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  1. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Hello everyone. I used to play up until December 2017 but I'm now installing the game again because I am absolutely burnt out on GW2 right now. I've tried other games but DCUO's excellent combat system prevents me from enjoying 90% of other MMOs. With that said, I had some general questions to ask while the game is installing (55 minutes left) so that I could hopefully be prepared for what I see in game (usually not a fan of surprises).

    PvP is a non factor unfortunately. In MMOs where combat is great, PvP somehow suffers (DCUO, GW2). When the combat is mediocre, PvP is active (ESO). When PvP is great, PvE is awful and the game is very P2W (BnS, BDO). So I'll do my best to refrain from mentioning it as I have no choice but to rely on console games for decent PvP.

    So here we go:

    1. How heavily does one need to rely on time capsules? As stated in the first paragraph, I've been absent for over a year and I have less than 250 skill points. So I'm afraid that a vast amount of skill points are hidden in time capsules and that I would have to gamble to try and catch up.

    2. How important are skill points?

    3. Could someone explain augments please?

    4. How are the queue times for each tier? Do you *feel* like there has been a drop in population or do you feel like it has gone up?

    5. Have they made any QoL updates? I'm not sure I would like to sub so I will likely just buy most of the DLCs but I'm not sure if I have it in me to deal with a severe cash up, especially since I'm used to being rich.

    6. How is the open world? Is it active? Are there world bosses? How are the quests? I saw some of the Aquaman content and it looks freaking cool.

    7. How is the content? Has there been a lot of solo content since December 2017 or is it mostly group content?

    8. Has LPvE received any changes?

    9. Have promethium lockboxes been updated/improved? How is the marketplace?

    10. Lastly, how is the balance (DPS). I'm mostly interested in sorcery, quantum, gadgets, mental, electricity, and rage. I don't care for the others right now. How is the weapons balance too? My ideal character would use one handed or martial arts most of the time along with these powers.
  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    1. The majority of SP is actually in the content, not the TCs. We have a second chance vendor now for retired capsule rewards. Currently only the rewards from the first two TCs plus extras are there.
    2. SP matters but not as much as others want it to. Gear is still your primary source of stats, followed by SP and Augments, Artifacts give bonus stats.
    3. Augments replaced gear mods. Brief description: they are permanent mods with their own inventory tab. You level them up with new Exobytes. You get new exobytes from salvaging gear. There are four Augments for Might DPS, four for Precision DPS, four for Vit, four for Resto and four for Dom (with extra health).
    4. Queue times are hit and miss depending on the day/time.
    5. They have been focusing on QoL updates. Too many to list off the top of my head.
    6. They have been adding open world bosses to each episode. It's usually a weekly mission.
    7. Mostly group content.
    8. Lol
    9. At some point they increased the drop rate. Don't remember when but I usually get 3 a day per toon.
    10. Balance is as close as its ever been imo. There are a few powers that are top of the food chain. FotM has kinda died out, we haven't had any major power updates since January/February of last year.
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  3. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    1. Cool.
    2. Hmm I'm ok with this.
    3. Thank you for explaining this.
    4. Does this also include end game queue times? I'm at 207 CR right now and I wanna sub to progress but I don't want to risk poor queue times. I'm ok with a 5-10 minutes queue time if LFG isn't successful. Anything above 15 would upset me.
    5. That's good. Do you know if the removal of the cash cap is one of them?
    6. By weekly mission do you mean they only spawn once a week or you just get loot once a week? I'm ok with loot once a week, I just miss the days when it would take a gang of people to take down a bounty.
    10. Do you know if rage and sorcery can compete well?
  4. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    End game queues should be fine. We're in between episodes right now (new episode in March) so the queue times might be slower than normal.

    They did not remove/raise cash cap.

    By weekly I mean you get loot once a week. There are feats tied to open world bosses, such as kill Giant Robot x amount of times. The feats do not require a loot reset.

    Rage is definitely in top 5. You should check out OC's guides:

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