Credit card expired and updated but no Legendary.

Discussion in 'PC Account Support' started by Lonn Jordan, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Lonn Jordan New Player

    My credit card on file expired and naturally Legendary status stopped. When I noticed this I updated my credit card. Why did my Legendary not auto renew? I got an email saying I purchased All Access Recurring membership for 29.25 but didn't get billed and not legendary.
    I tried the support website but all it did was email me back asking for a reply. A reply to what?
    Then i get prompted to sign up for legendary which the price is 10 dollars more every 3 months than I was paying.
  2. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Everyone else who has posted about losing that 3/$30 deal due to a card expiring or whatever has not been able to get the deal back. I have a feeling you will be in the same boat because that special price is not available right now.
  3. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    The 30 $ discounted AllAccess membership does not carry over into the next cycle. This was clearly written in the announcemet. If you are in doubt, read the announcement again.

    If the he payment failed, you must contact the support and get the payment done somehow or your account will be suspended until you do.