Creates a severe punishment for dps who attack before the tank!

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    Uh, so your statement in the original post I replied to? You know where you deflected off the OPs topic to talk about all the tanks you see sitting still, then have to kick? You didn't make it about your personal experience?
    You also then made some weird personal assumption about time playing the game(or MMOs in general)? So....again, who started that?
    So yes, I'm saying in YOU run omnis or random queues, so YOU are making your own issues. And yes, I'm assuming YOU are in Omnis....because if YOU are having to repeatedly kick people from groups YOU are putting together on purpose, well....I guess all that MMO experience hasn't helped YOU all that much. I don't personally see this that much because, well I avoid random groups. I DO see the OP's original subject, DPSs who rush past the tank, in put-together groups all the yeah, that's more the topic here....not omni/random being a shoot-show.

    And I have no issues with people having different experiences or opinions on the game....Honestly I'd say I have had exactly the same experience as you when it comes to Omnis and roles not doing their 'job'. (I said as much in my first reply)
    But I'm also not going to come in here and ask for something to be done about it. I know what to do about it....I just don't run omnis/blind queue any more than I absolutely need to. Omni w blind queue works exactly as designed....terribly. Play at your own risk.

    BTW....Merry Christmas to you as well.
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    Interesting to compare comments in this thread to the ones in the threads about tanks pulling adds down hallways (and away from dps) too quickly.
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    When I Tank I don't run ahead drawing aggro on everything possible at superspeed and then try beat them by myself before anyone else can show up; a reoccurring theme with many a Tank. Every role has people playing however they want to play ignoring the rest the group. I have no problem with anyone venting about DPS, Controllers, Healers. or Tanks as long as people don't get touchy when someone also vents about their favorite role to play.

    I notice some take any criticism about their favorite "Insert Whatever" a bit to personally. As if a video game was an extension of them as a person. I have as many issues with scoreboard chasers as Tanks not Tanking, and Healers not healing. Truth be told at least a DPS scoreboard chaser is doing there job in dealing the damage. When I Tank, Controller, and Heal role I want DPS to lay down as much firepower as possible. I want their damage score way higher than mine.