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    dcuo headgear replaces the default head so layering is not a problem. There are many enemy body parts scattered throughout the game we players could really use to replace our current heads.

    I dont know about a lot of animals but a bird may be possible, although hard. I would like to see some players make a exotic bird or rhino, maybe give other players some ideas. Animals seem weird in a superhero title tho.
  2. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Haasts is actually based on a real bird (the "Haast's Eagle", look it up, and be thankful it's extinct), and very slowly converting her into a more bird-like creature, near impossible at low levels (the closest she's gotten with the feet so far are the Egyptian, and the Thanagarian head doesn't quite fit with the overall look want for her)
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    But you have players saying that simple skins aren't enough, at the very least hinting at more body types, specifically non-human ones.

    This is what the starting races available in Star Wars Galaxies looked like.


    Then later on came the Ithorians.


    When the Ithorians were added, they had to add all new clothing and armor just for them because none of the existing clothing worked on that character model.

    Adding in a new body type could very well mean the devs having to change or adjust all the existing gear so that it does work with the new body type (and possibly pass DC's approval process) or make special gear just for them to wear. Either way that's a LOT of extra work with no guarantee of it being worth it (Ithorians weren't exactly an alien race players flocked to in SWG LOL).
  4. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    I usually have nothing to say about this game on that behalf that's positive, so I'll just say inb4 a daybreak dev or player breaks down the impossibility of exoticness in this game.
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    Hello everyone,

    You can get the Harpie legs from Gotham Under Siege, I think it's from a collection, sorry I can't remember.
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    Maybe not a 'popular' race (personally had two of them, near-identical twin crafters: one weapon and the other droid, housing was a cheap and lazy way to get max level and then switch to droid or weapons), they shared the same body shape as the squids, the difference was the feet, and they did have one thing that set them apart from the walking smelly carpets: they could wear more than just a hood, shoulders and a satchel-bag (still wasn't happy that Imperial Wookie spy was allowed to wear her TIE-Fighter helmet :()

    The main request for this thread is to have more alien heads that are easier to obtain, possibly even as a startup, can keep the same humanoid body, just let us create a non-human character from he get-go
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    Yeah, have seen those, but Haasts is only 36, and haven't even finished her pre-30 missions (stuck on Isis)
  8. Echo Blue Committed Player

    Hello everyone,
    Okay, I'll bite. While I'm not really sure what you mean by the "impossibility of exoticness." If you're referring to machines or aliens, then yea, it's pretty limited. But I would argue that the premise of the entire story is that the humans of earth were granted the powers, contained in the exobytes, and not the physical characteristics, features, or traits of the future heroes and villains.
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    That might hold more water than a leaky sieve if you didn't have Glowing, Crystalline or Lava skin, those certainly seem to be 'physical characteristics' to me
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  10. DC Urban Committed Player

    Notice how every skin closely resembles a human being. This was done for a reason

    if you want non-human exoticness, this is the wrong game. ppl see how it is a superhero title so assume dcuo would have evolved on what city of heroes or champions online provided




    this game is meant for players to create heroes inspired by dc comic characters not animals or aliens.
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  11. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Okay, so guessing Cheetah or that stupid Rage Kitty don't count, or any of the other Lantern characters?
    Personally not talking about making centaurs or tentacle monsters (those are for a 'special' type of game ;) ), but aliens like Atrocitus or Larf or one of the dozens of Green and Yellow lanterns that are beating the spectrum out of each other in Metropolis: they have the same body shape as hyu-mons, but have distinctly non-hyu-mon heads
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  12. DC Urban Committed Player

    Our skins do not look like Cheetah tho. look at her and you will notice differences. We can never create something like her. Larfleeze
    heads can be added as a head piece. Imagine the money those TC would rake in.
  13. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Heck, Cheetah doesn't even look like a real cheetah, she doesn't even have spots!
    Had to 'cheat' with Zoom by giving her the Metalhead face and (poorly) imitating the 'cheetah tears'

    The point was, there are animal and alien characters in the DC Comics
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  14. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    Why am I always ending up correcting your posts about SWG lol? You forgot the Sullustans being added:


    They also came with totally new customizable head options.

    And you're welcome :D

    It is sorta sad that DCUO is developed after SWG and way more limited in body customization than SWG was. Especially considering it's the same company behind both games....
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    Nuff said.
  16. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    Lol yup.
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    These devs has made it so if they wanted to add a new body type they would have to remake all existing costumes for that body lmao, and using your statement if that was the case than why do we have ice elemental, or appearance altered trinkets or even rhino heads, if the exobytes effect us to only use powers, the genes also control how we look "dna" Kryptonians and Martians could have been into exobytes just as much as having mental or earth powers.
  18. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    I didn't forget about them, I just ignored them. LOL Sullustans were able to use a vast majority of the existing clothing/armor in the game because their body style was more or less the same as the other humanoid races. They didn't have to have all new clothing and armor made just for them so I left them out of the example.

    As for the differences in body customization I can understand the frustration, but I've always looked at it as a matter of adhering to a particular aesthetic. Whether it's the characters or the environment, there's a very heavy Jim Lee influence in how the game looks and allowing more body customization options (like part sliders) could be something that would throw off the overall look of the game.

    There's likely some room for improvement in body customization, but I think it can only go so far so that the characters don't end up looking like they don't belong in the game.
  19. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Unfortunately there are two reasons why we don't get even varied body types (ie Fat or Skinny.) is due to the limitations they created for customization. They admitted just adding new styles to the game takes a lot of work. As they have to make it work for every build and weapon they already have.
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  20. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    You also forgot that they tweaked a lot of the species restrictions for clothing and armor later on. Besides that, when the Ithorians were added, they already had experience with clothes for just one species since most of the Wookiee gear was restricted to Wookiees as well, except for the belts with were mostly shared with other species. IIRC, those belts worked with the Ithorians, too.

    As for DCUO and the design: lots of the early armor and weapon styles were very bulky and out of scale (still are but most people don't use them anymore :D) so there was a lot of stuff that looked like "not belonging in the game" around. Sliders on body parts don't necessarily have that effect ;) Anyway we all know that the PS3 was one of the reason why body types were cut from the game, but those styles all looked as human as well, and not very helpful when trying to create a non-human toon.

    One of the most useful styles I found when building non-humans are the Aegis of Azarath feet:


    It was the first style that changed the leg/feet anatomy away from a typical human build. The styles (and some later following styles as well) turns your character to a digitigrade, away from the human typical plantigrade. We do have way to few of these styles in the game.

    Also, there are quite some non-human species in DC lore we should have at hand, like the 4 armed body type (some Lanterns - and admitted, Marvel has more 4 armed heroes and villains) and we don't even have an option to use a furred skin type without any type of tail (and maybe just with pointy ears instead of a full animal head) as a base to work on. Top of that, the fur patterns cannot be properly colored due to the strripes/dot being set to full black by default. And the reptile skin is only coming without a tail, and a large reptile head is still missing too. While other body types may kill the PS3, the other ones are just additional style options that could be easily added to the game - but the devs probably haven't thought of a fitting TC theme yet ;)
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