Creates a severe punishment for dps who attack before the tank!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Aduzar Light, Oct 6, 2021.

  1. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    Someone made a thread about the shortage of Tanks recently. This thread should be a reference as to why, lol.
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  2. AGGUSTEN Well-Known Player

    LOL, this thread is the funniest thing I read today xDxd
    those in a hurry leave the group behind has happened to me as a healer, which is not good for them Jjajaaj
  3. metal1ix Well-Known Player

    Ah yes. The typical Tortoise and Hare race and then there's time feats that people want to go for in those specific spots.

    Now as far as that goes, go too low and party gets punished. Go too fast and party still gets punished.
    Then it becomes a blame game and then a constant war breaks out, where people wonder why there's too many Damage players and not enough Tank players. I think the ratio of every power can become damage, while as 5 power sets are locked to tanks.

    5 to 15. 1:3. Doesn't sound like a good ratio if you ask me.

    Virtually no explanations help either.

    So who would win? A speedrunner in the damage role, or the slowest tank on the face of the planet?
    Truthfully, no one wins, and instead they're charged money with each defeat, with one stacked on top of each other being a big repair bill along with hearing the name Leroy Jenkins each time they get knocked out.
  4. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

    I see DPS get one shot or two shot all the time for rushing in.
    It's rare to even see a Tank.
    I see Tanks rarely doing there job constantly. Standing and refusing to engage, waiting at the beginning for five to ten minutes till we boot them, the most common is they can't Tank at all and have no Tank build then get killed within seconds and to be polite we will restart over and over offering polite suggestions they ignore. etc. etc. etc.
    Wanna punish DPS then what punishment for Tanks?
    If you don't run in and start tanking you get immediately booted or one shot?
    If you waste the other players time your banned for a day?
    If your role is Tank and you can't tank because you don't have a tank build you lose are the rewards and everyone else gets them?
    Or is this just some one sided opinionated stuff because other people dare play how they want too and not how you want them to play? I wish healers would actually heal and yet that seems to be rare as well. I play all the roles so have very little dog in this fight (miniature Chihuahua to be specific).

    My Tank
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  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    In Omnis maybe, but in any assembled groups, I've yet to see a tank who was so stagnant they needed to be kicked. Bad...yes, but no one is saying you can't be bad at your least a few times. Just sitting there? No gear? Nah. Not buying it. Omnis, yeah....those are a shoot show, but for any number of reasons. I don't think the OP or topic was about bad players in Omnis. That's a whole different subject.

    Personally, except in a feat run, or where a DPS charging in will keep us in there a LOT longer, if I'm tanking, and they want to run ahead of me, I let them. I will just step over their body and control the adds who killed them so someone else can pick them up and we can get back to work. I'll also say that I've been that DPS and charged ahead if the tank stops short. In that case it's an accident and I take what I get...which is normally a KO. There is a difference between chronic behavior and an 'oopsie' moment.
  6. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Ironic, I do the same on both of my healers, except I don't necessarily stay in the back, I stay near enough to the tank until the tank lunges into battle. Should a dps go beforehand, I let him die. As a tank, if a dps jumps in front of me, I likewise let him die by not taunting.
  7. DCLegend83 Level 30

    There is a very easy solution to this. Tank Attack first. I just don't get it. what are you standing around for?

    Now granted is a DPS is just running ahead like crazy then yes I am with you on the point. but if a Tank while in the room stand around for more then 5 second without any communication, then DPS will start the fight. Not everyone has all the time in the world to sit around playing games.
  8. Smashbang Wallop Well-Known Player

    It's absolutely fine as it is.

    If DPS can engage and kill adds/bosses without issue, there is no issue. If DPS attack and die, ther's the kick option if you're really that enraged.

    I've seen terrible DPS, I've seen terrible tanks, I've seen terrible trolls and healers. Do we make a thread to punish every class?
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  9. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    so, where's all this happening, then? because the only place I've seen this happen is in pug groups. want to avoid it happening to you? form your own groups. you pug, you get what you're given. not everyone's super smashing awesome great at this game. some are downright terrible. & if you don't want to be stuck in an alert or raid with those people, you should form your own groups. problems all gone. there's no need for any extra penalties or punishments. it works fine as it is. form your own groups.
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  10. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    PC user, I found that if I go to settings/gameplay: enable role optional alert... turn on, press accept. Turn off, press accept. I get put in a group with roles willing to do the TOWW alert. well, it worked once. yesterday. All prior times i have enable role optional alert disabled and wind up with an all DPS group.

    Meanwhile... BREAKING NEWS FROM 2012! DPSuniverse is full of DPS button mashers.
  11. Hurtyman Active Player

    The problem with DPSes jumping the tank is to punish them, you have to punish the whole group by making things harder for everyone. Nine times out of ten, you can't yell at them because they're not on mic, and don't pay attention to chat, and it doesn't do any good anyway. What I do on my tank is pull as many adds as I can as far as I can away from the offending damage farmer. If they can't hit, they can't do their precious damage.
    If they're still damage farming by doing things like getting between me and the boss, I sure hope they can pop a shield or two because I'm too busy trying to keep the enemy aggro'd and facing away from the group to pick up some dunce.
  12. Lovora Liaht Well-Known Player

    Yes. That solved many DPS problems in the old days. XD
    It's almost equivalent to watching a child burn their hand on a stove in a way...but not really. LOL
    Anyway, the DPS will keep getting smacked until they learn to slow down and wait for the Tank to initiate combat.
    I kinda enjoyed watching a DPS player slowly learn this lesson over the course of a raid. LOL!
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  13. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

    Obviously if I assemble a group everyone does there part because we know each other. If it's Omni, Alert, etc. where you are not handpicking then it's a free for all and you hope you get a good group.

    As for this comment of yours: "Just sitting there? No gear? Nah. Not buying it." - You seem a bit touchy there, no one was taking shots at you. Relax, don't take it personally. Your game experience real or imagined is not everyone else's experience. And for the love of goodness don't take this reply as some attack either.

    I might have been playing a lot longer then you since I have been in groups where we had to boot healers, tanks, dps, and controllers off and on for years, it just comes with many MMO's. My guild mates all have it happen as well so not just me. Tanks that are barely able to tank has been pretty standard since the stat clamp as has healers that barely heal. I frequently role switch to pick up one or the other so the group can finish content these players just are not ready for running yet but there they are anyway so make the best of it. Anyway, cheers.

    Here's a cute gif.

  14. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    This is a "solution" in search of an actual problem.
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  15. Wallachia Loyal Player

    When a DPS rushes too much and I am the tank, I just don't move until he is dead, then I will engage the adds. But I won't go to chat and tell people what speed they have to play, I am not their mother. I only believe a DPs is rushing when he goes alone without waiting for the group to finish.
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  16. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    I mean usually that punishment is, factually, dying...
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  17. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

  18. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Who took it as an attack? I was neither offended or took that as some sort of shot. Not even sure why you'd take that from my reply? I was just doubting the validity of the complaint...other than in Omnis (which is why I Omni as little as possible). If you decide to run Omnis, that's on you if you get a bad draw for roles. Everyone knew we were going to have this issue when it was decided to put a clamp in and 'instance roulette' was introduced. Not sure where you stood on the subject, but I was vocally against it, so Omni/Clamp runs can burn for all I'd care. I'll sit on my high horse and say ' shocking'.

    It actually seems a bit like you were the one offended by someone calling out DPSes who blindly fly forward to overtake the tank (you know....scoreboard chasers) that you had to deflect with your 'oh yeah....what about bad tanks...huh?' train of thought. Personally If I get in an Omni with someone who isn't doing the role assigned, I'll either switch and do it for them, or I'll leave If I can't on that toon (like if we need a heal but I'm Quantum, Ice....etc). I'm only doing Omni for the reward box, so I'll queue again 60 seconds later...way before the 5 min kick lockout is over. Feel free to bang your head against the wall all you want, but that's on you.

    And what anyone's time playing has to do anything with it? Not sure, but that was kind of a weird flex too.'s been going on for years, but again....with random queues. Not sure that was the point of the original topic.

    But.....that was a cute kudos on that.
  19. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Well-Known Player

    One thing I noticed is everyone is super speed and to the don't realize is the tank is always the last out of combat.I tank in every mmo and I have had the same rule if you start the fight you finish it cause I am not saving you. As a tank I move fast and I am always pulling multiple set of adds so you shouldn't be trying to run ahead anyways but if you do i will let you die every I don't have to move at your pace I am the tank and you can be replace by 10 other dps shouting in lfg.
  20. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

    Nah, it seems you are taking something personally. You made a lot of "you" stanements and brought upo nonsensical stuff that had zero to do with my posts (basically you just kept making wild assumptions which is never a good idea). I made a point of pointing out everything was fine and yet here you are trying to transfer that to me. It's all good no one is trying to offend you. Not sure why you keep trying to get personal other maybe you don't like others having different experiences and opinions but that's on you. Maybe you read the wrong post and then replied to mine. No worries. You have a good one and Happy Holidays.