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  1. DC Urban Committed Player

    Odds you ppl get non-human pieces in the next TC is what it comes down to. I dont think ur odds are very high base on their history of non-human pieces. Birds 2011 > werewolf 2015 > crab > 2016 then the halloween beast stuff in 2016 that the correct order? Where the alien head mp item in the shop from the get go?
  2. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Bottom-line, getting a non-human look all comes down to your personal level of creativity, and your ability to first visualize, and then realize, your character with styles that exist in-game.

    I set a goal for myself to create an extraterrestrial member of the Green Lantern Corps, with the ultimate goal being to make him an alien "Dragon-man". Here's what I have so far:


    Still on the Style List for him, and yet to be obtained, is the Ultra Rare Demon's Tail Waist Style that only shows up in Promethium Lockbox drops once in a Blue-Purple Moon.

    And eventually, I'll have to obtain the Aegis of Azaroth (Or is it Azarath? Frak if I know which spelling's correct. :confused:) Foot Style for him.

    There's actually several Skins available at Character Creation that give a satisfyingly non-human look, if people would actually use them! The Rock, Plant, Demon, Reptile, Crystalline, Lava... those Skins come to mind immediately, just off the top of my head! ;)
  3. DC Urban Committed Player

    Every skin in the game is human like. they all resemble humans very closely. Creating non-human or exotic characters are impossible in this game. the game is missing too many non-human parts so non-human characters will have an incomplete look to them. they are missing many human parts too.

    I find it difficult to create human ppl like Ryu so non-human guys are out of the question. I seen some Ryu but they all look incomplete because too many parts are missing. that doesn't stop ppl from trying but I have not seen a single replica character that looks complete unless it is the hulk or luke cage something very simple not exotic.

    creativity cannot help us here we are lacking too many parts. everything looks like a human because the skins are human like. nobody can create a lion here even tho the skin is available. ppl cannot create a reptile even tho the skin is named reptile. you can create humans that resemble lions or reptiles tho but nothing that looks like a true exotic creature.

    let me give you an example

    your choices for beast like lower body are a mech, bird, and horse that is it. so every beast like creature must use mech, bird, horse or those funny looking bird aegis legs.
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  4. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Managed to get the Demon Tail the other day >_>
  5. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Every body type is humanoid, definitely. The skins? Not so much. After all, I don't know all that many folks covered in scales, or having skin that looks like a type of crystal. ;)
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  6. DC Urban Committed Player

    I dont know many ppl with capes flying around shooting heat from their eyes.

    Or ppl blasted one another with their rings.

    Are we talking real life or the game?

    In gaming terminology, skins can refer to character models.

    body models are fine, the proportion, but the detail of the skins look like Halloween makeup.
    Our skins or body models whichever one you prefer look like this. just add lava makeup or some cat ears, tail and makeup which ever you prefer.
  7. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    Humanoid face is enough for me, if you have the majority physical traits of a human then you genetically link to that species, like Kryptonians, most if not all look human but they are not from earth, it is much more than just scales on your skin making you non human.
  8. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    Mystique is clearly linked to the human gene based off her features, she has the same skull shape as humans, her skin being different from most does not make her less linked to the people of earth, based off her ability to transform I would say shes the first human lol.
  9. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    If anything, she's like the offspring of a human that mated with a cuttlefish, lol! If you don't know about the cuttlefish and its chameleonic abilities, you need to watch more nature documentaries! ;)
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  10. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    Mystique's not camouflage though, she can shapeshift at will cuttles can't, they shape or color change by the force of nature, lol.
  11. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    They actually have the ability to rapidly change the surface shape and texture of their skin, as well as the colors and patterns. They can even rapidly "animate" the pattern, causing a disorienting effect. There are other species of octopus and squid that have similar capabilities, but the cuttlefish's abilities are by far the most advanced, and the closest thing to Mystique and other "shape-shifters" that has been found to exist In Real Life. :cool:
  12. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    Please tell me they can turn into sharks, I know they similar to mystique, but I don't see camouflage as shapeshift, it's more of a form of adaptability, and the cuttles just have superior camouflage skills than the others but I guess you right, I just always seen them as different.
  13. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    Some of my nonhuman armories ...
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  14. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Now you've got me wondering what would happen if you paired the Satyr Leg Style...


    ...with the Werewolf Foot Style? I wonder if anyone's ever tried that to see how it looks? :confused:
  15. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Weird how that picture changed from an AWESOME Albino "Were-Lion" warrior, to a picture of keys for a Honda! :rolleyes:
  16. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    I agree with you, but I believe that the idea here was precisely to give you the freedom to use your feet and hands in any style of clothing that we want!
    If it was the way you showed it would be like the goatfoot we have. Which is a complete leg, and we can not use anything other than a belt ...
    It would be more feasible in the future to come out new styles of legs and arms so we can customize our characters as we want ...
    Even a great request for the market ...;)
  17. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    And those Halloween Event Styles were intended to be used primarily with the Wolf Skin for the best look:

  18. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Started having Zoom wear the were-wolf feet instead of bare-feet, haven't considered the hands as her fur pattern doesn't match up

    The nice DEV explained why they had the hands and feet cut off where they do, problem is, you do have some gloves that extend up to and beyond the elbow, and some that just go halfway up the forearm, and the problem with the were-wolf hands and feet is that they do cut-off, they don't 'blend in' with the leg or arm, so unless you are wearing long pants or sleeves it looks awkward
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  19. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    Exactly! It's even what I always use, she or the fox!
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  20. Sugr Bear Committed Player

    Sorry for the necro, but I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this head style. I'm looking to get it for a new alt, anyone know?