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    Agreed. People get upset at me for "defending" the system. No where in any of my post did I ever say it was a good system. I just said its not as bad as people make it up to be. Like you, I was also annoyed when I saw the crafting requirements needed. But after actually getting into it I saw that it wasn't as bad as I thought. I found ways to maximize what I did which helped out A LOT. But I never said the system had to stay as is. In many threads I mentioned suggestions to streamline this system.

    Make plans use any color to make the next tier of mods. (2 reds 40.0 make 1 40.1)
    Make mods account bound so you dont need to buy plans on alts.
    Lower cost for components so that premium players can better use them
    Make catalyst just cost cash instead of source marks
    Make mods also drop from bosses as an added option on top of the automatic mod given for those who are done with everything else.
    Make mods also drop from DD for those who actively want to farm them.

    Or just take away the feat so that these are fully Optional.
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  2. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    You can use bought mods to craft higher tier mods.
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    It's still fully optional even with the feats.

    It's only not optional if you are determined to earn all the feats in the game.
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    I can't 100% confirm or deny what he's saying as I'm not 100% sure what he's what he's saying.

    What I can say is that you can buy all 7 of the .0s and use them with drop .0s to make your .1s(as long as you have the plan for that flavor of mod). I don't believe you can buy .1s anywhere, which the poster seemed to say he did.

    Personally I'm not buying any. Between alts I'll have enough .0s to get there eventually. As the plans only cost 5 marks, it would take only 5 drop .0s of any type to off-set the money you are spending to buy them vs buying the plan. The only way this would work out is in the future when they become source marks, a non daily running alt (who also has a lot of source to spend) could buy 1 plan (say might) and buy a ton of those .0s mods...make the boxes...then bank over to the main who maybe has the .2, .3 and .4 plans. Still pretty inefficient, but I guess if someone is struggling to finish one color over another, it would work out, especially when the content is old enough that people aren't running it every day to get the drops (meaning less duo/alert runs).