Current DPS Standings (Might Spec)

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by HoiiowDreamz, Apr 6, 2017.

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    Lol. Dude said self discovery. I'm sleep
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    Just for clarification i'm not using bot clipping HD is. Also bot clipping is different then consumable clipping. With a consumable you still have to play out the animation of the consumable which is just as long as almost every ability animation, but with a bot i can clip my last power and the bot animation and go right into the next power picking me up some speed if done correctly which will def improve your dps if used on the right things.
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    Since bot clipping became a popular subject in here here my personal opinion on it.

    I'd like to see bot clipping go away and consumables come back into style. To fix the bots you could just make them not cancelable, if you call it out its coming out. Sure i can have some fun bot clipping but honestly its not something that was designed to do what we do with them just like phase dodge wasn't intended to be used how we used it either.

    I know i'll prob catch some hate for this but thats my opinion.
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  4. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    I could meet halfway and say to change it to where they all share the same cooldown so you can only use 1 but then buff consumables so you have the option for either depending on you preference. I was testing consumables earlier and I was only getting like 1500-1600 and the cooldown is long af with the animation time feeling draggy. If they went back to being quick with short cooldowns I'd prob drop a dps trinket in my utility belt and say **** it, I'm running a bot and consumables because I'm obsessed with speed xD Anything that makes me clip faster and or require more inputs that increase my damage is fun to me. Obviously if I did something like that, and you hit a dps trinket on a supercharge with a supply drop, I might still end up losing in damage, but at least I had fun xD
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    i agree with Crappy bot clipping needs to go away
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    Bot clipping is a cheesy exploit....plain and simple. It should be immediately abolished, IMO.
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    I love to push as many buttons as i can just like you. If it stays or if it goes its cool with me either way, but as much as i like it i know its not intended to work how we use it and i know the dev's never thought we'd be doing this kinda stuff with them lol. I figure its just a matter of time till they do something about it but right now its such small potatoes their prob not even worried about it.
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    Decided to browse the forums today to see if there's anything new and interesting, and thought I'd add my two cents to this bot-clipping thing.

    Apparently, ya'll don't remember candy-clipping. Sure candies had a shorter cooldown than bots... actually they didn't have a cooldown at all. But it was still sort of the same thing (clipping > jump-canceling). I'm still on the side of bot-clipping being an exploit cause it seems pretty unintended.

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    I'm much more interested to know what was Wulgar/Sparty talking about in your conversation there o:
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    Haha I have no idea. The video is from 2013.
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    "don't worry, this video is unlisted"...:D

    I remember you showing me that video all those years ago...goodness some of the unintended mess this game has. lol.

    P.S: I share the same opinion as Crappy. I don't care if bot clipping is fixed or not but I do think it is being utilized in an unintended manner. That being said, the devs have never out right said "That is not intended.", they have never fixed it, and it has been used for quite a while now. So yeah, after the revamp I plan on using it unless the Devs come out and say, "That is not intended." or they fix it.