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  1. Dwild Well-Known Player

    Ok...crafting generator augments pretty much sucks. First off, you have to buy twelve plans if you want to hit red, blue and yellow. I only bought the red ones. Then you have to walk thru the old Random Drop bit. To Craft a 4.2 Red, you need not just 4.1 have to have 2 4.1 Precisions. 4.1 Mights won't work. So you get your 4.1 Precisions and you can craft one 4.2 Might. Now you need to do it again so you can get 2 more 4.2 Mights. Now you can craft more and so on and so on. So you have to spend marks to get the plans and then you have to hope you get 4.1 drops of the proper class to move up. Right now I've managed to craft 1 4.2 Might...which I can't use in my Generator if I want to craft 4.3 Mights. And I have 1 4.1 Might and 1 4.1 Precision...which you can't mix.
    And you can't trade off the ones you get on your alts or buy them, so you're still stuck with the Random drops. So far this week I've gotten a ton of yellows and blues but only a couple reds. It's just utterly clunky and I'm resigned to never getting even one of the three feats for crafting the mods. Really poor plan, guys.
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  2. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    The dlc has been out for a very long time now. Did you just find out there was crafting? Crafting is a grind. Crafting is meant to be a grind. Crafting is also optional. You don’t need to craft them to proceed in the game. The stats given are also not that different from the 40.1 that drop commonly. So if you are worried about the stats they won’t make a difference. If all you want is the feat than I’ll tell you a secret. There’s no time limit. You can complete it today, end of the dlc, or even next year. You will still have the feat.
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  3. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah, this is not news. There have been a few threads on this crafting 'mistake' and most do not like it if for no other reason than it's tedious....even if the plans and supplies all magically showed up at no expense (which they don't).

    Seems like the generally accepted 'best' method for getting it done is to get the cheap .1 plans on multiple 322+ alts so they can ship the crafted boxes over to 1 toon who has the rest of the plans (.1s too). If that alt runs a lot, it might be worth it to get the .2 plans as well, but if it's a low use alt, maybe not as each .2 plan costs 10 you'd need to have at least 6 of that .1 drop to make it cheaper than just buying 10 more of the .0 mods from the vendor and crafting the .1 boxes to move to your main.

    Honestly you are kind of downplaying the badness. For 1 toon, you'd need all the .1s (7 plans 35 marks), .2s (7 plans 70 marks), 3 of the .3s, unless you get a lot of .2 drops you are better off only crafting 1 of each .2 to make the .3s (3 plans, 75 marks....7 plans 175 marks) and 3 of the .4s, again...unless you get a lot of .3 drops (3 plans 150 marks...7 plans 350 marks) Meaning a minimum of 20 plans and 330 marks. Not sure that's 'worse' than 1800 Aethers/beacons and the 36 hours of bounty grind it took to do those, but it's not great. The catalysts are also bad, likely requiring around 400 boxes, at 1 source and 2K each. Try doing that on a premium or F2P where you can only pick up 1 box at a's pretty grueling.

    And no, likely you should not socket any of the crafted mods of the .2 or .3 variety as the gains are very low and ideally you will be putting in a .4 eventually, or will be putting in whatever we get with episode 41 if you are still working on things when that launches.

    You are's not a good system. Hopefully they will revise if they decide to do something like it on the next DLC (likely already in the works if they did). My top suggestions to make it 'better', reduce the counts by 1 across the board (so 1 .0 mod to make a .1 box, 2 .1s to make a .2...etc) or increase the drop rate on the higher value mods. Either of which would shave the grinding and expense down quite a bit.

    EDIT: And as DeitySupreme said, you don't need to get them all done noooow. I don't expect to hit my 12 till well after the next DLC is out. Right now I'm just gunning for 1 of each color for the individual feats. 12? Meh, it will be a fun surprise when it pops.
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  4. Akaiko Well-Known Player

    Yes, it's horrible. I hope you are not too attached to earning the feats.

    I long ago decided to not bother. It has made it easier to maintain things as a premium though with all the drops to sell back to a vendor.
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  5. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    I initially hated it, but now that I've bought the plans I wanted and started to work on it, I find I don't mind it nearly as much as I thought I would. I think the costs are way too high, but it does give me a small incentive to run the dailies.

    Fortunately, you don't have to buy every plan, since the lower level mods are all that drops in the regular content, so it's pretty easy to consolidate and only buy three plans each for the higher level mods. I've already gotten the easy feats - one of each color - and now I'm working on the all 12 feat.
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  6. Dwild Well-Known Player

    I bought the reds...but I've only been able to craft one Might 40.2. Have 1 40.1 of each of the reds...and you can't combine them. And abysmal luck at getting red 40.1s for the last weeks...lotta red 40.0, which are worthless and the rest are all yellows or blues.
  7. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Well-Known Player

    No this crafting method is the worst grinding I've ever encountered 4 a really crappy pay off other then bountyverse and I still play final fantasy 14 where I have to gather and make every component and level all 8 crafting classes to lv 80 and be able to craft 5 star plans. But this is slow and not worth the grind for a mode that you will replace when the next dlc comes out it will have a 41.0 mode that will drop in the first box u open. The feat to get 12 modes took me longer then it took to get the elite set. It was literally the last thing I was spending marks to do. There is nothing fun about doing stuff like this.
  8. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Just asking why are you buying red ones you can't combine? If you are buying, just buy one, like the might plan...then only buy might .0s. Drops are semi-plentiful (you should get 3 or so on the 4 daily missions, and can get 1 or 2 on the duo/alert on any 322 that runs it). I have not bought any yet, and between 2 toons I have 6 of the mods crafted up to .4s already....and i'm not running all content every day.
  9. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Is there no search function on this forum? For such a small forum, this has to be the worst one for retread topics. They need some mods who can merge or delete these things already
  10. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    The issue is more with the people. Most just want everything told to them right away and made easy to get right away day one then want next dlc out as soon as they finish and complain when something doesn’t go their way. From day one of the dlc I found out about crafting because I read through feats. It literally says you have to make them lol. Then the plans tell you what you need too.
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  11. Dwild Well-Known Player

    You can't "buy" red ones...the only way you can get them is from drops. Now you CAN buy 40.0's and you Can buy 40.1's...but you can't use them to craft 40.2' can only craft with those that drop in game. I agree that the blues and especially yellows drop frequently...but the reds don't.
  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Sorry, somehow I thought you 'bought' them when you said....
    Which is why I asked about it.

    Agreed the reds drop slower than the blues and yellows (yellows especially with 3 types of those). But all drop relatively quick enough to have gotten at least 1 .3 by now (It's been over 70 days....1 a day would get you there) if you are running the content regularly...especially if you combine multiple toons to make the most of your drops.

    But now I want to know where you are buying these 40.1s? My vendor only sells 40.0s. I like your guy better. How much do they cost though? They'd have to be less than 2 marks per mod to make it worth the effort.

    I'm guessing there is a language barrier (maybe it's on my end?), but what you are saying does not add up.
  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Agreed here. Day one of new content I look at the feats and where something like this involves crafting, I try to figure out how much supplies I need. I'll even look at the 'missing feat tracker' and see if the feats stack as you go (like the WV/Legion bounties), figure out how many I have to run, then scream '50 HOURS!?'....well, that happened once. Now, for 'drop' supplies, it's sometimes hard to here I was socketing my first .1 drops, till I realized they drop less frequently and didn't provide much I stopped that after doing 1 toon and the rest got .0s....that's all. Same can be said for the OP drops. A lot can be made by selling them up front, but if the drop rate is slow, I'll sometimes forgo the money and just use the drops vs having to keep grinding for myself longer. The crystal shards were this way IMHO. We needed a ton of them and they didn't drop that I only sold a few before starting to horde them.

    But yeah, better to be informed. Sometimes that means someone else doing the work, but you looking it up here or youtube, but much of it is just reading the feats and just doing some thinking on the task. Waiting till someone pulls you aside and tells you 'hey....did you know?....' puts you at a disadvantage in most 'grind' parts of this game.
  14. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    The biggest issue I have with all these complaints is when they talk about the grind to get them. Farming the crystals was a grind. After you finished your dailies and everything you had to set time aside to farm for them. However the mods are not a grind. They aren't some random item you have to set time aside to grind out. They drop automatically. Just doing the dailies alone gives you 4 automatic mods. Then you have the 1 given for doing on duty bosses. Outside the raids you will get 9 mods each day. All while doing what you would've done anyways. If you are not doing your dailies than yes you are not getting the drops. But if that is the case than who else is to blame.

    Players have the habit of trying to get everything right away and when something takes time it is considered terrible and who ever made us actually have to do something should feel bad. I remember when mods were just random mods with no way of choosing what we get. This is still better than that. And a lot of the "grind" can be done by just doing dailies on alts.
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  15. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    I swear I bought a bunch of mods and used them for crafting earlier on...
  16. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Yeah they are basically a gimme feat you get for just running content. The only real issue I have is the actual R&D system itself. It needed an overhaul before putting something like this mod crafting system into the game imo.
  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Agreed. I also like getting things done nooooooow, but when I looked at this one, I realized I didn't need them today. I want the feat, and the feat will come eventually. I'm doing 0 extra grind to get mine done, and only really object to the fact that I have to spend so much time on my premiums buying/selling/returning to the vendor to get the catalysts. I'm still not going to sub them, but 1 box per visit is pretty painful. They could have at least made them 1500 so you could get 2 done each refill.

    That and the actual crafting materials do take up a lot of inventory space...I think I've got about 20 spots filled between the drop mods, catalysts and crafted boxes/mods.

    EDIT: BTW...not saying the system doesn't suck, but I'd take this crafting 'grind' over another round of 100 bounty rotations in WV any day. Now that was an actual 'grind'.
  18. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I just finished mine up on my main last week. Yellows are fastest, then blue then red. 3 toons ran every day, main reset raids early on to finish renown and then some more during triple week. I didn't hate it after awhile as it was the only reason to keep running dailies aside from stashing nth and bytes from salvage.

    Had I not been scrapping them on 2 of my toons early on, I'd have been done probably 3 weeks ago. But I was also dumb and thought just using 1 toon would get it done. Aside from that, it was doable while the dlc is active clearly. I also never go back to old dlcs except for the weekly 8 coin missions and raids so I knew I had to finish.

    If they stick around, the changes most have mentioned would be nice. Combine the plans so all 1 color works and put the plans at the top of the list. Crafting on alts isn't too bad since I don't really collect plans on them but my main has a decade worth and possibly every single plan ever. Any time you back out of the menu, all the hidden/ archive settings revert and it is painfully slow to scroll thru 10yrs of plans each time.
  19. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Oh I completely agree with this. The R&D has a lot of issues so fixing it is important no matter how you feel about crafting.

    I agree. In general the system is bad. There are so many thing that can be changed to it so that the crafting is still needed but the format is more streamlined. But all the people complaining are complaining to complain. Also, there is a way to save space using the crafting system lol.

    When I was grinding up my mods I would make all my 40.0 to 40.1 boxes. I then transferred all the boxes to my bank toon until I was ready to craft higher mods. As soon as you get an even number of 40.0 mods you can just make a 40.1 which actually saves a bit of room. I was also lacking in inventory room so I ended up doing that.
  20. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    Can someone else confirm this? I was under the impression you can do whatever with what you buy. Pretty sure I bought a few .0’s or .1’s (can’t remember exactly which) to top off my partially finished ones. I could be wrong, finished a few weeks ago :)