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  1. TankIsLoveTankisLife Level 30

    Let me start off by saying, this is just my opinion. I'm sure others may or may not agree.

    The game has become so much more toxic and not very enjoyable lately. I used to be able to play DC Universe for hours and had fun.. now i get bored after 30minutes.

    1) The community isn't as active as it was when i first started playing, and quite honestly the game feels dead. You have almost the same people logging in everyday of which are divided by the following....those sitting in watchtower all day, those mouthing off in chat, and those who just login to play the broker. There is a reason DC keeps bringing out all these "advance to CR" stuff because the time it takes to level your CR now is substantially longer than it was before.

    2) I completely gave up on leveling up my alt toon. Lower end content sometimes takes almost 30min for que to pop... then when you finally get in, you find either....
    A) a dysfunctional group and people are leaving
    B) its a new group but get 1-2 wipes and people give up n leave.. then you spend more time waiting for others,
    C) people who simply dont know how to play their role and refuse to listen to you and they are trying to dps in troll role... all while taking up a troll que slot.....

    2) Prior to stats revamp, there was more focus on CR rather than SP so now you got a TON of new-ish players with high CR who were carried in older content and never took the time to learn game/content mechanics.. I frequently get in late game content and find high cr players who need explaining on boss mechanics and such.

    3) It's all about the money. Now I understand the need for a company to make money and its importance to remain profitable but honestly it just feels more like greed now. Take for example the time since they stopped doing booster bundles... and since then, look at the amount & rate of which new time capsules have been released, now compare that to the rate of fixes we have seen, which aren't that many as thing remain broken for a very long time before they are fixed even though they are known.

    4) Dailies feel more like a chore now. Kill 300 of these, kill 200 of those, kill 100 of that.... Done? do it again... same way, everyday. Allot of content almost feel the same just with a different theme and name, but its essentially the same with some even re-using the same maps and yet it takes ages for it to come out. Although i will say they did a FANTASTIC job on Oly & GoM, beautifully designed, and boss fights are different and acually pretty fun, esp Oly Elite last boss.

    if i had to redo it all again, and get another account up as far as my current main is... with today's DC Universe current state, i dont think i would, nor do i think it would be worth the time you'd invest doing so nowadays, assuming you aren't using Advance to CR, since we didn't have those back then.

    I just feel like now i play for the wrong reasons and get on only because it'd be a waste to let all that time and money invested over the years go to waste. I'm not pissed off or trying to rant or anything... im just here to express how i feel because i honestly do like this game, and i feel like it has a TON more potential and would love to see it improve
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  2. tioalbert Well-Known Player

    1.-Developers based increment of difficulty instances, by a base of test and live players who expressed easy content.

    To that the difficulty increases one more factor, if in your group there is a hacker, it is more obvious when the player is higher than the maximum allowed cr instance.

    2.-I also hope to improve dcuo.

    3.- As it is currently, I prefer to play old content (free version).

    4. - I will only pay, if there is any sexy style for my characters.

    5.-hacker that I find, I send him to blacklist.

    6.- in this way I only play from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

    7.- There were already toxic people as well as boots and hackers, but since hacker with high CR entering low instances increased, also increased toxicity.

    8.-If you still like dcuo (styles, instances, events, mechanics, etc.) and the environment overwhelms you.

    Take a break, let the fall of prowess, To pay attention to accusers (play, have fun for you not for others),
    and finally you have other things out right, sweat every bad moment that you have passed in dcuo and already after you are cool "Come back".

    At least that's what I do. (transpipes dcuo and return to dcuo).

    Good afternoon and good game.
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  3. Comixfan Committed Player

    I think you hit several large nails right on their heads.

    A friend and I came back to the game on console after a long hiatus (we were both PC players @ launch who started over on console when that version launched) and it didn't take us long to get back into the swing of things.

    However, over time, things such as queue times, inexperienced teammates in instances (leading to said teams disbanding after failed attempts), and lack of content led to my friend stopping playing once more (as they have limited game time these days and so they don't want to be wasting that time waiting in queues or being in failing groups).

    I'm still playing, but to be honest when I login these days I'm just playing the broker or customising my alts bases.

    I think you're right that they need to stop focusing on Time Capsules and get back to focusing on content.

    Now that they're not supporting PS3 the entire game desperately needs a visual overhaul, as does the UI, so they should be focusing their time on that instead.

    Also, just to clarify, the aforementioned lack of content my friend mentioned is things such as no new weapon types since shield, no new movement types since skimming, no new mentors/mentor quests (why didn't we get Hal Jordan/Sinestro as mentors & associated quests when light was added? why no Aquaman/Ocean Master as mentors & associated quests when water was added?), no plans for more powers after water, etc.

    And the whole Deluge thing just being a rework of the previous Starro event, and the forthcoming Death of Superman seeming kind of "meh".

    I really think the devs are just treading water at this stage trying to milk the game for all it's worth with time capsules & store exclusives (like the material packs) til the DC licence expires.

    Which is a real shame, because in its early days DCUO was the must play superhero MMO. Now it's pretty much the only superhero game in town and it's really not worth playing any more.
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  4. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    You guys make allot of good points.
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  5. majosea Dedicated Player

    agreeded, for me
    update 47 pushed away players away:mad:
    and changing of marks and how content is played pushed away players away:mad:
    revamping the game push away players:mad:
    time capsules and the pay to win pushed away players:mad::mad:
    the breaking pvp/pve pushed away players:mad:
    point I'm making I love the t5 /t6 content the missions alot shorter , and alerts fun
    the raids hard , but rewarding All purple drops, and ton of marks to buy whatever you wanted from the vendor if you run content you were not limited :)
    it was at this time in the game pvp gear had support roles pvp was fun :)
    pvp was a little broken back in that era , but it got worst with every update
    we need to back the the old the game was
    pve/pvp the game had more players why at that the time the game was fun
    there was a bigger player base , not just a hand full of players with 20 + alts that don't count
    the mission qued alot faster / and villains side was not dead,
    there was no time capsules and p2w
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  6. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    the revamp needs revamping. at no other point in the games life did we see such a mass exodus of long term players leave in one bump. i won/t argue other factors are at play as well but not with such a punch. i saw a couple of dozen players come back for it only to see them walk right back on out. i saw several leagues dry up within weeks of it going live. it made gameplay boring.

    for those who might not be in the know : Boring is bad.

    the revamp sucks.

    *edited to add: all the cool cosmetics, beautifully rendered maps, quality of life updates and everything else just doesn't matter if combat sucks.
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  7. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Sadly I believe the community created this problem more so than the dev's.

    When I first began it took some time to get up to the point to run FOS 1.

    It took us a good amount of time to beat sub construct, inner and outer caverns and you could be lucky if you had time to get all of that done in a day.

    Now as soon as you create a toon and if you have friends you can skip those run either T4 raid jump up-to 170cr in as little as 1 week.

    Skipping the Home Turf missions and quite a few other missions.

    Veterans felt abandoned by the dev's and the dev's chose to focus on new players and DPS's, still trying to help DPS's, to no avail.

    Now they are rebuilding the base and your describing the effects of just that.

    The community is low at endgame so they open it up to everyone.

    That practice was not needed back with T5, T6, or T7. The adjustments led to that.

    To put it bluntly, they took away the ability to share high end gear from shady nightclub because it allowed players to jump to quickly in CR.

    Now players bypass it altogether and don't need to run that type of content at all.

    The sub avatar was another good place as well, it to suffered the same fate.

    PvP death led to a good chunk of vets departure, hard to say what caused it, but my guess was the change in how gear affected the arenas caused that along with the elimination of the checks by roles.

    But that is just my opinion.
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  8. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    Yes ^ this too after revampy so many friend's of mines left so many leagues went dry.

    I admit after revamp I was like wtf hell did they do lol omg I almost took a break but I got use to it but yes overall revamp had a massive bite in our family.
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  9. stärnbock Devoted Player

    good points. for Q times: if you realy want to make it into or through anything, you need to use LFG.
    often you see players like "here dps for op23e SSe", those are ppl hwo are to lazy to form a group.
    if you do search however, you find ppl for whatever you want to run, just waiting for you to start ^^
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  10. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Well said and I agree with pretty much all of this. The revamp did make combat more exciting but it came out incomplete and still is. It could have so much more variety to it, so many more ways to spec but there was simply too many missed opportunities that they could have taken, including redoing the troll meta and tipping it away from instant power spam.

    Aside from play style and role imbalances, the biggest hit to the population is the constant onslaught of cash grabs and loot boxes. Time capsules do well because they pray on the completionist mentality that they need to have those feats or they fall behind. That gives the illusion that people actually like capsules when really a lot of them are buying stabilizers because they feel they have to. Daybreak is sacrificing happiness for profit.

    I've seen so many time capsule complaints from people in game and folks saying the devs care more about auras and styles than they do releasing quality content, and to be honest my opinion on content isn't too far off from that. Normal raids are a snooze fest, elite raids take too long to get into, and people only want to run the easier raid, making forming a group for the harder elite raid near impossible in a timely manner. Good active leagues are becoming far too few, especially on the villain side. Either you'll get a league filled with snobby elitists that think they're God's gift to earth, or a league filled with toxic players that spend more time trash talking in public chats than helping their league mates run ****. The league with helpful players aren't as active and hard to get a full league run for anything, villain side is a mess.

    Lower tier population is trash, I was running my lower cr fire DPS earlier today, spent two hours waiting in queues for BBS, PBR, and DWF. DWF finally popped and it was a dysfunctional group that disbanded on first boss, now it's back to waiting on que .... Tried LFG, no bites. Hell I couldn't even get an SSE group on my main earlier tonight! I spent an hour shouting and managed to only get 6 people in the group before I started having internet issues.

    People who don't see any of these problems will think the game is fine and dandy. They don't have the perspective of someone that struggles to get into anything, and it's just getting worse. I'm glad cross faction operations are finally happening, but that won't be enough. We need a population boost, we need combat and balance cleaned up a little more, and we need PvP adjusted so there's something else for players to do.

    I still enjoy playing, but get frustrated seeing all of this knowing what the game used to be, and seeing no signs of it getting better, just gradually worse.
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  11. TestReporter Loyal Player

    About the exodus: Because of dox glitches, bugs, exploits and problems to get gear we had a big exodus too, the same can be said for a little bit after WM/AMs and GU47. I don't think the population decreased because of the revamp (sure some players left, but others came back for it), you gotta remember that right after it we had the probably worst episode in all time: RwC.

    But if you ask me, you think the revamp was a success or even worth all the resources spent? No. Most of the powers are balanced right now and we have some different options (at least more than during AM times), but the revamp was supposed to increase the population, balance the powers, make stats matter and let us have many different options (superpowered, weapons expert, hybrid). Only the 2nd one you can say was truly done, all other aspects need a lot of work, not to mention that with the new artifacts we are probably going to end in WM time all again, with people spamming smoke bomb mastery and dual wield/bow, if that happens, we'll have wasted 1 year trying to balance powers and delaying everything else.

    The revamp made some powers a lot better and more enjoyable, like ice and eletricity, but there are powers like nature, light and celestial that aren't really liked (there are more eletricity players than the 3 others combined at end-game) and that makes me think if we ended somewhere or just ran in circles.

    Answering the op:
    3- True, Time Capsules alone are already bad, when we get a overdose of them it becomes a mess, we get a lot more time capsule styles than actual episode/event styles (not to mention the feats, ugh). They should really reconsider what they are doing with them before it's too late...

    4- My god, when we asked for open world in the past we were expecting at least some diversity, while it's cool to have bounties to kill like starro conqueror, we get kill 300, 400 etc adds every episode, plus the same general kill and press a button on the adds to finish the daily... True, some raids like Oly and GoM were really well done, but JFA/US/Panopticon/Escape aren't very well designed, they have some cool mechanics, but most of them are just the classic tank spank or press a button to deactivate a terminal.

    There are no words to talk about Zoo, that raid was just a waste of resources and time, just like the entire episode/event. SS is a really really beautiful raid and has some cool mechanics, but overall it's just tank and spank. I wonder if we'll ever get raids at the level of ToD, HoH, UM, Oly, GoM, Fos 2, DwF etc (talking about mechanics) or even alerts with cool mechanics, because you now... I wonder if we can really call starro invasion a alert and the E3 one didn't have anything new.

    The future of the game is very promising if you talk about styles and the map design (if they continue at spindrift level), but fun content, mechanics and gameplay... The only thing i believe can give the game a big boom when talking about population is a PvP revamp, but if they make quality content and give us more things to do during the episode breaks (something that actually makes it worth to farm the gear, because in my opnion events like the superman one aren't going to help anything, players are going stay in the game for a week to do it and then quit again) they can keep the population growing slowly.

    If the game continues like it is right now, even if it takes a long time to die, they'll have a lot of trouble to keep it up in the near future.
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  12. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    hold your breath, continue? I stopped when SOE was sold and so many changes that were needed were not done (PvP, bug fixes, etc). After multiple creative direction changes. Making good of prior game design decisions... is no easy task. Rap Tap Tap. Have you even seen this? http://***********.com/2018/05/09/d...-questioned-over-columbus-nova-michael-cohen/

    hmmm, i had thought they removed the old user created tutorials. Are they still accurate? Shirley, the power trees are different.

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  13. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    Had DCUO had intended to include crafting, could the loot have been in parts that increases the instance repeated playthroughs? Would that have been better or worse? Shirley, worse for alts, but maybe not if the loot parts were account bound. Meh. too many variables. Building variablkes/systems on top of major game design selections from day one launch that was buy to play T1-T3 content with timed content availability/cooldowns. a good aspect, no longer has a PS3 version to create.
    Are there even hitboxes in DCUO? [IMG] [IMG] :p

    oh yeah, the two faction game design decision early on.... with factions that were a very shallow system.
  14. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

  15. TankIsLoveTankisLife Level 30

    Thank you everyone for the positive feedback.. really appreciate it, and quite honestly was worried that people wouldn't agree because while everyone has their own opinion on things, i can't help but feel like the issues i brought up are undeniable and unfortunately examples of everyday occurrences.

    Daybreak what can i say? This isn't the first type of thread we've seen, and it wont be the last. How many more times are we going to have these threads before the changes are made, because one day it will stop.. and it wont be because there have been changes, but because there are no players left.

    You have allot of loyal players hanging on by a thread. The potential IS there, ya'll just need to sort out what you want, the direction is yours, keep milking the player-base and shove TC's down our throat for the short term, or put your money where your mouth is and truly play for the long run and finally give this game the changes it deserve and focus on real, quality over quantity content, gameplay etc and with that allot more players will come and in doing so . . . .

    I promise you, that quality content will make you more money than TC's will ever make you.
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  16. Project Amaz0 New Player

    Honestly I agree with all of these points, I've been playing since the first release back in the ps3 days and have had my points of leaving due to content. I feel like unless you have friends within the game, getting into an alert or raid is near impossible now, and with bots constantly spamming chat, it's hard to communicate for help without spending 30 minutes adding bots to my ignore list. I don't mind time capsules to much, but I do agree it feels more like a money grabbing opportunity than a fan service.

    All this being said, I feel my biggest complaint has been within the community more so than game mechanics. I won't lie, I fall into the C Category you mentioned in your 2nd point, I struggle at my role in understanding it so I mostly fall back on DPS, But not without trying my role. Through personal experience any time I have asked for help in understanding my role it results in insults being thrown about or being kicked so that becomes hard to enjoy a game when even the community doesn't want to have anything to do with you.
  17. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    game play is anything but balanced.

    cookie cutter loadouts you need to follow to remain competitive. everything else is just as it was with AM's: useless.

    weapon style, hybrid style are not as effective as playing from the tray. players have to rely on one broken move.

    healing and controlling is a drag.

    Origin Crisis had its controversies but we did not lose as many players then as we did with the revamp. Origin Crisis remained relevant for quite some time after it went live. you were able to quickly form groups for raids and alerts months after its release...even a year. RwC, Earth 3, Deluge all had shelf lives of less than a month before it became a task to form groups. i was in half a dozen raid groups last weekend that could not enter queue because we couldn't find enough players to fill out a raid group. this was during "double marks" weekend.

    i don't think this would be the case if combat wasn't reduced to it current narcolepsy inducing state.

    i know there are players on the forums who invested their free time to test the revamp...thanks for that but after almost a year of watching the game fail its time to call it what it is and put something together fast because even queuing up for the stabilizer instance is iffy these days.

    we do need more content...but its not the content thats at fault. its combat.
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  18. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    Not being combative just an opposing view point over here. I came back for the revamp and am loving it. When I played the first time one thing I hated was the power tree and power points system. Often you couldnt have the very best loadout a powerset had to offer due to limitations because of that system. BUT I still loved the game. AM ruined it for me. To me the game became absolute trash during that period. Dcuo went from being a game where different loadouts and playstyle were everywhere to "use these 4 moves to be competitive, dont and you'll suck". I left almost immediately.

    I came back when I heard about the revamp and was even more stoked when I saw the power trees were gone. As a launch player imo this revamp is the best thing theyve ever done from a massive over haul stand point. For instance I didnt much care for pvp mechanics being brought to pve and hated ams as I stated.

    I came back and met a few people on here and joined a fairly large league with people I like playing with everyday and I'm thrilled with the game. I think its mainly the completionists unhappy right now? I run my fragmentation events and open a capsule every 3 days. I'm not gonna spend money on them and dont care about the feats lockes behind them. If things seem dead join a league and run with new friends everyday.

    Personally I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. Just thought I'd throw out the perspective of a recently returning player who is starting from scratch since you said if you were a new player starting from scratch you wouldnt finish. I'm really enjoying things and dont seem to be experiencing the issues mentioned here. This last little bit may ruffle some feathers but thats not my intent: posts on here that have a ton of people agreeing have 10-15 pages. This one has 10-15 comments. I think most people dont agree that the game is ruined now.

    As for electric being so popular compared to say nature, thats mmos brother. Find me an mmo that doesnt have flavor of the month classes due to damage potential or cooler animations or an mmo that doesnt have much more of a certain class at end game and ill find you a flying purple unicorn.
  19. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Not disagreeing with your points, it's all about perspective, but for the very last sentence, it's not really a good idea to judge how many people agree with something based on the comment count, most of the time it's just back and forth bickering. I think the amount of likes a post has a better gauge for people who agree with something. The OP has 20 likes, which isn't a lot compared to what I've seen before, but for a thread with only 400 something views, that's kind of significant.
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  20. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    I agree that we need more options, but I disagree with your comparison to AMs. During AMs, players who used a different rotation from the optimal would extend a run by 20-30 minutes. At least now, a player who is applying power interactions and using a sub-optimal rotation won't extend the run by more than 4-5 minutes. I've even seen players not set up their power interactions and perform decently.
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