes that are specific to that episode's augments. Use them first. When you get a new episode, you can change the augments and imprint them into your armories.

    There are also Origin augments as well. The max level of these increases with each new episode. These two are imprinted in your armories. Obviously, the role you play more may dictate which ones you work on first. Do not put your Nth metal into these either. Salvaged gear drops exobytes that can be used in fortifying these. Obviously, put your Restorating ones in your restoration augments. If you play more than one toon, you are actually in luck. These exobytes can be sent to your other toons! So let's say you play both heal and DPS on your Electricity toon, but you also have a Controller alt. Send your Vital exobytes to your controller alt and send their Restoring and Mighty exobytes to your Electricity toon. This helps you get them up in rank quicker. If you get Dominating ones and you don't have a tank, just fold them into the augment of your choice.

    Also, if you receive Flawed or Solid exobytes that are colorless, you can upgrade these into Pristine exobytes at R&D stations, which helps work you to your crafting feats.

    I mentioned these and thought I should explain. Every player is gifted an armory but additional can be purchased through the marketplace. Do you need to buy others? Well, one doesn't get your very far. If you want to excel at damage, it doesn't hurt to have a second armory available for single target weapons and loadouts, or if you want to play both roles, having your healer spec fully into another armory along with the respective augments, artifacts, gear, SP, loadout, etc.
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    Speccing for Damage:
    This game introduced three Focus Masteries for speccing your Stat Points (SP).

    ·Weapons Expert Focus: weapon attacks restore a percentage of your power. +10% weapon damage, -25% power regeneration
    ·Hybrid Focus: weapon attack restore a percentage of your power. +10% might, +5% Dominance, +5% Restoration, +5% Vitalization
    ·Superpowered Focus: +10% might, +10% power, +25% power regeneration

    It is intended if you wish to play from the tray, that is, only use superpowers to damage your enemy, you should use the Superpowered Focus. If you intend to use your weapon mainly for damage, I would use Weapons Expert Focus.

    Special Note: The Devs intended that Weapons Expert builds would not be heavy on super powers at all. They classify anything that mixes powers and weapons as a Hybrid build. Obviously, there are a lot of permutations between powers, different weapons and what feels comfortable for you.

    For Superpowered Focus, put SP into Might/Power. Anything after Might/Power is filled is your choice.
    For Weapons Expert, put SP into Precision then any leftover into Might/Power.

    Another Special Note: The Devs intended however for everyone to take accountability for their own power usage. If you select a Weapons Expert focus and are always running out of power, it’s not the Controller’s fault, the problem is seen that you are not specced properly.

    Tactical Mods for Damage

    Tactical mods are a different story. Personally, I don’t care much for any white mod that decreases cooldowns because for some it's fractions of a second. Some may not be able to capitalize on it. You must have the Home Turf DLC purchased in order to access these.

    Weapon- Blast Adaptor, Absorption Adaptor
    Head – Critical Wired, Supercharged MegaVolt, Supercharged Circuit Breaker, Supercharged Neo Venom Boost, Movement mod
    Neck- depending on your focus of using weapons or not will determine whether you want Escalating Might or Relentless Precision
    Back – Breakout Regeneration, Berserker, Accelerated Arc Lightning, Accelerated Tesla Ball.
    Chest – I don’t know that anyone has done any testing on Core Strength vs. Penetrating Strikes. Possibly Extended Supercharge depending on your head mod and use of Static Push. Power Efficiency Mod.
    Legs – selections are limited with Restorative Attract, Restorative Overcharge and Restorative Spark Barrage, don't need to worry about it.
    Hands – Max Damage. You could use Empowered Channeling for Ionic Drain if you choose, but I think Max Damage is probably best if you have single target and multi target armories.
    Feet Deadly Block or Movement Mode mod, such as Tumbling Master (preferred).
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    Artifacts were first introduced with Game Update 76, with additional slots and more Artifacts being added through Time Capsules and DLCs. As you level artifacts through Nth metal you receive different stat bonuses and additional benefits. The Devs have mentioned that as they develop more artifacts, they hope to create more synergy between them. Artifacts are the "meta" now. That means this is how the game is played and won. I've decided to expand this section much more. When artifacts were introduced, they did not go to 200.

    Artifacts can be obtained through multiple ways: Constantine vendor, Time Capsules, Deluge episode, Justice League Dark episode and Metal Part II episode. Time Capsule specific artifacts can actually be obtained through the Quarks vendors as well. Replay badges will also unlock them if you already have the feat for the Time Capsule artifact. If you are lucky to get some Kryptonian time capsules though through a friend, you can obtain them that way and also pick up a couple feats.

    Upon completing the initial mission, you will be given the choice of picking an artifact: Cog of Mageddon (weapons damage), Tetrahedron of Urgrund (superpower damage) and Starheart Fragment (healer). Starheart is just an abysmal artifact and I wouldn't recommend it for anything. Once you have your artifact though, you can level it up a bit. You can eventually fold it into a new artifact but you will lose some of the XP you put into it unless it is a double XP bonus weekend.

    If you can, go to the Quarks vendor and get yourself a Bottle City Soder. Put your Nth metal there. While not a true artifact you still upgrade it like other artifacts and it's benefits change based on what role you are. Imprint it to your armory and you never have to worry about soders again.

    Alternatively, the Scrap of the Soul Cloak is something you can buy from Constantine and start to upgrade as it can be useful for both your healer and Damage roles, depending on your playstyle. But try for the Bottle City Soder.

    The full list of artifacts can be found at I'm going to list the ones that are more relevant to healing and damage. You may wish to consider artifacts that are useful to both Healer and DPS role if you plan on playing both roles on your character.
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    Damage Artifacts
    There is so much to discuss about artifacts that they would fill their own guide. What you really need to determine for yourself is how casual you want to be as a player and how much you want to put into your artifacts. Artifacts take a lot of XP to rank up to 200. After you get it there, you really don't want to switch it for the loss of XP but also the cost in Catalysts and completion seals to get there. Some artifacts are not worth the XP investment past a certain point. There is the idea that you should only pick artifacts that increase your key stats. I would refer you to any of Obsidian Chill's youtube videos on artifacts and whether they are worth the investment of certain levels. I'm going to try give an essence of what you need to know.

    There are really three main types of damage artifacts: Precision, Might and what I will call Neutral because they can be used with either. Obviously, you will need to figure out what play style really appeals to you. I'm sure there are some Precision Electricity players out there, but I seem to see most people go with the Might builds because Electricity has pretty good Might damage and does really well on large mobs because it has some rather large AOE.

    Cog of Mageddon: one of the first artifacts you can obtain. While the wiki lists it as a Weapon Damage Artifact that increases Precision stats, it also adds Dominance and Health which aren't typical damage stats. This is also a buff artifact that buffs the whole raid group based on your health state. This artifact is not ideal as I recommend you use Power generator mods as opposed to Health. This seems much more like a Tank artifact. There are much better choices. Constantine
    Legionnaire's Sparring AI: This one is pretty good as it gives you a 5% Precision increase at 160, and a counter grants you a buff to precision and immunity to control effects. This is better than Cog. Constantine
    Gem of Horus: this is one of the newest artifacts and still being updated. This artifact grants you at new ability on your bar at rank 80. It appears pretty good but the Precision stat maxes out at 160 with only a 3% increase. Metal Part II
    Venom Wrist Dispenser: This artifact works in conjunction with your weapon buff Wired, essentially making it a better buff. Precision stat maxes at 160 with a 5% increase. This artifact was recently nerfed with GU97 but still is used by Prec DPS. Assassin Time Capsule (must equip Eyes of Dusk drop out of time capsule and use for 10 days in order to build the VWD. Grants a feat which can be unlocked on other toons granting the artifact. Not available in Quark Vendor until have it on one toon)

    Tetrahedron of Urgrund: one of the basic artifacts that gives a group might buff based on your overall health. There is a 4% might buff at 180, but you are also buffing the might powers of your raid group. There are still much better artifacts. Constantine
    La-Mort Card: this is a very specific playstyle artifact. If you choose to use a finisher, in this case Ionic Drain, this artifact will buff it's damage and stack an additional damage effect. The stacks are per each initial cast and testing artifact with Electricity, it could be on par with Heat Vision/Solar Amplifier on a single target. This artifact gives a might increase of 3% at 160. Metal Part II
    Solar Amplifier: the primary purpose of this artifact is to buff the iconic ability Heat Vision that you must spend one SP on. Players who don't use Heat Vision have been known to take this artifact because it gives a 5% Might buff at 160. Kryptonian Time Capsule or Quark Vendor

    Dead King's Scepter: This artifact gives a primary power buff and a secondary might buff but is still good for any role. It buffs your Orbital Strike, reduces the cool down of it and any combat pet trinkets, and procs extra damage while using your regular attacks, might or precision based. The proc damage is based on your might stat however. Atlantis
    Eye of Gemini: This artifact works with a supercharge ability and increases supercharge regeneration with your teammates and you get a damage boost from your teammates damage. At rank 180 it gives both a Might and Precision buff of 4%. At ran 200, it boost all your stats. One of the musts for any DPS in the game currently. Atlantis
    Grimorium Verum: This artifact summons a pet to assist you in combat. At higher ranks, it will grant Polarized PI. This artifact grants 5% Precision at 180 and 5% Might at 200. While this can work well with both roles, one may need to decide would it be better to get the Might buff from a different artifact due to the XP cost. But it does appear to be a staple for Precision artifacts. Justice League Dark
    Omegahedron: This artifact increases your power regeneration. Primary stat is power with 3% might at 160. Few players bother with this artifact. Electricity doesn't seem to have much problem with power regeneration in might builds. This artifact can be collected from the Doomsday introductory mission.
    Philosopher's Stone: This artifact changes how your supply drop works, from giving you actual power to caused your abilities to cost zero power. It also gives you an increased buff period. Justice League Dark
    The Transformation Card: increases critical attack chances but causes a reduction in base damage of attacks. Only gives a 3% Might and Precision buff at 180. Initial testing shows it may generate higher parses due to enhanced crits than using a stat based artifact. And there is nothing to activate. Metal Part II
    The Strategist Card: Like Eye of Gemini, this artifact has multiple stats with Might and Precision topping out at 4% at 180. Gives chance for extra damage when your weapons or powers crit. Meant to be used in conjunction with The Transformation Card. Metal Part II
    Lazarus Pit Water: this artifact is situational, used by some players for Elite Content or Survival mode as it allows you to resurrect yourself. Not for the casual player. Assassin's Artificer's Time Capsule or Quark vendor
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    Gosh that's a lot of information to process. How do I decide?

    There are no easy answers. For some players, they just don't like the idea of relying on iconic or movement abilities for their own headcanon or aesthetic. In a few months, Devs could throw another artifact into the mix that changes the Meta further. For now, Supercharges are still in many players' loadouts. There are some things I think that might be better to touch upon that are Electricity Specific.

    Neo Venom Boost vs Circuit Breaker
    Supercharges are used by many power sets for DPS and Support. Megavolt is a might based 5000 SC but is stationary and just OK. There are iconic and movement mode supercharges that cost 2500 but they may be just be a shield, a heal, or a low might based attack. NVB is a 5000 cost supercharge and it increases your damage output. It's preferred by many Precision and Might DPS for the supercharge to activate their Eye of Gemini. Electricity has something very similar with Circuit Breaker and it's already granted by your power set. No need to spend any extra SP. NVB gives you a 90% defense buff, 40% Damage Bonus plus a 10 Weaponization Skill for +15 seconds. Circuit Breaker OTOH gives 55% Damage bonus + 15 second Breakout. Circuit Breaker is also usable while controlled. It seems like the increased damage of CB beats out just a 10pt Weaponization bonus.

    Precision DPS plays mainly the same
    Not saying that most might DPS don't rely on a few key abilities themselves. All powersets have the same variation of a weapon buff. You will likely use Electrogenesis for a DoT power. Most rely on Robot Sidekick for extra pet damage. Some powers might have their own pets to use; Electricity doesn't have any pets though. You could put Flux on your loadout for some beneficial clipping but if you are melee, it can push enemies away from you. Many guides will say you need to be Super Speed and obtain attacks from the SS tree. Most precision DPS tend to rely on the same weapon mastery combos for attacks as well so there isn't much variation in how you play it. If you want to try Precision, just know that you need to get SP to put into your cross weapon combos before you can spend any SP into your precision stat. Meanwhile, Might DPS start investing in their might/power stats as soon as they spend their SP into their crits. Don't forget, if you are going the Super Speed route, you need extra SP for that. If you want to excel at Precision, you will need the SP. If you want to do two different weapons for Melee vs Range, or multi-target for single target, you'll need armories to switch builds on the fly.

    Additionally, as players explore Gem of Horus playstyle, there may be more variation in DPS loadouts.

    Sounds like Might builds are a more forgiving playstyle
    This is only partly true. Due to cooldowns, if your rotation gets messed up, you may be fumbling to get it back on track. That's a damage loss. With might powers, you don't have to worry about armories for weapon builds. You may not need a second DPS armory as it can be pretty easy to change your loadout during a cutscene, swapping an ability or two. Electricity is just OK on single target builds but it has potential with use of Heat Vision which seems to have become a staple in many Might DPS loadouts. Some people don't like that ability just because it doesn't fit their aesthetic. And again, we keep our SC Circuit Breaker because Might Electricity works pretty well to build SC.

    The basis of your AOE rotations will be Arc Lightning, Tesla Ball, Voltaic Blast, Electrocute and possibly Electrogenesis or Overcharge which actually gives a bit smoother rotation between AL and VB. Heat Vision gains AOE when you rank up Solar Amplifier so some like it in place of one of 12 second DoT.

    In a perfect world, you would have multiple artifacts to maximize your damage for certain situations. This may not be feasible for all players depending on your play or how long you've been playing. Also, none of this takes into account the base stats (not the percentages) you get from some of the various artifacts. Does any of up end up being just split hairs?
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    Stat Comparisons

    Starting was a base prec of 24,496 with rank 200 artifacts (granted, not all artifacts are worth the XP for rank 200, and I tried to get base prec to a round # for illustration purposes)

    Sparring AI/VWD/Grim = 31,214
    Cog/VWD/Grim = 30,556
    Gem of Horus/VWD/Grim = 30,327
    Swapping in some of the other artifacts
    Transformation Card/VWD/Grim= 29,905
    EoG/VWD/Grim = 29,489

    There’s barely a 200 prec difference between Cog and Gem so it may be worth trying a different play style there if you already have other leaguemates who run Cog. Not sure if anyone can make a Transformation Card argument.

    Starting with a base might of 40,009 rank 200 artifacts (again, not all artifacts are worth the XP for rank 200, and I tried to get base might to a round # for illustration purposes)

    SA/SSC/EoG = 47,355

    Keeping the SSC/EoG combo:
    Loss of 300 might with Philosopher’s Stone = 47,004
    Loss of 1000 might with Tetrahedron = 46,321
    Loss of 1400 might with Grimorium = 45,978
    Loss of 2000 might with DKS = 45,297
    Negligible might change between Grim and La Mort Card = 45,975
    No might change between SSC and Transformation Card.
    No might change between EoG and Strategist Card.

    And just because this is what I’m probably going to keep on my DPS armory: TC/SSC/EoG: 45,297
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    With GU73, the Meta of healing has changed slighting. Heal over time abilities have been weakened, making many healers of other power sets unhappy. Electricity bursts have remained highly effective, which makes Electricity the most efficient of the healing powers. Water was released after this guide was originally written and for a time, it seems like shields was the Meta for healers.

    Healing has changed slightly with Electricity. Ionic Drain is no longer a true healing ability. Any heals received are “color” heals and are quite small. A new ability was created to still give us options. Here’s the rundown:

    Bioelectric Surge - heals yourself and one other. Removed interaction with Bio Capacitor. 250 Cost, .5 seconds.

    Electroburst –burst heals group members and allies. No longer requires PI to heal. No longer gives minute color heals. Also does damage in healer role. 300 cost, 6 seconds. I don't think I would ever use this ability.

    Overcharge – When using this ability in healer role, the explosion also causes a burst heal. This is a new feature added to the ability. 100 cost, .02 seconds

    Electrogenesis – as before, creates a healing aura on you and another player. You and your allies are healed over time. Players in the range of two auras get twice the healing. 200 cost, 12 seconds

    The effect for E-gen is sparks coming off around your body. You can see Superboy here getting the effects of the aura which is close pretty near the max range.


    Arc Lightning – no changes to this ability but it must connect In Line of Sight to heal. Also, you must have an enemy present to get the healing effect. 200 cost, 3 seconds

    Recover – four player burst heal. 300 cost. 3 seconds

    Bio Capacitor – 8 player safety net heal. No interaction with Bioelectric Surge any longer. 450 cost, 30 seconds which is how long the safety net is. Safety net threshold is 45%

    Galvanize – heals players and allies in waves. This ability had its range increased in exchange for less effective heals. 300 cost, 3 seconds

    Galvanize does a little lightning storm above you. As you can see, Superboy has moved a bit and he still receives the heal from Galvanize but he has moved out of the range of Electrogenesis. Galvanize has a pretty good range on it. The robot really didn't move much but I moved a little. I think E-gen has a 15m range and Galvanize has a 25m range, IIRC.


    Flux – no change. 300 cost, 18 seconds

    Invigorate – no longer restores power to group,100% SC

    Group Transducer – 100% SC, this ability took a bit of a nerf when Devs saw that there was some imbalance in various group shields. It was a little too strong for a 50% shield.

    Obviously your loadout choice will be your own but there are some things to be cognizant of.

    Bio Capacitor – don’t get yourself in trouble with this ability. Even with the Accelerated Bio Capacitor Mod, it will take the cooldown from 30 to 27 seconds. It is great for a raid when everyone is spread out. It doesn’t prevent a 1-shot so pre-cast it wisely.

    Electroburst still retains a 6 second cooldown in healer role, so don’t get in trouble with having too many abilities with long cooldowns.
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    Loadouts and speccing for Healer

    Some things that I think will work may not work for you, but here are a few to get you started. Share what works for you!

    Raid healer: Bioelectric Surge, Arc Lightning, Recover, Galvanize, Bio Capacitor, Group Transducer; Focus: Hybrid – I personally use this loadout. Arc Lightning is great around the tank and tons of damage on adds. Galvanize is used frequently. GT is my favorite supercharge.

    Alert healer: Bioelectric Surge, Arc Lightning, Electrogenesis, Galvanize, Flux, Group Transducer; Focus: Hybrid. Galvanize is more useful than Recover. Galvanize can bounce multiple times off pets, Mass Hysteria illusions and your allies, henchmen, accomplices and sidekicks which can help keep four players healed in stressful situations.

    Battle healer:Arc Lightning, Overcharge, Galvanize, Renew, Biocapacitor, Flux. I would be tempted to use this in an alert if running 1 of each role. Possible Hybrid or Supercharged Focus (Loadout courtesy ofL T)

    I suggest getting all your healing crits first, and minimally 100 SP in Restoration before you spend SP anywhere. If you are lucky enough to be able to max out your Restoration stats, i would go Might/Power just to increase your power stat. Consider adding Dominance for greater healing and shields, Precision for Hybrid mastery power regeneration. 5 SP in either Dom or Prec gets you to that first bonus.

    There are different theories about which Mastery to select but most seem to go for Hybrid or Superpowered. If you don't have time to do weapon attacks for whatever reason, Superpowered can be better.

    Tactical Mods for Healing

    Head - Obviously if you happen to have the head mod for a supercharge, I would use it and the respective ability
    Weapon – Restorative Adaptor for free heals, Replenishing Adaptor can always help with more power, or Absorption Adaptor
    Neck – I still prefer Fortified Blocking or Fortified Assault
    Back – Breakout Regeneration, Accelerated Arc Lightning, Accelerated Flux, Accelerated Bio-Capacitor.
    Chest – Lots of options: Core Strength, Reserve Tank, Extended Supercharge, Power Efficiency. Using Extended SC if you have a Supercharge head mod creates some synergy.
    Legs - there aren’t too many options for Electricity healers, the only potential one is Restorative Overcharge if using that ability to heal.
    Hands – Max Damage or Regenerative Shielding
    Feet – Deadly Block or a movement mode mod.

    Weapon choices for Healing

    With GU73, Weapon Mastery (WM) bonuses have been removed. Previously, these bonuses for executing a WM combo clipped with a power would earn you a reduction in power cost. This no longer exists. Obviously, you may be using what you have, which is OK if it works for you. If you are using the Hybrid Focus, you attacks will regenerate your power and you will see blue numbers on your screen. Weapon Mastery cross weapon combos do not regenerate power. For example, many players would use Brawling into Shuriken Storm Mastery. With GU73, the Brawling tap will generate power but the Martial Arts hold portion will not. Therefore, you may wish to change weapons. Another warning: do not open any weapon boxes unless you are sure you have at least1 SP spent in that weapon. Once you open the weapon box, it will force you to choice from those you have a power point in. I have specced all into the weapon, including the final enhanced damage mastery but use your SP where you want. Weapons that have good range combos include:

    ·Hand Blaster
    ·Dual Pistols
    ·Martial Arts
    ·Staff, a new range combo was added with GU73 and it is pretty cool
    ·Shield, if you are a Legendary player

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  12. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Healing Artifacts:

    Starheart Fragment - Using a Group Heal grants you and up to 7 group members Health equal to a %age of your Restoration. For Electricity, this applies only to the ability Recover
    Scrap of the Soul Cloak - Increases your maximum Supercharge and Supercharge generation by and reduces your Supercharge ability cooldowns. Use this only if you are using Group Transducer or Invigorate
    Orb of Arion - Summons a Spectral Acolyte that interacts with the priority heal, Bio Electric Surge. Available from Atlantis content. If you intend to use this artifact I recommend the Superpowered focus as it is a huge drain on your power pool.
    Eye of Gemini - When using a supercharge, it activates Castor's Watch when creates a healing circle around you. It helps to generate supercharge for those in the circle as well. Atlantis content.
    Manacles of Force - this is recommended for tanks, however there is a boost to Dominance and Restoration which can increase healing stats. At rank 120 it will reduce shield cooldowns by 10%. This one seems to be less important since the supercharge cost of Group Transducer has increased but also a lot of content now has mechanics that ignore shields. Available from Atlantis content.
    Demon's Fang - hitting an enemy with a weapon attack increases your weapon damage and restores power based on a percentage of your restoration. See the description under Venom Wrist Dispenser for obtaining from Assassin's Time Capsule. Available also through Quark Vendor or completing the Dark Dentistry feat via replays one you have unlocked on one toon..
    Philosopher's Stone - abilities cost 0 power during drop.
    Page of Destiny - using a group heal (Recover) puts a safety net on 4 players. This makes it a mini-version of Biocapacitor. But this artifact will also work in conjunction with Biocapacitor. Metal Part II
    The Strategist Card - applies a heal over time when achieving a critical heal. Metal Part II
    The Transformation Card - reduces base heals for a greater chance and magnitude in critical heals. Metal Part II

    All of these artifacts except Scrap will increase your base Restoration stat, which is your primary stat as a healer. That's part of what makes them so useful. You can use up to 3 artifacts. The meta for a while was to use Scrap along with EoG along with MoF and you always had shields at the ready. Unfortunately, content is starting to ignore the mitigation you get from shields (Black Manta bombs in Spindrift Station, Sinestro fight in Batcave Breach, the Merciless in Metal Part I raids), so they don't prevent damage from certain inevitable attacks or mechanics. A shield can still help to keep your teammates from taking additional damage but if they aren't full health when these attacks occur, they can get knocked out and your shields won't stop that. Scrap and EoG can be useful in your DPS build as well. If you don't intend on using supercharges for healing, these combinations are not for you.

    While I am not a fan of Starheart Fragment as it is mainly a stat artifact, it will have some synergy with Page of Destiny as they share activation with the ability Recover. I'm not sure I would necessarily go with this artifact as the group buff is a health buff based on your Restoration. Seems like an inconsequential buff because you still have to heal that additional health. There are better choices.

    I am not crazy about Orb of Arion as it can drain your power bar significantly. Electricity is a burst healing power so I never felt this one matched with its playstyle. This can be mitigated slightly by use of the Omegahedron artifact or the Philosopher's Stone artifact.

    Strategist and Transformation Cards were created with a synergy between them so it's worth a look. You would not want the Strategist Card without the Transformation Card however. These also can be used in DPS role too. As of this writing, the Metal Part II content has not dropped so it remains to be seen if this combination is more effective that others but it appears the Transformation card has a lot of potential on its own. You may be able to secure these artifacts prior to the Atlantis artifacts through Event content if you are a newer player or have a lower level toon. If you add in Eye of Gemini you have 3 artifacts you can use for both heal and DPS!

    If you have DKS ranked up for DPS and decide to put it on your healer armory, know that it's damage is based on your might stat and your healer gear sacrifices might for restoration.

    If you are worried about your resto stats dropping too low, know that at rank 200, the combo of EoG, Transformation Card, and Strategist Card yields approx 700 more resto than EoG/SSC/MoF. Dropping Manacles and going to Page of Destiny will yield 1000 more resto and have those extra safety nets. Going with a combo of EoG, Transformation Card and Page of Destiny yields over 2000 more base resto, you still have the EoG benefits, the safety nets and more crits. Maybe healers owe it to themselves to try something else.
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  13. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Game Updates

    GU78 - January 3, 2018.
    A few changes to the power since Stats Revamp:
    • Arc Lightning – Reduced the damage and healing from secondary hits to account for the absence of target splitting.
    • Circuit Breaker – Reduced damage bonus to account for buff stacking/burst damage.
    • Spark Barrage – Increased damage and splash radius to compensate for projectile functionality.
    • Tesla Ball – Reduced the damage to account for the absence of target splitting.
    Despite these changes, Arc Lighting and Tesla Ball still remain staples to use for DPS, and Arc Lightning is still good for healing. Electricity was a little bit unbalanced on large mobs.
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  14. BLK Well-Known Player

    No? oh okay :oops:
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  15. Vindex Active Player

    Great job and Gratz on this new Electricity Guide.

    Just wanted to add on Tactical Mods Section for Healing.

    Chest – Another option: Power Efficiency Mod.
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  16. krytine Loyal Player

    It looks like your taking the time to actually teach people what will do what great. I am glad you are not just say here is a loadout and rotation .I am glad you are taking the time to make this
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  17. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I'll add it. I had one in my inventory and sold it for several mil when the revamp went live.
  18. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Yeah, I'm not sure if I want to expand the section a little bit more or not.
  19. krytine Loyal Player

    Ic maybe you talk about how to use the powers in combination with each other it would be a big help for people. Personally i am not sure how effective this is but arc lighting overcharge the ionic drain seem to work well with each other in small things and open world i will check with other things later
  20. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Open world stuff is crazy easy though. I find myself using Flux more than anything for my AoJ dailies. If I have the mission for repairing Dishes, Flux can usually knock them off the towers. If I have the mission for setting bombs on the turrets, I go in healer role because I find my health doesn't usually regen.