Creates a severe punishment for dps who attack before the tank!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Aduzar Light, Oct 6, 2021.

  1. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    Uhm, as a tank YOU can make that punishment by NOT following thru.
  2. Dene Prince Loyal Player

    the "le confused" was just perfect
  3. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    Get rid of the scorecard and problem solved
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  4. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    How about the punishment is the over zealous dps gets ok’d and has to wait for someone to mercifully revive them. We don’t need any other mechanism introduced into the game to punish players. Let the ones in the Alert / Raid chastise that particular dps and leave it at that.
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  5. ColdFuzion Well-Known Player

    I had the privilege of being around players that allowed me to make mistakes and learn from them whilst tanking.

    These days it's very difficult to tank because of the consistent toxicity towards mistakes and it puts players off trying to enjoy that particular role - It's not about learning but surrounding yourself with players who encourage you and are very patient.

    The best people to be around do not have to be at the top of the game i.e. finishing elite, SP and artefacts etc etc.
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  6. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    A few friends and I have a cure for those DPS types who always want to crawl up the tank's butt during a fight... Mass Shadow Concoction. "Oops! I thought those were Chrono Emitters!"
  7. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    I've been Tanking for a while now and I couldn't agree more that people who run ahead and attack adds or the boss before a Tank should get KTFO by a one-shot. When I see DPSes do that, I let them go ahead and meet their maker.

    As for the speed at which Tanks decide to progress, they're the ones (with healers) who take the brunt of the responsibilities. If the Tank wants to go at his own pace, let him be. It's not a race so if I want to look at my loot, I'll do it. It's not like there's an abundance of support roles in this game so I feel like we should kick them some slack. The idea that everything has to be a speed-run when most of the content is already ridiculously short is really funny, sometimes I like to relax, enjoy the game and run stuff at a slower pace.
  8. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    It’s not about speed running. There are some genuinely slow tanks out there. I once had a raid group where the tank kept stopping before every had for almost 2 minutes between all groups of adds. And it was regular in the Atlantis raid. And the groups of adds are close enough to pull together yet they pulled one group at at time pausing before every group.

    It’s one thing to wait for the tank which dps should. But wow sometimes it’s hard to believe that they aren’t trolling.
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  9. Physique Dedicated Player

    I use Mass Shadow Concoctions occasionally to get rid of the rushers, crowders, and scorecard chasers. It's pretty simple stuff, too.
    I'll go into the room, pull / taunt all the adds to where I and said rusher, crowder, or scorecard chaser are, then pop a Mass Shadow Concoction consumable and walk out leaving whoever is at ground zero to die a gruesome death.

    I don't typically do it just to be mean but because and understand that certain instances should be run at pace. However, when people are already having a hard time keeping up or the content dictates a slower pace, I'll ask said people to slow up a bit and lag a bit behind myself when I'm tanking.

    I give a warning. If that warning isn't heeded, then I will simply kill them using the manner described above. No apologies, no excuses. Some people forget that alerts and raids are more a team endeavor than a drag race sprint to the finish and the difference in time to finish is oftentimes down to a matter of a few minutes or even seconds just by showing a bit of patience, in my opinion.

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  10. ALB Dedicated Player

    It's more about the SS exploit that's been around for the last 2 years no one talk about. If you're a acrobat tank, this always happens. Sometimes it's just tanks trying to dictate the pace of the raid. Not the dps. Letting teammates just die is just toxic behavior
  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'm a bit more lax on this as sometimes it's me doing it. If it's chronic like every fight, yeah, it's on purpose....sit back, watch them die. Sometimes I'll put 'Oh, I thought I was bad' or something in chat.

    That having been said, if the group (including tank) is moving along at a good clip, I try to stay right on his heels. On occasion, if the tank stops short...well I might get first hit. Sometimes It costs me a knockout, but I'm pretty resilient, so I'll heal or shield and roll back and normally get away with it. Again, this is when things are flowing along and suddenly change...this is not when we are standing there waiting for someone and 'I just gots to get my hits in'...yeah, that's not generally a good move. On the occasions it's me, I'll take my lumps and respawn.

    I don't think they need to program anything new in....90% of the time the problem resolves itself when the guy wipes.

    I actually find it more annoying when a tank or anyone starts the fight when there are people still outside the room. This happens a lot in stuff like IS where 'skip adds' might have someone stuck behind in 'slow' mode...or is pinned in by adds and can't hit the door button. Also in rooms where the door to 'trigger' point is very close, yet they feel the need to tip toe closer and closer or repeatedly throw 'shots' into the room (DWF) and eventually get a few people into the fight when someone else is out still. Yeah it's unintentional maybe, but " bad", doesn't make it any less annoying to wipe, respawn, repair and head back to the door a few times because you need to practice your swing a few 100 x or want to be 1 foot closer when the boss starts.

    They are both annoying, but in one case the only one getting killed most times is the guy going in the other, 2-6 people might be getting killed along with if the healer is locked out.
  12. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    Yeah, I will rush ahead of the tank sometimes, but if I die....thats on me and I blame no one but me, shrug and move on.

    However, their is a reason why their is a constant chase to be top of the scorecard. Their is a random prize for being top of the scorecard, but you don't get it every time of course. But when you do get the prize its truly glorious. Mepps puts a message in the game's MOTD congratulating you. You get a super duper rare piece of SUPER OP gear, which of course is better than the peasant stuff. And you even get a signed plaque from the developer team congratulating you. I have 2 or 3 of these plaques, but thats neither here nor there.
  13. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    Again it's hard to know if anything is going on IRL for them and they have to step away a bit. They might also be catching their breath and what not. Also, DCUO is very different in terms of Tanking than other MMOs, maybe those Tanks are just used to playing a different style of Tanking.

    I don't know about now but back in my days of Tanking in WoW, pulling multiple groups of adds could lead to a wipe. You had to be careful with your pulls. It's something I had to adjust to when I switched to DCUO.
  14. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    What an interesting thread. First, for anyone who is learning or new to tanking, do everyone a favor -- especially yourself -- and just say "First time doing this, sorry if I go slow". If people have a problem with it, they'll leave, or get themselves killed, but either way people know what to expect. (this works as any role, actually...)

    For everyone else, isn't the point to kill everything ASAP, as a team? If a DPS gets there first, I'm going to start by doing my best to pull off of them, and then tank regularly. If I get there first, I'm going to pull and tank regularly. If an ad spawns in the back, I'm going to do my best to pull off of whichever group member it attacks, and then tank regularly. In all cases, I get there as fast as I can, then tank regularly. What's the point of all the other options? Does anyone really think they're going "teach that naughty DPS a lesson!" cause like...

    I don't understand the fuss over people making first contact. Everyone should be moving along and doing their role regardless of who is there 0.3 seconds faster than whomever else. Like if someone is going so far ahead as to cause repeated problems, then ok kick 'em. But if someone is just quick on the draw, just get in and do your role as quickly as you can and go on with the raid.

    And the hatred for melee DPS is just astounding. Yes, they should watch themselves and try to remain behind or away from attacks, but the tank is their team mate and should be doing their best to face the boss away from them, too. People not picking up, or even going so far as to gimmick mass shadow is just ... see you next Tuesday behavior. Grow up.
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  15. Beat Active Player

    This. This. This.

    I was in a raid yesterday and the Tank was literally running past adds without pulling and trying to skip everything, so a lot of us were struggling (Even though to progress to the 1st boss we NEEDED to kill all adds).

    Then, I've ran raids with skimming tanks dragging their feet sooo slow, it's exactly why a long time ago I suggested Tanks stay far far away from flight or skimming especially in raids. But some are really good with flight and skimming (just alot of them drag their feet when compared to super speed or acrobats).

    Just my little perspective.
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  16. Jcal Dedicated Player

    As a Rage player, I was very confused by your thread title for a second.

    I thought you were saying that every DPS should have their own version of Severe Punishment... you know, the Rage Mode activator, LMAO!
  17. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    It's not necessarily about being needed or anything like that. DPS should just not be rickheads and wait for the group. No one in a pug group in regular content gaf about the scoreboard. Sometimes people have to take a moment to step away or maybe they are looking at gear. At least give people an opportunity to get a breather after a boss Not everyone aims to finish the instance in 60 seconds or less. They need to read the room. More often than not, the DPS that don't wait are the ones dying the most.
  18. AV Loyal Player

    Then what's the issue? Either the group continues just fine without the person who wants a breather or the player dies like OP is requesting.

    It really seems to be more about ppl feeling like they get to exert power over how fast others play though and not about wanting a break. These are the kinda players to intentionally not enter a boss fight thinking they'll teach someone a lesson only to get irritated when the person/people do it just as easily without them anyways. Intentionally trying to unnecessarily slow a run down like that is a good way to end up on people's ignore lists and/or kicked (ie not being slow but intentionally not participating). Same for a Tank resorting to childish behaviour like intentionally dropping agro (ie. "I know! I'll show them by being not only slow... But also completely incompetent! Genius!")
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  19. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    I don’t know, it sounds to me like a lot of you guys are tanking too slow. If the add group is pretty much dead either pop a chrono and move on while the group finishes killing it, or just go on and look back/pull if they are still alive when you’ve moved ahead a few seconds. Just my opinion, if that sounds impossible or crazy, you do you, but when I’m tanking, I try as much as I can to constantly have something for DPSes to damage as much as I can so we get through the instance faster.
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  20. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    Well *** said.
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