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  1. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    Okay, okay, so here's the thing. There are SO MANY superheroes out there, useless or otherwise, that have powers and abilities we cannot have in-game. I want to see what you would come up with if you had unlimited abilities to choose from. Think of DCUO + CoH + Champions Online + Endless imagination.

    I mean, come on. We've seen things in comics we can't yet do in this game. Wolverine with his adamantium skin and retractable claws, plus regenerative healing. Arm-Fall-Off-Boy with his ability to use his arms as weapons. Squirrel girl with er.... um..... squirreliness. You guys have to have had some great ideas that just cannot be replicated in game.

    Don't be afraid to use screenies from anywhere else or even photoshop some things together if need be.

    I had a couple of my own, but since I'm at work I can't spend the required amount of time to go into full detail. I shall, but you will have to wait. In the meantime, it's your floor.

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  2. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Booo down with superheroes.
  3. melvinpox Devoted Player

    Have already succeeded in creating the villain MelvinPox...Mad scientist guy with a pogostick that creates clones of himself and/or travels through time. He is a cleaner/more annoying Deadpool as far as dialogue goes. He is the laughing stock of the villain world...until his clones overrun you.
  4. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    Symbiote clothing with sharp teeth and keep referring to "I" as "we."

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  5. Lights Derp Loyal Player

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  6. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    That would be awesome to have in game. Hahahaa.

    I have one that is kinda a mix of characters from DCUO and Champions Online. Physically, he resembles Beast from X-Men in that he is slouched over, very large, and walks like an ape. He is normal skin colored but with a slight red hue to him. He has the ability to jump incredibly high and far, but his jumping increases over time (flubber style). He has a large arsenal at his disposal, including throwing stars, pistols, a bow and arrow, and an assault rifle. He wears camo pants, bladed-knuckle gloves, and has very long hair. He has no real meta human powers; however, he is immune to telekinetic blasts and mind control.
  7. Zuse Loyal Player

    if we had CoH with the game mechanics from DCUO it would have been the best game ever
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  8. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    To make it better, add all of the characters from DC, Marvel, and Darkhorse. :D Dream game. I'd never leave the house.
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  9. Happy Cat Well-Known Player

    I would love Invuln powers from COH so I could build a hero like this guy


    because ICE is not even close to resembling Kryptonian powers. Actually this is one thing that really bugged me about this game, the simplest concept of comic book heroes: super toughness, invulnerability, and regeneration is nowhere to be found. People's concepts of what they want their hero to do cannot be accomplished without all the dramatic effects of ice, fire, or earth. People are going to say "well you have the iconic powers" ......and all I can say ....just no...

    I was best known in COH for playing a bunch of concept characters, and COH had enough power sets and costume pieces to pull off any concept my imagination could come up with. Alts and concept characters are for downtime, downtime meaning for when you run out of content and are just looking for something to do, which happens a lot in DCUO. DCUO is designed to be top heavy, they want everyone burning through the content (and station cash) as quickly as possible. As a result, the old content becomes obsolete quickly, so if you are going to play an alt it is going to be a very lonely experience. So if I had the ability to create something that cannot be created in this game what would I make....just some alts that didn't require $200 each worth of station cash each and 1000's of hours of game play just to keep them competitive every 6 months.
  10. States Level 30

    just showing the differences of my Character DC vs CoH.. this is States in CoH costumes


    And States DC Universe Online


    And again States in CoH but this time with a DC Twist..



    after looking at the costume varients that DCUO and COH has, you can't help but idolize that at least DC is trying. But they'll never have enough costumes or power trick outs that CoH had. For Example

    CoH / CoV -Roles-


    Wolf Solder

    -DCUO's Roles-

    So in a way we need those that are sort of like CoH, or the missing parts of CoH. So whatever DCUO has coming up for us I wish they do it now..

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