Counter Mechanics are Broken in PvE

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Scott Zyur, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Minrath Well-Known Player

    what i love is the god mode bosses where you have to die or they will take almost no damage, or doing a duo 4 and 5 times for no loot or marks just to complete it because the last boss encounter is bugged.whole games hosed by lag and really not playable or fun and this is 5 yrs out the gate.PPL claim every mmo is affected by this, but not true, if it were another more reputable company it'd be yanked down and fixed or at least rolled back so the problem didnt exist.The only MMOs that let this stuff go on this long are the dead ones that get the plug pulled.
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  2. same Johnny Dedicated Player

    Well, if we're necroing this thread, there are major inconsistencies between our characters and NPCs. Any NPC using dual wield, for example, is able to block break with a tap move. I've been noticing this never changed after it changed for us.

    Also the feint system is completely off in the last 2 DLCs (at least). Bosses will have their visual indicator for a feint coming (the yellow brackets) and then not do anything at all or keeping the alleged feint anyway, successfully countering you.