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Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by supah koopa, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. supah koopa Active Member

    I know ice use to be dirty in PvP. There's been a few changes along the way that balance out the OPness (HA!) of ice DPS. i have an Ice dps PvP toon and he's not bad but I want to make a PvP heavy character that will lay waste to anyone in his path. I have no idea which power that would be. I know Nature healers or at least this one buddy of mine is nasty. His swarm ruins lives and hes also top of the damage out charts every time.

    So argue with amongst yourselves. Rip each others heads off. Tell me why you're better than the people who posted before you (with the exception of the first reply) and I'll try out any power that you can convince me is the best.
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  2. Itazuki Well-Known Member

    Sorcery healer. It's just easy.

    Nah on a serious note... For PvP... I really can't say. They all have the same ability to be used at an amazing extent. Now if you told us what type of play style you are looking for... That'd be a bit easier to suggest.
  3. supah koopa Active Member

    I'm not very defensive and I don't use range. I want a power type that I can lunge into a fight and go ham on people. Not in an AoE type of battle but take one person out one at a time but still able to survive in a group fight.
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  4. Redscreen5 Well-Known Member

    Could someone make a heavy suggestion for me ? iv'e not played for a year and am now just adjusting to immunities, i too was ice (my current) and have found it to be consistently over powered by opposition powers when in PvP. I need a suggestion so i can get decent PvP gear quickly (Im full T2) lots of pro's are telling me to spec into a mental DPS but i'd rather get more input before making the change
  5. [C4] To Your Door Active Member

    Buy coffee, red bull, cocaine - lots of it.

    Spend the next month or two in pvp - non stop, learning how it works combat rps, then role v role rps = get EXCELLENT at those 2. Learn to farm immunity.... Then compile a list of common powersets

    Then choose the obvious counter power and pvp again. You will have people in tears in no time.

    For example - the 2 healer teams for pvp is the norm, so majority of pvp dps are gadgets, mental and HL.
  6. FeelsGood Active Member

    Any of the troll power classes or tank classes would fit your playstyle
  7. Agnetta Well-Known Member

  8. Ray Active Member

    Mental ans sorcery untill its "fixed" Ghost & dog is crazy OP if you have one of each on your team.

    nature is beast with its Dots & impailing thorns

    HL if you use the shield mod that gives you health..... have 3 shield loadout & a combo that cant be blocked or interupted, Claw- Hold claw- ram-Snap- fan..... over and over
  9. ObsidianChill Well-Known Member

    Why would you want someone to tell you which is the best? That sounds pretty lazy and pathetic for a person to do that, try a powerset and make it into the best.
  10. Zeikial Well-Known Member

    Is pvp not about the player? and how good that player is with what ever power they CHOOSE
  11. Eärl Member

    Ice is freaking OP nowadays. But I still think gadgets with 1h is the best in 1v1. I'm HL and it's good too, so power doesn't matter if you are good at pvp.
  12. JTwo-FEARS New Member

    I like gadgets, and mental ;)
  13. Chungweishan Well-Known Member

    No one ever talks about what roles/powers would make a good team.
  14. JTwo-FEARS New Member

    Tank/DPS = Ice, rage*
    Troller = Mental
    Troller/DPS = HL
    Healer = Nature
    Healer/DPS = Celestial
    DPS = Rage*, gadgets
    You pick :)
  15. Talve Well-Known Member

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  16. ThePhantomTerror Active Member

    To my knowledge, ghosting and dogging doesn't work anymore in PvP.
  17. ThePhantomTerror Active Member

    Tank debuff is so useful against Ice DPS, I never have to worry about them anymore.
  18. ThePhantomTerror Active Member

    Reflect Pain is a god send in PvP.
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  19. Vinny Tireshine Well-Known Member

    Haha, old thread but the best power is now rage. Highest dps plus the highest survivability factor. Your pretty much unstoppable. Also from my testing, debuffing does not remove damage absorbtion in dps role.
  20. RageOfHeaven1990 Well-Known Member

    If you want to DPS but not be in the middle of the action, use either Nature, or Celestial in my opinion. First strategy that 95% of pvp teams use (even premades) is to take out the healer/troll first. With a ranged DPS you can sit outside the range of anyone attacking your healer/trollers and ice them before they drop your team. I find it pretty fun lol

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