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  1. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Figured i would start this so we could give a bit of feedback on things.

    Thank you to a toon named Fabby we were able to run some duos on Test server. We got an entire set of t1 gear and ran the first t2 duo (Flashback). It was Far too easy. Now I know that were were about mid tier for it cr wise but still far too easy. I was fire and Fabby was Earth, Crystal was one shotting EVERYTHING. All were did literally was just run through it. That is not the difficulty it should have at mid tier.

    Because it was so easy we decided to try the t3 duos. The min cr for entry was 53 and we were 52 but our overall cr was higher of course so we got in with no issues. I will list each duo and our impression of it below.

    Shaddy Nightclub: The adds were not too bad. We were going pretty fast through it so we did manage to get ourselves overwhelmed by the adds a couple of time. The side room bosses were also not too bad. It reminded me of casually playing without any real concern for whether I died or not. I knew I would get through it but I did have to think about my positioning a bit. The final boss was also not too bad. Again I knew we would beat them but I did have to think a bit. Overall I think it was too easy for a toon 1 point below the min cr for the duo. It would have felt better if that were the high end of it not the low end. Going into it for the first time at the lowest cr possible you should struggle. It should not be so hard that you want to punch the tv or anything but you should have to think and try. As is too easy for starting cr.

    Cape Carmine Lighthouse: This one could have been MUCH harder. Pretty sure I could have solo’d it and the difficulty would have felt right. We walked through the adds without worrying about mechanics, the number of them, or any kind of strategy. Far too easy Overall.

    Ferris Aircraft: This one was nice. I think it was mostly the mechanics that made this one a challenge. I would not change much or anything in the first half of it but I would probably double Atrocitus at the end. We burned him without much hassle through 2 cycles of the repulse. Probably could have done it in just one but neither of us were paying attention to his location when the repulse was charged. The mechanics again were great and the first half was just about perfect IMO.

    Old Gotham Subway: This was sad. We got the speed feat (this should not be possible at this cr), walked through the adds AND bosses. The only boss that possed any type of threat was Bane…he felt…ok’ish. Hush and Penguin were just a couple of adds as far as I was concerned. Could have solo’d it for sure at cr 52 which again is 1 below the min cr for the duo.

    That also brings me to my last point….IMO we should have to work a bit harder to get into tier 3 stuff then just having a full set of tier 1 gear. A full set of t1 gear and I am at cr 52…run one duo in t2 and get a a lucky drop…bam t3. That is a bit much. Maybe this should be looked into maybe not just saying. People complain about how easy it is to gear up fast and here is one example of it that could be fixed pretty easily I think. You can almost entirely skip T2…that is a problem.

    TLDR: At min cr the duos are all to easy, some could have been solo'd. With Ferris Aircraft the mechanics made it feel almost right for an entry level cr.
  2. Destinywlf Active Player

    According to there official twitter page, in response to my question. they wrapped this up,
    "@DCUO is testing The non cr differential done? Since the thread was locked."
    "@Destinywlf Yep, we've wrapped up that test."
    I assumed with that reply to my question they've turned Cr differential back on
    I walked into gates and soloed it with no issue like previously, and how it is on live
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  3. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    All because a few people couldn't read and follow basic instructions, and insisted on blowing s*** out of proportion. It's sad the few ruin it for the rest of us.
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  4. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Did not know that. It is a shame that it was only on test for ...what 1 full day then. Thanks for the heads up I guess I will not waste anymore of my time on it then.
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  5. Destinywlf Active Player

    yep exactly.
  6. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    Yeah was going to say that your description on crystal 1-shotting everything is exactly what happens with cr differential on live
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  7. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Still a bummer. Was hopping that things would start to get a bit more balanced for the game...but alas. Even with the cr differential on you should not be able to cake walk these things at 1 below the min cr to get it. The entire game leveling up is too easy. I could have solo'd most if not all of them with Fire geared at cr 52. The Cr differential goes off of Equipped gear not overall so still it was way to freaking easy and should be adjusted. But none of that is not either here or there just what is.
  8. Phill Committed Player

    Yes, CR differential was turned back on.....was confirmed.
    The CR test was shut down because of the lack of reading comprehension. Players were not following the directions in the slightest. The majority were trying to solo lower T1-T5 content with CR 155 toons.... When this was asked....

    FOR TESTING PURPOSES, we have disabled CR differential on the test server temporarily, before we make any stat adjustments.

    To repeat, none of the expected stat re-adjustments for either players or NPCs have yet been made. We want to get your feedback on how content feels right now, to help us target and refine what adjustments are needed.

    Testers, please answer some or all of these questions as you play on test this weekend:
    • How does content feel when you are at level, when you are the same level as your enemy? (Easier, harder, the same?)
    • How does content feel when you are at the minimum CR for content, and enemies are a few levels higher than you? (Easier, harder, the same?)
    • How does content feel when you return to earlier content? (Easier, harder, the same?)
      • Follow up: how many tiers back do you need to go to feel like you dominate content?
    • Do you feel more powerful when you upgrade one piece of gear? A few pieces? A full set? Several sets?
    Whenever possible, please be specific with how your character is set up and what content you are playing as you answer these questions.

    I think I saw one or two that were testing the way that was being asked. Sooooo,
    yes, CR differential was turned back on because of the stupidity of the testers.
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  9. Phill Committed Player

    I am bummed since my test client is not loading and I did not get to test anything.
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  10. Harlequin Devoted Player

    It wasn't the testers, it was the "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!" guys polluting the thread that got it closed. Testers understood exactly what was going on but when a couple of Rhode's Scholars saw that high CR toons were being murdered in FOS3, they went ballistic and started spewing brain vomit all over the thread and starting arguments with their cries of "It's clamping in disguise!" and "You broke the game! Stupid devs!"

    It was not the testers at all.
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  11. Phill Committed Player

    ohh ok, read the closing statement in the thread and then come back...... Also let me add that it was not all the testers but its obvious that some of the testers had issues with reading comprehension.
  12. Harlequin Devoted Player

    I read it. I contributed to it, a little. He said "reading comprehension." He was not referring to those of us who understand what the point was. But, go ahead and continue your anti-tester crusade. It's been quite funny to read.
  13. Phill Committed Player

    It is not in the slightest an anti-tester crusade. I am sorry if you are a little rumphurt. I have no clue why. I did no say that you were the issue did I. But if you are that insecure then that's your issue not mine.
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  14. Gamma Lantern Committed Player

    Lol I'm happy I get to make you look stupid right now....the test was disabled because people were complaining about the devs making changes to the game again in the the thread that was created for testing feedback....I know this because the last few comments posted were only complaints that got deleted right before meeps posted and closed the thread.
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  15. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    You've always been able to do this, as long as both players are good. I'm referring to back when it was on level.
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  16. ErnieB Loyal Player

    A couple of things.
    1- Your CR didn't actually mattered, as long as you could enter the content, your stats took over, NPC have no idea what to do with those since they where programed to follow CR not stats, so what you posted, and believe to be an issue is actually supposed to happen.

    2- The fact that you could beat T3 content at 52 means it's normal, a guy beat the Science Spire at lvl 24, again because the stats took over and the NPC had no idea what to do with it.

    3- For people complaining that they shouldn't have tested lower content with high gear, this was actually not a bad thing, the issue is that they didn't understand that the system didn't know how to read the stats properly, so when you are OP, the system made it self OP as well to account for the difference. This is actually good since it tells us that the system will know when you are OP, just not the right way to deal with it.

    The main issue I really see is devs again rushing things, this was done on Thursday, which means pretty much 3 days of no changes on test, already they are still working for who knows how much longer on GU 57, plus GU 58 which will probably come out in April at this rate, and Ep 22 which must hit next month. Had it been done on a Monday they would have had more time to properly inform players and answer a question or two. Hopefully next time they don't do it so close to the weekend, really things shouldn't hit test server when you know no one will be there for 2 days to check on any issues, this is why Rage players lost 5 days of testing.
  17. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    See I remember it taking 3 to 4 cycles to burn him...but the last time i did it at level there was no AM, WM or stat flattening lol. (I just aged myself in dcuo terms lol) It also took me 3 or 4 runs to figure out all the mechanics and a safe path where you did not really need the repulser in the first half to drop off the bombs.
  18. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    Ferris Aircraft was actually "easy" when it came out. When they first encountered the CR differential the first room got a "buff" but the speed on the second/last boss was the same as it originally came out.
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  19. Wretched Egg 02 New Player

    Funny because in the 3rd bullet point he says how many tiers back did you need to go to feel like you dominate content. I didn't know that by dominate content they expected up to assemble alerts and raids with full t7 gear and go back and do the t1-t6 content xD Not realistic in the slightest with the population on test server outside of temporarily when a new raid drops. Most times people go back several tiers it's to solo content for feats/styles (and you can't even say you dominated content if you still need a full raid group honestly) and solos/duos are the most convenient and realistic testing that we can do given the circumstances. If they wanted us to go get raids for lower content it might be helpful if they fixed the problems that people were having with downloading/updating test. I would also disable duels outside of pvp update time frames so that people won't have the option to just stand in the hub and do nothing but duel for several hours while on test and might be inclined to run content instead of just standing there.
  20. Remander Steadfast Player

    I tried to be productive, but honestly, they shouldn't have even put it on test in that form. I and others basically predicted what the results would be, because we'd already seen it in the first incarnation of GU 47. Flattened stats with no CR Differential was what occurred for overgeared content then. No surprises other than an apparent bug with the new solo and questions about the handling of defense in the absence of CR Differential. They should have waited until they had a first attempt at revising the stat scaling. There really wasn't anything new to test.
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