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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Random Mind, Apr 22, 2023.

  1. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    I have some alts that have some Justice Tokens from the Legion of Doom episode and I was looking to exchange them for source marks. They are under the CR limit to enter the episode from the teleporter or the HoL hub, so where do I go to exchange the currency? I thought Catwoman was supposed to do the exchange now that they weren't putting the vendors in the Watchtower or the Hall of Doom, but I checked all the items she sells and I didn't see the source mark bundles. If someone could let me know where low-level characters can exchange Justice tokens for source marks, it would be appreciated.
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  2. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    Still trying to get an answer if someone has one.

  3. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Did you go look in the requisitions vendor at Doomed Washington?
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  4. Jcal Dedicated Player

    There is no exchange alternative for the latest Episodes (post Wonderverse, I believe). You have to visit the Episode vendor, therefore you must meet the minimum CR.
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  5. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    That is unfortunate, but thank you. I hope that changes.
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  6. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    As I mentioned in my first post, my alt's CR level is too low to enter the Doomed Washington episode, so yes I checked the requisitions vendor and you can exchange the marks there, but it doesn't work for toons who can't get there in the first place.
  7. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Well once you hit that CR the vendor will still be there. He's not going anywhere.
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  8. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    Yeah, I was just hoping to get the source marks sooner rather than later. Too bad there isn't a Currency Exchange Vendor in the HoL, like Penguin maybe.
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  9. FreezyPop Well-Known Player

    I hadn’t thought of that. Watchtower used to have vendors just outside the episode portals, so you could convert marks on lower alts. Shame that’s not available with the HoL change.
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  10. Limey Committed Player

    To be fair, Dark Knights' launch, and the end of Doomed Washington's accessibility by low level characters, happened on April 14th 2022. "Sooner rather than later" came and went sometime during the last year.

    Protip: if you still have the free anniversey CR skip, that'll help you cut corners on one toon.
  11. Akaiko Well-Known Player

    Actually, I believe this would be the first one that doesn't. I've been exchanging currencies by going to the Watchtower/Hall of Doom for every episode for my low level toons and even my main (though my main could just go to the open world). Legion of Doom is the first one where I couldn't find a vendor for the conversion in the Watchtower. I didn't bother looking in the Hall of Doom though.
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  12. Bloodwynd71 Level 30

    It is so easy to raise your CR to the current dlc using omnibus. I took a toon from creation to SOBA in a week back in January rather than use CR skip. So the OP complaining about getting into doomed washington is a puzzle.
  13. TI99Kitty Committed Player

    Or just run the latest episode, and farm loot boxes. Run through the instances and equip all the new gear that drops, and salvage anything you've outgrown and put the exobytes into your origin augments. If you really want to grind, do the same for all the Tier 6 content. It's ridiculously easy to level up.
  14. FreezyPop Well-Known Player

    given this is the first episode to hit EEG since Watchtower stopped hosting vendors, I really do suspect this was more an oversight than an intended change to paradigm. It may be relatively easy to get a given alt up to CR, but I can see how tedious that would be if you’re really just after the moderate stack of potential source marks you can get from converting, say, an episode worth of daily free marks on a bank toon.
  15. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    I agree with this. I have 14 characters, but only 3 at episode level. The next is at 203 and has 163 JT's, in fact I have about 900 over 6 characters. I'm not going to skip any for a little while until I get the SP and gear up a bit on my mains (for which source marks would come in handy), and while I play daily I am not as fast as people half my age - I was also on holiday in late April/early May and missed the changeover, although I knew it was coming. I've used the Watchtower before, it seems the intention to allow currency exchange is there, but not in practice for this episode.

    To everyone else, my apologies for shouting. I will probably lodge a ticket although they always ask if I've said anything on the forums first, so *shrug*
  16. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    And I know the changeover happened with Dark Knights, it's just taken a bit of time for me to become exercised over the issue. Maybe I thought they'd eventually get a round tuit, maybe I now need the marks, it shouldn't matter.
  17. inferno Loyal Player

    I wish they would just have a simple vendor exchange in the HoL. Something that tracks whatever old currency in your inventory and offers the conversion.
    Why do we have to keep going from one DLC specific vendor to find the right one? It's not a hassle if you keep up as the DLC converts but when you've been out of the loop on multiple toons; it's time consuming.
    Plus, with DLC vendors, a wrong button push and you could accidentally buy something useless for a 100 source marks.
    Plus, as the OP says when you are out of CR range it locks the dlc from use.

    Get Penguin to deal with the conversion currency; that guys feels like a Shark than a penguin.
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  18. Limey Committed Player

    So, going to different episodes every single week to run weekly bounties is no problem whatsoever, but having to go to a single episode once every 4-5 months, one time, to convert that episode's specific currency to source marks is too much of a hassle?

    That logic doesn't really track...
  19. inferno Loyal Player

    @Limey- do you have any toons you've neglected that have 3 or 5 currencies that you've forgotten where they came from? Look at our currency tab right now, there's probably over ten types of currencies listed; not including dlc currencies.

    In my situation, I filled out 32 toons at end game dlc and I've been neglecting the villain side (15 toons) for source conversion in the past 3 to 4 DLCs. Imagine each toon going to HoL go to the warp station in the middle, go to the DLC vendor, convert, warp to HoL and repeat for each currency... then multiply that 14 times. It's the warping back and forth that adds to the time spent.

    Now, imagine that there IS a currency vendor in HoL. Go to a toon, go to vendor, convert all relevant currencies. switch toons.

    If you try the exercise of warping to 3 DLC locations and back to HoL, compared to just being in HoL, you will find a large amount of your time wasted. I'd say that logic track fairly well.
    Btw - I don't go to past episodes weekly bounties, that's a waste of time for me specially on multiple toons. The moment a dlc ends, I'm done with everything it offers.
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  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I don't see any issue with them introducing a currency exchange type vendor that could be permanent. The items (JT for SM for example) exist in the game still, as you can still go get them once you do level that toon that is too low today, and just like the vendors in the DLC areas, the items would disappear once you no longer have currency to buy them, so for abandoned toons you could just go to that vendor....nothing in there? have all EEG episode currency spent, feel free to put that toon back into mothballs.

    Honestly it would almost be better to use this type of vendor as it would cut down on the chances of the 'oops' purchase as you drop from your last 1, 10 or 100 purchase into the next item and buy that item by mistake, if clicking too fast or the game lags for a second and you press X an extra time as the screen catches up. Worst case you'd just buy the next conversion token for another case you'd buy nothing as the vendor would empty out.'s been a month since starting this post. That toon could have been at level 20 and gotten to the CR able to get into LOD by this point just by running the current event content or some omni solos and applying drop gear. While the vendor would be easy, 'quick' past about 4 weeks ago. QOL request...sure. As a means to an end to get your SM off that toon? CR climb is already the 'fix' for that.