Credit where credit is due!!!

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  1. Cold Fusion Well-Known Player

    The devs have clearly read all the posts...

    They took another look at things form our point of view and addressed or acted on most of the issues.

    Great job Devs.... I am pleasantly surprised by the quick turn around and give props for the effort.

    I WILL resub now that I'm more confident that y'all will continue to improve the player experience and not just be married to a specific idea no matter what.

    I realize that it's to late to implement a more meaningful progression system at this moment in this episode so I will trust you when you say you will fix that in the next episode... That acknowledgement was very helpful so thank you.

    Between your current efforts now and the coming revamp I'm optimistic this game can be better than ever...

    If you would please consider one more thing though that would greatly fix things right now and please seriously crunch the #'s and see our point of view.

    Elite Content issues.

    The renown system doesn't work because you only get to run elite every 2 weeks to get renown... So this episode for 3 months x2 raids that's a total of 12 raids.

    That doesn't unlock all the best gear in the episode yet... So what are we supposed to do? Wait and stack marks for more than 3 months before you get the whole Set at the beginning of the new content when it won't do us much good?

    Having to reset the content every other week so you can have a challenging experience with rewards isn't right. Not to mention if your league mate/Friend doesn't have the CP it creates problems.

    Y'all should take out the progress points add more renown per run and have more pieces of gear unlock at different tiers of renown progress.
    Like head, shoulder and waist unlock at renown tier A ... Hands, Legs and feet unlock at renown tier B and so on if y'all want to regulate elite gear progress still...

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. IamINC Dedicated Player

    I can't praise the Devs enough for the way they have handled this , and the level of communication has been decent a s well.

    Really could get on board with this.
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  3. Elusian Crowd Control

    Yeah the elite renown is definately a contradiction to changes and how long the content should last and the way its handled with its only every 2 weeks and on top being cut down to 300 per raid
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  4. Doc.Doom15 Committed Player

    Yup - fully agree. Nothing but praise from me. Listening to the community is what brings in the $$$. I might even sub :D
  5. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Amen to this, You gotta give DBG credit for completely turning the table around.
    Time Capsules-Improved with the latest ones.

    Content- Took a while, but it's enjoyable and you're gonna get more content coming september.

    Plus we still have The Stats-revamp on it's way.

    Now if only DBG can touch upon PVP one of these days.
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  6. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    I will add my praise here as well. Frankly I was thinking about quitting and finding a new game when those last changes took place.. Not just because of them but let's not get into negatives right now. the Dev's saw how many of us disliked the changes and gave us back what many of us were praising them for only a few days before that bomb shell dropped.

    Nice to know they are listening and do care what we think,


    A well deserved round of applause.
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  7. MaverickRaven657 Well-Known Player

    I'm glad the devs did the changes, but I'm actually happier I'm seeing a thread like this. I'm not knocking anyone at all, it's just that for a long time, the average player that was posting here was very contentious towards almost everything the devs did.

    Kudos devs, and kudos to the forum users that have definitely demonstrated intellectual honesty.
  8. Zlohsac Committed Player

    This. It's the only thing that'll get me to come back at this point. But i'm not super confident that'll ever happen.
  9. light FX Steadfast Player

    Yea this needs to be changed. 300 renown per raid atm. So 1200 a month right. In 3 months thats 3600. And if im not mistaken the max is 6500. So ya get to about the midway point w/out replays. Funny how many of the better vet players want elite gear to mean something because its hard to get cause the content is actually elite and difficult. It shouldnt be hard to get cause ya need a bunch of replays :p;)

    The change was good but some things werent adjusted accordingly with the change. Elite renown and crafting being the main 2 things.
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  10. Greenchain Well-Known Player

    Was not happy with the Renown system with AF3 and then get past the first boss of JFAE and was like WTTTTTTFFFFFF??? Ok, maybe they adjusted the total amount like they did with the gear costs. NOPE!!!

    Apart from League runs (which are mainly done for feats) I was able to get through GOMe ONCE and OLYe twice. I still maxed out the AF3 meter but used (not the word I want) away a fair amount of RB's. Which is of course the whole idea. I knew it when I was doing and yet did it anyway. Spending two hours on Zeus, going through 3 healers and the blame game.... yeah not so much in my fun category.

    Up the reward back to 200/200/400 or drop the tiers by at least 25%. If I dont get the 4 Elite pieces I need with this content, well I'll live till Revamp comes out.
  11. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    If we are talking revamps, let's just get rid of the renoun system anyway. To me, running elite should not unlock the opportunity to buy vendor gear. If the raid is worth it, then the drops should be worth it. Getting renoun in a few weeks or couple months will end the same way. Saving marks for vendor gear. I'm all for vendor gear, but elite gear should drop in elite content. If not this, then some kind of special reward for beating what's supposed to be the hardest content in the game. Just getting renoun to buy more gear from the vendor doesn't make me want to do elite. Especially with the affinities we currently have. If we knew more about the home turf changes and if they will be worth the effort, maybe I'd reconsider. Currently, I'd rather worth on alts to have more powers to try after the revamp. I have no interest in a very small bonus of might or precision. My main has over 10k precision. I just can't understand why some of you spend hours for that little of a bonus, which current doesn't matter.

    I am extremely happy with all of the current and planned changes.
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  12. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    I still don't know why they don't make elite gear be crafted from the vendor gear using something that drops from the elite bosses to upgrade.
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  13. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    So.... Does that mean ChillCats "vendor prices were fine before" thread is now void?
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  14. calvin_0 Dedicated Player

    finally they did something right for once... now AoJ is fun again XD
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  15. Kharhaz Committed Player

  16. Cold Fusion Well-Known Player

    Not sure what you mean... Care to elaborate?

    Who said the vendor prices were fine before?
  17. Mazahs Loyal Player

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  18. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    Good to have you back please don't do that again lol......
  19. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player

    I know you guys are talking AoJ and episode content but I also like what I see on Revamp 1.7 I really like what I read over there. Cant wait for it to go live.
  20. stärnbock Devoted Player