Counter Mechanics are Broken in PvE

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Scott Zyur, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Kira_kun Active Player

    Probably another reason why people prefer flight. It lets you have the greatest field of vision compared to the other two movement types which keep you grounded in combat.

    But then there's never a reason for AI to blindside you. They'll usually overwhelm you through sheer numbers that any tactics are rendered moot.

    Another thing I noticed is that even when you can kill mobs mid-lunge, they are still allowed to complete their lunge and deal damage despite being dead.
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  2. Brondulfr New Player

    They are broken in PVP too. I can't count the number of times I've repeatedly bb'ed someone while they were holding block and had it do nothing, or been blocked by an opponent that was spamming bbs.

    I suppose it could be a lag issue, but it's so hard to call it that when there is no observable lag to blame.
  3. Kira_kun Active Player

    Well, even when block breaking someone, there's no guarantee of knockdown.

    And somehow, even after using breakout after being knocked down, I can still be knocked down immediately after recovering or air juggled. And also, I notice cc doesn't work 80% of the time against the elites, unless you get first-strike.
  4. Epicness246 New Player

    Ive been experiecing some problems myself. Hmmmmm les see...

    i cant seem to use the breakout even tough i have the power to do so. It just doesnt work.
    the counters are all off timing wise. I would block and then use a lunge but even wen i hit them with the lunge they still manage to counter me with a range attack...
    No mater what i cant counter anything in pve or pvp. But everyone can counter me like crazy. I recently quit pvp because of this. I cant seem to counter anyone and i just cant stand it.

    I know my reasoning can be hard to understand since i had a hard time typing this. its unexplainable but the mechanics are off they really are. Devs try to fix this please
  5. SilverwingsZOE New Player

    Still broken,have to hit breakout twice while I'm facing certain mobs or bosses,only to get stunned a split of a second later and being forced to breakout twice
  6. Mack10 New Player

    I still see blocks broken by lunges, block breakers that don't break blocks, counters from KO'ed enemies, and enemies that switch from range to block in the middle of your lunge. Being countered while using a consumable, a non-attacking power, or even while doing nothing is still happening. If it were a case of being hit with an attack that causes knockdown that's one thing, but counters have an unmistakeable audio cue that indicates you were countered. You shouldn't get that while using a soder or casting a shield.
  7. Luu Ken Level 30

    another annoying thing that is still around is when you get stunned or interrupted while executing a skill, using trinket or soda you will not get the effect ofc, but you get the damn cooldown
  8. Pew New Player

    If you could catch taps for immunity PvE would kinda be hardcore easy mode due to the sheer numbers of mobs hitting you.
  9. Sivulla Dedicated Player

    Getting controlled by enemies while you performing animation seems to be tricky, feels like I have to wait for the original animation to end before I can actually break out of anything. Feels very unresponsive.
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  10. Xine El New Player

    Does this video show the broken mechanics? I was running the Temple of Crime instance and fighting Bruno. I had been ranging him, and when I saw him about to lunge, I switched to block. We both fell down due to countering each other. His lunge countered my range attack about half a second before my block countered his lunge, but I was in blocking position at the same time he lunged.

    This is just a supposition, but could it be intended to have the windows open long enough for players to react in PvP, and it is affecting PvE in a strange manner? PvP players who react fast enough may also be seeing this strange window where both counters can apply at once.

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  11. xkillarxpantex New Player

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  12. Umbra78 New Player

    Let's not forget the NPCs ability to just skip entire strings of a weapon combo for example NPC's using the one handed style dont do Tap,Tap,Tap,Hold =Flurry, instead they just Instant Flurry you.

    Not to mention that they still have access to all theire old "attacks" before they have been granted access to weapon styles including those Pull's/Pushes (that does not even have any attack animation) wich will shove you arround the room regardless of whatever control resistance/immunity you might have.

    The entire combat is so broken its not even funny anymore.
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  13. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    Not to mention Circe can go into HB Tap Tap Tap hold attack by Lunging and Holding.
  14. BluePlusYellow Well-Known Player

    i posted something very similar to exactly what your saying . like NPCs can be flat on their backs and u lunge at em or any attack and magically able to block counter you but you can block and they can hit their entire combo and wont be counter blocked until they finish the combo . ive even had my instant power controller moves "block countered" now tel me thats not wrong. plus another note sort of in conjunction is in previous update where they made all tap triangle range attacks from 2H rifle and staff alot faster but now do not block break. but apparently NPCs can still use them as block breakers . further more i notice alot of teh time NPCs block and u do 2-3 block breakers and it does nothing then it turns around and does lunge interrupt attack and BAM it works first time .ive been saying ever since GU17 ( update where NPCs gained block ability and counters) thsi game has gone downhill and has become WAY too much about PVP and is losing its PVE factor it is an MMORPG not MMOPVP. seems PVP players always seem to get what they want .
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  15. UltraVillain Committed Player

    Counter mechanics are broken full stop, PVE & PVP its certainly not about getting one right at the expense of the other. The problem has been getting progressively worse since around update 31 as a result of some quite frankly bizzare and bewildering 'fixes'.
  16. WalterlightOmega Committed Player

    yeah, its more annoying when you are fighting 2-3 bosses, especially the satyr trio in Themy. :/
  17. WalterlightOmega Committed Player

    i do my range combos and they constantly do a lunge counter. i cant block the lunge for ages cos they seem to be immune for 3 hours
  18. Sifo Drogas New Player

    I have been ranting about Blockbreakers for years. This will never be fixed my friend, and here's why. Everything that transpires in DCUO was already planned years ago and released on a schedule so that they could micro-charge everybody. For instance long before Weapons Mastery was available to players the devs knew that it was coming. Therefore with all of the BEAST ranged attacks that WM offers, there is no way that ANYBODY would be able to block, ESPECIALLY npc's. Any dual wield user knows how fierce their ranged attacks are, and they are also blockbreakers. Therefore the "block breakers" only work about 70% of the time. If you dont have WM its the most frustrating thing imaginable, believe me i feel your pain.
  19. Shinkamalei New Player

    I agree with all but the last couple sentences. I have watched literally all 4 people bb Harley in ZCC and she has no immunity and not be countered. That is just ridiculous. :/ or you lunge them after a bb and nothing happens. It's very annoying. Now that it's in PVE, let's hope it will get fixed quicker.
  20. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Same can be applied to PVP as well...

    Me and a league mate did a scrimmage against each other to check out the PVP mechanics...

    He lunged while I was holding block, I got knocked over...He than block I lunged I got knocked over.

    Than we tried me lunging with him doing ragne and vice versa...again broken...

    Me on PS4 and him on PS3...tested with PS4 users, did not have these issues...

    Both times though I did see some lagg....I have noticed that when I loose bad, it is against a PS3 player....not sure but there seems to be some frame rate issues impacting both PVP and PVE...please fix...