Couple of questions for vets/experts

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    As Magento alluded to above, what you are doing, inadvertently it sounds, is trying to make a Battle Troll. HL is particularly well suited to this but you have way too much DPS gear. My HL Battle Troll has a DPS ring, Hands and OP Head I believe. At CR 165 his Vit is about 6700 and Precision about 3500 baseline. My POT tick is about 520 I think.

    The ability of the HL Troll to do Combo AM damage has made this "hybrid" possible BUT as others had said you do still have to function as a troll first and foremost. I learned this the hard way with Celestial Battle Healing. Got so focused on damage output I wasn't healing well. Same goes here.

    You'll be able to get through maybe one longer combo rotation before having to cast a Recharge for someone. You still need to have all the Troll powers, POT, IPH, Debuffs, but since most can be mapped as combo starters, it's actually an advantage. There are going to be many times that you will need to go into a "battery" mode and just do WM/Recharge with no Combos.

    Another critical thing to look at when deciding which DPS gear to use is the affinities. Never use a DPS piece where there is a Power Crit Chance or Magnitude. Those are your margin of error pieces for keeping your Healer and Tank powered up.
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    I just don't understand why trolls and heals care so much about the damage they put out. Just wear 100% your support gear know and play your role and that's all the contribution needed. When I troll I troll there is no need of me to try and dps or be a battle troll.
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  4. Controller Devoted Player

    Simon - you are correct.

    "Some" experienced players "can" get by with a batte-specced Controller in those instances you speak of but not many.

    And I'd highly frown upon such a setup in DWF, even normal DWF "UNLESS" you're running dual Controllers OR if your ENTIRE group is experienced at POWER Management AND drop supply drops AND have good burn...

    With that being said you're asking a LOT of your raid party to accommodate a Battle Troller in'd need very good experience in many aspects of game to pull it off.
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    Exactly. This thread is.....well imo is strange. Noting wrong with asking for advice/help obviously. Just no reason to wear dps gear in troll at all,especially with CR scaling. HL combos dont apply debuffs or PoT either. The combo part i mean. U cant combo into light blast and get a debuff or combo into train and apply PoT. I think the OP needs to find some trolling guides on yt or something. Or not listen to whoever gave them advice.

    What ive always found strange when i troll is when i run with good players there are never any power problems, even in DWF where there is a lot of power drain going on. Good players manage their power correctly. And it can make the run a lot easier on the troll when that happens so when the tank or heal actually needs power the troll can give it. The trolls who hit recharge every 2 seconds and empty their bar so fast is just weird. Idky people still do that. And the healers who spam heals and empty their bar when everyone is full health just have no clue what they ae doing. People make this stuff a lot harder then it needs to be. Sounds to me like the OP maybe got some bad advice from another player or group of players.
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    what about the AFK'ers / loiters in HoD how do you win at AFKing lol o_O
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    agree'd I see so many HL ppl, which is why I think HL trolls have a bad rep anymore, doing combo's and not doing trolling.

    Granted combo's being prec based = hit counter #s I get that, but if group needs power, picked up stop comboing lmao. Which the few HL trolls I've had to add to ignore never stopped to do anything troll related, and as a troll player that has a good 3-3.5 yrs of experience in that role it annoys me lol
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    The Hard Light Advanced Mechanic involves using Combos. Those Combos produce AM damage (after 4 seconds out of combat or 1.5 seconds in combat) in both roles.
    The Munitions AM involves rotating Bullet Frenzy powers. In Controller role, you will most likely run out of power attempting to rotate those Bullet Frenzy powers.
    Vitalization and Dominance do not affect Debuff amounts.
    You do need the minimum suggested Dominance for control effects to affect normal opponents in that instance.
    Debuffs are a flat amount.
    The Defense Debuff removes 33% of an opponent's Defense.
    Most opponents have enough Defense to prevent 15% of incoming damage at their Tier. 33% of 15% is 5%. So an opponent inflicted with a Defense Debuff will take 5% more incoming damage from opponents at their Tier.
    Note that Defense is also affected by the CR differential. Higher CR opponents take less incoming damage from Lower CR players. Lower CR opponents take more incoming damage from Higher CR players.
    Providing Group Power affects the outcome of an encounter more than providing Debuffs. You should only use a Defense Debuff against Boss opponents if your Power bar is over half full and both the Tank and Healer have power bars that are over half full.
    If you are running group content as a Controller, you should have the minimum recommended Dominance to affect opponents with your Control Effects. If you are the only Controller in a group, you should strive for the highest possible Vitalization in order to provide your group with Power.
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    As a former Battle Controller myself, running a Battle Controller build today is the equivalent of a skilled Surgeon cutting off one of their hands for fun. There's absolutely no benefit to doing it at all and it's just going to make their life and job far more difficult.

    Battle Controlling was beneficial back in the day because 2 Controllers were needed to meet the power needs of the group. But then the developers started interfering and made the second controller redundant thanks to power return mechanics. Because they even attempting to re-balance the Controller role, the second controller is now frowned upon by the vast majority of the community, many of whom don't know the benefits of bringing a second controller into content.

    Maybe Battle Controlling and the second controller will make a comeback someday, but I seriously doubt it. The majority of people who play today aren't the old guard and don't know how the game was without Weapon Mastery/Advanced Mechanics. I can't see them making much needed changes to the game in order to re-balance it. Nor can I see them having the balls to introduce mechanics like stackable debuffs and debuff potency based on dominance, that would encourage the return of the second controller, for fear of pissing off the "u cant tell us how 2 play" brigade.
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    #1 - With the Max Damage Mod all Power damage modifiers become 60% damage modifiers.
    The 60% damage modifier is applied immediately after any power is cast and will remain active as long as the combo counter is increasing.
    For example, a Tier 1 power will apply a 60% damage modifier to following attacks instead of 35%.

    The Max Damage Mod also works with Iconic Powers and active Movement abilities.
    For example, Sonic Shout will apply a 60% damage modifier to following attacks instead of 40%.

    Note that the Max Damage Mod disables Ice Armor which locks a player into a 50% damage modifier.

    #2 - About Debuffs, check this conversation where the information has been discussed in details of %'s among other important information:

    My 2 cents.
  11. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player

    Hmmmm I test this on training dummies and I just dont see it. Especially on weapon hits

    Another question: You start with a power that does 50%.....does that get applied to that power as well?? That might help explain why I see little to no increase in damage. When im trying to get baseline readings they are probably already boosted 35-40%.

    Im pretty disappointed with WM perfectly timed follow up attacks. I expected to do the most damage with a perectly timed follow up power but no usually the best hit comes from just hitting the WM combo. And yes im doing it right cuz I get the red circle and the annoying noise indicating a perfectly timed hit.

    Do some of these mechanics just not work on training dummies but they do on real enemies? Cuz out in the field I do feel a difference when I apply my 50% and or use my weapon buffs. Damage for WM follow ups are kind of impossible to see for me with my camera range. And I dont use or have a combat log right now, but im gonna try to fix that today.
  12. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    Get the Max Damage Mod.
  13. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player

    lol, working on it. I need to recover from open missions tho.
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