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  1. Junglemike New Player

    I did a duo tonight where my partner was 10 cr higher than I was. We kept wiping at at last boss and he blamed me saying that if I were 3 cr higher we would be fine. I checked and I had done more than twice the damage he had done ( we were both dps). He told me that quantum was better than gadgets. I pointed out that had no mods, none what soever. He claimed that there was no point since they did not add to cr. I said that they did add to stats and therefore to damage. He hummed and hated and said there was nothing we could do so I left. Did I do the right Thing?
  2. Johnny0276 Dedicated Player

    No point in staying in a toxic pugging instance like that. I been noticing more and more people not modding their gear at higher tiers too. I been guilty of it too. But try to mod for my main alts. Most of what he said is true. But how he said it...eesh.

    Can't work together when someone working against you. If it were a friend of league mate I would try to tough it out. But this guy, sounds like a poor carpenter always blaming his tools. Not saying you're a tool. lol. I don't know how it works. But it is a lot harder with lower level players. If you go by the numbers.

    Personally I don''t care for Quantum. The blinding light show alone makes me do the chicken on the floor. Turn down the high beams already!

    Ran with a quantum player...
  3. aortenruptur Well-Known Player

    Did you put him on ignore?
    THEN you did the right thing :D
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  4. light FX Steadfast Player

    As soon as he said quantum is better then gadgets i would of put em on ignore and left :eek: These are the people i was talking about in that other thread where i dont bother trying to help because nothing u say will matter. They will say u are wrong and nothing will change their mind. U cant fix stupid and cant help people who dont wanna be helped.
  5. light FX Steadfast Player

    Hey i love those quantum animations :cool: Think quantum is the best looking power in the game. I do get sick of the blue tho :( Warped reality is just awesome tho. 2 spiral galaxies on your hands? Awesome sauce. Whoever thought of that gets a big
    from me :p