Counter Mechanics are Broken in PvE

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Scott Zyur, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Scott Zyur New Player

    - If an enemy is blocking and i attack him 3 times, with any attack lunge or not, the third hit will always get me knocked down, again regardless of if it was a lunge or not.
    - If i am blocking, an NPC can attack me as many times as it pleases and will only be countered if it performs the lunge part of a combo.

    - If i am attacking an NPC and there is another NPC blocking in its vicinity i will be countered by the NPC i am not even targeting.
    - If there are more than one NPC attacking they will be countered by blocks if the person they are targeting is blocking. Doesn't matter if i run next to them and block, and only 1 target can be countered with a lunge or BB at a time.

    Then there is blocking in general. When an NPC blocks they take 1 damage from any attack. ONE freakin damage. If i am blocking i can still take hundreds to thousands of damage. Also, adds in Dox had a nice deadly block feature to them that caused me to one shot myself on more than one occasion. Boy what fun.... Hope that doesn't happen anymore but i haven't ran Dox since the nerf.

    If the devs would fix these issues i would not have any problems with the PvP mechanics in PvE. But with them broken as they are now they make some parts of this game very unenjoyable.

    Also, the pulsing blue hue around NPC's that have immunity needs to be changed to something more noticeable. With all the effects in combat hogging the screen it is very very hard to see. Also, just get rid of NPCs feinting. Players can't do this and it is just unnecessary.

    Please address and fix these issues dev team.
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  2. Jamie New Player

    I agree that the NPC's seem to have different rules. I like the mechanics but wish they were applied more equally. If an add can counter us then they should follow the same exact rules that we have to follow.
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  3. compasionate grenade Committed Player

    I think spytle addressed this issue. Factors like latency and hardware come to play.
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  4. Scott Zyur New Player

    The only thing i pulled from his responses were to make a thread in the bug section about it. Lag and hardware do not affect the issues i described in the OP.
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  5. Toxiic Committed Player

    You guys ever get caught by the "fakie"? You see the range symbol on the enemies head but they immediately block when you attempt to lunge. Or vise versa, you see the block over their head and they immediately lunge at you when you try to block break. Kinda annoying when everything you do is countered. I tried to wait out the block but I end up getting juggled and cc'd until the point where I had no more power to breakout.

    It's on bosses and it's on elite adds. Idk what you call them but they are the ones that use their "enrage" power and cant be cc'd during that time.
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  6. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Your issues with block are things I have noticed and also have a grievance regarding. I support this 100% and have up-voted. We should do more than 1 damage at a time, and our blocking should work the same as enemies' blocking in all situations. It's absurd that NPCs get to break so many rules in combat mechanics.
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  7. BadJade New Player

    I don't think many people know what weapon attacks look like.

    I noticed in the first 2mins that the "new" moves NPCs do - if you hold block won't knock them Down. That is fine. was easy to see as its not a normal wapon attack.

    You need to know and recognise what to block and how. every Npc has a move that IS NOT A NORMAL WEAPON ATTACK which can't be blocked.

    Id go on but no one has actually pointed this out. It is far easier qq
  8. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    I have seen Killer Croc in the Huntress challenge do martial arts moves and not get knocked down when I block 4-5 of his hits. If I do the exact same martial arts moves, I get knocked down by him when he blocks on my 3rd hit. How is his martial arts move not a weapon attack? Explain please.
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  9. BadJade New Player

    Did his MA move END with a HOLD ?? as that is the difference at the moment. I know if u instigate a smoke bomb and if the NPC blocks they abide by the 3 tap knock down rule. Even when its a smoke bomb and you can see the full move coming - it will block it. However - what i am refering too is another scripted move added in the game just for NPCs and the combat mechanics - which I find a bit distasteful considering it doesnt reflect a true environment for countering and using the RPS elements.

    Since the changes, Every NPC does a move that is basically tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap - you can tell this move from all the others as every other weapon attack has a HOLD. Yes in PVP this will knock down ANYONE - but this is PVE so naturally something must be different.

    These are the ONLY moves you can't BLOCK - WHY they are in the game I DONT KNOW but I am fully aware of peoples issues with the combat mechanics, it would b a problem if these moves hurt - but they dont. Hence why I said I noticed in the first 2mins what had changed and how to counter it. Maybe its because I pvp far too much and the system is so ingrained in me I can now spend my time in solos/duo etc and constantly countering npcs and winning.

    The only thing that did change was the move I said above - each weapon has one scripted for NPC's and the Counter Yellow One. Pve becomes pretty easy once you play the combat system on the npcs,. sure in mobs it can get hairy, but pvp at a high enough level and its the same - a mess on the screen of powers. Look to counter.

    I will create a vid of it explaining it when the game doesnt crash on me to further explain how that works. I believe people are having geniune trouble with it, but find their anger/fustration mis placed.
  10. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    I believe the MA move by Killer Croc that cannot be countered is tap, tap, tap, tap, and tap. No hold, unless it is tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, and hold, but I don't remember Croc throwing the smoke bomb at the end. I only remember him finishing with the kick move and not being able to counter it. If it does have a hold at the end, and again this is a pretty big if, how would I go about countering it since the 3 hit rule does not apply?

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  11. BadJade New Player

    Yeah that is the problem with this new scripted move - there is no indicator on it like the yellow indicator for countering the NPC does. So its hard to know when its coming in between normal weapon attacks.

    In regards to this uncounterable bs pve move, release block after 3 hits and do your combo - as they will not knock you down, kick you up, cc or anyting harmful with that move.If it was a normal hold move they would knock down, if its this bs pve move and they dont knock down after 3 - its just a tap tap tap tap tap move.

    But yeah they are all pretty much tap tap tap tap tap tap. If the "true pvp combat mechanics" were in pve and working as they should then it would be better. At the moment these PVE combat mechanics dont reflect true PvP combat mechanics. I wouldnt call them both combat mechanics these days because of those 2 additions in pve.

    Sorry OP i didnt address all your points, i just hate this one aspect of the pve game even though I understand it and all, i just think its over kill.
  12. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    That particular bit pisses me off....

    After GU31, nearly every npc enemy in the game, when blocking, now only takes 1 damage. This is definintely not true for the player, who can still take thousands of health damage through a block. This also means enemies are not properly scaled on even terms with players and are utilizing heavy handicaps (they already have their own unique counter mechanic rules that do not fit the global player-vs-player rules, which truly is BS, given the objective SHOULD have been to create a uniform consistency with counter mechanics so that players can properly learn how the combat system functions).

    There are too many biased exceptions to the rule, which is one of the issues many feared when we learned counter mechanics were going to be implemented everywhere. There are also too many rookie mistakes being made with balancing these issues, and many of these were immediately apparent in the SoT dlc, especially the duos. This is still a subscription oriented game, and as such it demands a certain level of quality assurance testing to ensure any significant amount of sub time is not lost due to glaring issues that often take weeks to remedy, sometimes years for some.
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  13. Shift New Player

    All I know is I'm getting pretty irritated throwing block breaker after block breaker on adds in instances and even bosses in Nexus that are just sitting there in block and it does NOTHING!
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  14. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Must be in prep for DLC9 because these broken mechanics make me rage so hard.
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  15. thelostczarnian New Player

    in what world does lag and hardware issues cause a blocking batman to take 1s in damage?
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  16. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Agreed! Ill just keep block breaking and they don't get block broken, and no they're no doing a fake out.
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  17. Scott Zyur New Player

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has up voted and made comments so far. Get the word out and lets get enough likes to get this on the first page.
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  18. Mick Nugget New Player

    Was having a blast with my alt yesterday till I noticed I couldn't interrupt Circe. Not the only boss that happens with either. If they block, I should be able to block break them too:(
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  19. Burnt New Player

    I've also noticed that when getting knocked down in the middle of a combo my damage keeps ticking away from the combo long after I'm on my back. It's like the game didn't realize I was inturupted.
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  20. Mick Nugget New Player

    I for one look at it as a minor annoyance, but I'm looking forward to any further helpful information you can provide:)