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    i just wanna know why crit dmg numbers are not consistent

    Im not talking about how often i crit, but the actual fluctuating crit numbers. im using transformation card like basically every1 else, an i do crit more often but i just dont understand the fluctuations. example is, say im in VMF fighting Lex, im atomic so i do my combos clip with the nuke power (terrible with names) it crits like 53k, i gointo a 2nd rotation hit it again it crits for like 47k, if there is a difference in def i can understnad varying numbers, but when its the same enemy, not spliting dmg, this is all on 1 target, im just confused as to why it fluctuates, also this does not include a troll with their buffs or debuffs, i see things like this enven in the solo

    the crit stats dont say magnitude "up to" X amount, it just states the magnitude number
  2. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Powers and Weapons have a base damage range from lowest X to highest Y without crits. Like in 30 to 54 base damage (just random numbers for the example).

    Your "crits" see a set number between X and Y and apply the crit multiplier to it. So your power can Crit for 30 base damage with the crit multiplier and for 54 with the crit multiplier and anything in between, too.
  3. Berza Committed Player

    Because each attack has a damage range, as if attack A deals a damage that goes from 9000 to 11000, so you can a crot based on 9000, or based on 11000, or based on 10500. I hope I had myself clear enough.
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