Current T5 armor stats for different roles

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  1. Kristyana Well-Known Member

    Didn't see if there was a thread for this or not. As of 4/21, these are the current stats for all 5 of the T5 armor sets on Test:






    Here's the upjump from T4 to T5 in raw stats and percentages (keep in mind this doesn't account your skillpoints, weapon, accessories, normal level 30 stats, or skillpoint innates)

    Defense: +1178 (+50.3%)
    Health: +739 (+48.9%)
    Power: +345 (+85.9%)
    Precision: +230 (+69.7%) for Precision Set, +149 (+30.1%) for Might Set
    Might: +213 (+45.1%) for Precision Set, +401 (+56.8%) for Might Set
    Restoration: +292 (NA, no T4 stat)
    Vitalization: +189 (NA, no T4 stat)
    Dominance: None

    Defense: +1811 (+53.8%)
    Health: +1260 (+56.1%)
    Power: +449 (NA, no T4 stat)
    Precision: +59 (+59.0%)
    Might: +23 (+7.0%)
    Restoration: +292 (NA, no T4 stat)
    Vitalization: +189 (NA, no T4 stat)
    Dominance: +31 (+16.8%)

    Defense: +1178 (+50.3%)
    Health: +512 (+32.9%)
    Power: +662 (+172.4%)
    Precision: +56 (+56.0%)
    Might: +158 (+81.0%)
    Restoration: +292 (NA, no T4 stat)
    Vitalization: +260 (+60.5%)
    Dominance: +51 (+21.6%)

    Defense: +1178 (+50.3%)
    Health: +644 (+36.0%)
    Power: +428 (+55.7%)
    Precision: +56 (+56.0%)
    Might: +158 (+81.0%)
    Restoration: +662 (+101.2%)
    Vitalization: +189 (NA, no T4 stat)
    Dominance: None

    Wow, check out the jump in Resto on healer gear and power on troller gear!
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  2. Octantis Well-Known Member

    And people were complaining about being too powerful already. T5 Raids sure are setting themselves up for huge expectations with regards to difficulty ...
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  3. Kristyana Well-Known Member

    It's definitely insane looking at these jumps in stats.

    Also, this indicates that the T5 armor piercing is going to be higher than 25%. T5 gear puts ice tanks well above the mitigation cap of 75% even with a 25% armor piercing mechanic.
  4. Octantis Well-Known Member

    But on the other hand it adds some Resto for our shields :)
  5. Chequered Member

    It seems that the back piece for DPS role has same stats for both versions, is that true and if yes, is it intended?

    Also, could you double check shoulders for both DPS sets, seems way off.

  6. Breedin Bull Well-Known Member

    They make such a high jump and then when people hit full T5 and start asking for CR 100 for the raids they wonder why. A green name poked fun at "CR 80 for FOS" in a thread not too long ago. If you make the raids difficult to beat with full T4, you better be prepared for the ridiculous requirements. Bad players don't just magically get better because they have a difficult task ahead of them. They are going to get around it. Then because they have the CR 100, any raid they run, even if it be an old one, they are gonna want people on equal footing with them.
  7. Mr Venom Member

    Looks like each set gets a major jump in a stat but tank gear.
  8. Octantis Well-Known Member

    The Resto jump for tanks pretty much makes it worth it, since we never had it to begin with.
  9. Mr Venom Member

    Ohh I didnt see that. Nevermind my response lol
  10. Kristyana Well-Known Member

    Oops, you're right. Was late last night when I made this.

    The DPS back for the might based set has 52 precision and 123 might.

    Just doublechecked both shoulders, I also made a mistake there. The Might based shoulders have 59 precision, all other figures are accurate
  11. TheDark Well-Known Member

    The increase in a controller's power looks great just from plain sight. But now that I think about the cost of some powers, on average from 300 to 350, its about 2 extra powers to cast. Combine that with tank reserve and I think it sets up the path for controllers to be ok with doing something more with that power bar. The increase in might and precsion for us is definitely a plus.
  12. Kristyana Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that jump in power for trollers means there's no longer any point in speccing Vit/Power, although one would need to see what the stats were on T5 plans, if any.
  13. TheDark Well-Known Member

    Ever since Tank Reserve came out there was never really a reason to continue to mod with Vit & Power.
  14. Magnificent Well-Known Member

    Good Lord! The Prec-based suit will put me at over 1k Precision in my full DPS gear. The extra HP & Defense for the Tank gear is NICE, but considering how some damage will ignore Defense, I don't think the +Resto, +Dom & +HP are going to be enough to keep Healing Fire Tanks (like myself) viable with our current healing formula.
  15. Kristyana Well-Known Member

    Some people don't play enough to get the marks to pay the rent for that mod every month, and some people also don't have the Home Turf DLC. :p

    With the new changes we got a roughly overall 7% buff to our base heals (Backdraft got nerfed by a quarter while BD got buffed about twice that percentage) so it will be interesting to see what happens once the dominance error is fixed. Seeing the jump in Restoration on healer gear makes me think that the devs want fire tanks to be just as reliant on the healers as the other two tanks.
  16. VO1D Sentry Active Member

    I wonder how they're gonna implement that increase in power costs...what if you just have 1 T5 armor?
  17. UltraElite Well-Known Member

  18. jpharrah1010 Well-Known Member

    is it just me or does it seem like there isnt much difference in stats between the might and precision dps sets...making the precision set a little better since having more precision is better for any dps in the long run?
  19. Liam Solo Active Member

    With the new T5 Controller Gear adding 260 vit unmodded and the new GU25 Vit inates adding I believe 60 vit that would bring the new Vit maximums to upwards of 1680 vit. Even more with new Vit 5, and new prom necks, rings, and new controller weapons. :)

    Thats a power tick of 188+

    (70 * (1 + 1680 / 1000) ) =188
  20. UltraElite Well-Known Member

    no i would have to disagree with this

    There is an acceptable ratio between precision and might that has been reflected in almost every DPS gear to date. This ration is for every 1 precision u should have 3 might...

    the Might set is the best reflection of this ratio...

    The Precision Utility Belt vs the Might Utility Belt is a perfect example of the 1:3 ratio

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