CR skip worth it?

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  1. VintageWine Dedicated Player

    Im sorry for like a great deal of post but I’ve been reading old threads on the CR skip. I’ve played the game 4 years ago and got through to Happiness Home but then I deleted my main toon and I kinda regret it lmfao. But yeah how worth it is the CR skip? Half way to level 30, and my end role is going to be controller. Which I was before my hiatus I know the role, I don’t have a problem skipping to that CR and then running old content for skill points and such. But how does it work, do you get gear for your character already when you skip or? And overall is it worth it. Im so tempted to skip but I know how some people are in regards to content being skipped but I already did all of that lmfaoo.
  2. Pale Rage Well-Known Player

    You'll get the required gear for the CR, one role I believe. 2nd role will have to be picked up in content.
    You'll get a set amount of competed feats too get you going.

    If you're seasoned with the game, it might be worth it, to avoid the getting up, but if, as you stated, you've no problem going back for skill points, you should be okay.

    You'll be a little behind due to artifacts not being leveled, and augments, so well as SP, but many are. So the more you grind to get up, the better you'll be.
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  3. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    The CR skip is mainly beneficial for people quick leveling alts. If you use the skip it puts you at near end game CR with very little stats (around 80 SP, minimal XP for Augments and Artifacts). I think it would be best if you leveled naturally and build yourself up that way. Alternatively you could buy the skip and just focus on early content to get your stats built up.
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  4. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Here is my video about it. ;)
  5. Wallachia Loyal Player


    Do you want to make a VVonderVVo|V|an2398273 and smash tier 1 contant while ignoring all the group members?

    If no, then yes, cr skip is worth it.
  6. Brit Dedicated Player

    In my opinion, the CR Skip is all about timing.

    Right now with Open Episodes, there really isn't a reason. You can level incredibly fast. You'll fly through everything until about Metal 1, at which time it will start to slow down with Episode Specific Currency.

    Don't let the naysayers convince you that the CR Skip is some sort of massive skill point handicap. After you get 100 points in your respective role for the max % boost, the rest of the static bonuses are a significant diminishing return. So you only really need like 160ish, and those will come very quickly in either case.

    You'll probably get more bang for your buck playing the character up through speed leveling, and then spending that same amount of money on your Artifacts.
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  7. Irvynnge Committed Player

    personally, I wouldn't bother with a CR skip unless it was for an alt. if it's your main, just run the content. the feats'll come naturally. whatever event's running at the time, the Doomed Metropolis & seasonal stuff alone'll net you a tidy bunch of sp. most of the open worlds have plenty of kill / save -x amount stuff to keep you busy. source marks are easy to come by. work your way through the style vendors. get on LFG for the older stuff that no one queues for anymore. it's more fun. honestly, as Brit rightly points out, if you're gonna drop some money, drop it on your artifact.
  8. Zoe· Devoted Player

    Don't go for CR Skip. You just came back and you need to learn the game and experience it.
    CR Skip will take all of those away. And It's just not very beneficial unless you use alts. (And even then, I personally don't use CR Skips).
    You should work on your skill points and slowly gear yourself and complete feats and content as you go. Skill points are very important now and you'll need them at end game to maintain power and do good damage. That, and a good loadout of course.

    p.s: you have a Supernatural Sig, you're my favorite person on the forums now. :D
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