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  1. kallader Committed Player

    [IMG]Watching the fight
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  2. kallader Committed Player

    No need to waste 100$ for Multiverse video all you need is a new latest news when open the launcher then pass 10+ minutes to explain what we could read in 30 sec ourselves and say something or someone is ''Evil'' then say ''you are asking when and where'' then explain that the stuff are not still on yet they have to wait after the downtime or the stuff is on test server . (nothing wrong in that I still watch them all)
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  3. iLazy Well-Known Player

    I want to make it clear that it is not my intention to personally attack. However, I must express my disappointment with his behavior of spending real money on an upcoming booster bundle to showcase on his channel. I understand his desire to keep his channel alive, but at the same time, it seems contradictory that he is frustrated with the developers' behavior yet willing to spend money on content without addressing these fundamental issues. In my opinion, it wouldn't be detrimental to his channel if he chose not to showcase this booster bundle. Perhaps he could instead create a critical video discussing the concerns of the community. I firmly believe that his viewers will continue to support him even if he occasionally refrains from such promotional activities to make a statement.
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  4. iLazy Well-Known Player

    LOL no fight. Just an unsubscibe.
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  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Well as far as I know, Multiverse's videos are free, so I won't personally spend anything, as I've not spent anything for years (save 1 month sub a year in Jan).

    As far as the rest of it with Evil and 'when and where'? I'm not sure what you are talking about.
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  6. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    As I said, mixed in with the doom and gloom videos. I'm pretty sure the 10 BBs he bought won't be the thing that keeps the game afloat...or the thing that would have grabbed the devs attention and called them into action...had he skipped them.

    Either way, It's not my money is safely in my wallet still....where it will remain.
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  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    All that having been we have any update from our scouts in EU? Reboot should have happened there already.
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  8. FluffyCloud99 Committed Player

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  9. Furious Vee Well-Known Player

    I completely agree. Multiverse is the most popular YouTuber that does content centered around DCUO. He has reach and influence over a large audience. Buying a booster bundle will only encourage players to spend their money on them as well. They'll say "Oh, Multiverse is still spending money on DCUO? I guess I should too!" I understand it's his job to showcase his styles, and spending $100 on a booster bundle is only a small investment compared to the revenue he receives from YouTube, but making a video talking about the game's issue could do so much more for the community. Alas, I can't tell someone how to conduct their platform, nor do I know the specifics, but leading my audience astray for a couple of dollars would weigh heavy on my conscious. This is one of those defining moments where you stand for something, or continue to fall for everything.
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  10. iLazy Well-Known Player

    Here in Germany, we have a saying: 'Kleinfiech macht auch Mist,' which translates to 'Even small critters make manure.' In English, a similar phrase would be 'Every penny counts.' This is to emphasize that seemingly insignificant contributions, like $10 or €10, when made by many, can amount to a substantial sum. Every contribution matters, and even small amounts can make a big difference.
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  11. Multiverse Creator League

    Tell you what......

    Each of you send me $200 to make up for the loss of revenue from not making videos about the new BB..... about the New Materials...... Videos comparing the new Materials to the Metallic Materials...... I could easily make a handful of videos with this new BB.

    Then send me.... another $100 to make up for the loss of views and Subs.
    Views tells the EEViLLL Youtube to recommend your videos,,,,,
    And New videos bring in new Subs.

    Send me that to make up for me loosing Real Money..... and I will consider it.

    You guys seems to think that Real Money is important..... but don't seem to care If I lose Real Money somehow.

    So send me Real Money to make up for my loss.... and I will consider not buying BBs to make videos.

    What say you??

    ;) ;)
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  12. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    Hey maybe Daybreak will give you more time but less cash since they can’t even make up their minds when this Booster Bundle is supposed to drop? They are giving you a break on your wallet, yikes. Sorry Multiverse it’s not your fault you’re just covering what the game has given us and so far it’s a BB in limbo that everyone’s angry about. But what can you do? :(
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  13. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

    You are no different than the Devs that have to still come into work at DI and do whatever they are doing to just keep the game running. They could all quit in protest (if they feel like most of us on the forum) but they have families to feed and bills to pay. It is up to everyone to decide for themselves how to earn and spend their money. I am sorry that many will judge you on any content you put out that appears to support DCUO, but I will always continue to watch yours and others' videos on DCUO, then decide myself if I will follow any advice given.

    For me, I will continue my sub for at least 2024 and not make any other purchases from the game until I see some type of update on the state of the game for 2024. I believe some news is coming in 2024, which I hope is good, but fear is bad. I always side with hope though, because it is the way I am in real life.

    Peace and DCUO Forever (hopefully)
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  14. iLazy Well-Known Player

    What I say? Your a joke. And not a good one.
    I need to clarify a few things here. Firstly, it's obvious that you don't primarily make a living from your YouTube channel. Your demand of $200 per player who doesn't want to pay for in-game gambling is ridiculous and shows a disconnect from reality. Secondly, you could easily utilize alternatives, like purchasing items from the broker, instead of continuing to funnel money into a system that exploits players. And yes, I will be disliking every BB Video because you're letting down us community members by fueling the very problem you claim to address. You could be a role model and advocate for positive change, but instead, you're exacerbating the situation by suppinsteadorting developers who ignore and mistreat us
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  15. Armo New Player

    This guys talk like a real businessman but he's playing DCUO

    You just made my day.
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  16. MaDaNoF New Player

    I say it will be delight see your channel go down in flames if game shuts down; by far you have biggest sub count for this game but your no orbit that's for sure.
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  17. BlackGryphon Well-Known Player

    Whether or not I agree with what Multiverse is doing, it's none of my, nor anybody else's, business.

    Some seem to think that their opinion is somehow worth anything in real life and that preaching about it somehow makes them superior. I have news for you: What you (or I) think doesn't matter to anyone else unless you're taking food out of their mouths. If you're not buying their product, you have no influence on that product.
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  18. iLazy Well-Known Player

    We can avoid his videos. He will buy BBs for 1000 views even if he is not happy with the game. But he spends a good amount of cash on the 'not funny game'.
    What a great idea.

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  19. Snowy OwI Devoted Player

    Can we get back to blaming or jumping the devs and not one another? We are all entitled to our opinions but as my father said: "If you don't have anything nice to say then maybe not say it" We won't get anywhere with this anyway.Let's save our pitchforks for those who Really deserves it.
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  20. Multiverse Creator League

    Wow!!!! you got me. :eek:
    Good Burn. :p

    Of course I'm not happy with the current situation.
    Who would be??

    Of course I will buy 10 BBs.... that is what I do.
    I make videos about DCUO.

    I did not start making videos to call out the Devs.
    No interest in that... although lately it's been very very tough not to do that.

    I started making videos to help out new players who struggled with the game.


    Yes I will bite the bullet and buy 10 BBs....
    so that new players don't have too.

    Done that MANY times in the past.
    Very often I did bite the bullet and bought something I would not normally buy.

    I am like that guy who say; "I watch it so you don't have too".

    Well... I buy it... so you won't have too.

    When I make a video....
    then people can make an educated decision to decide for themselves if they want to buy some BBs....
    or anything else for that matter.

    Funny to see how backwards some comments in this thread are.

    I do NOT encourage people to buy BBs or anything else.

    I show them what they can get so THEY can make their OWN decision.

    Often they decide NOT to buy some BBs or some Materials or some TCs....etc.....
    Thanks to seeing my video.

    So thanks to my videos.... some people can avoid spending Real Money.
    I actually save people Real Money..... but somehow...
    you guys got this backwards and work really hard to miss the point. :rolleyes:

    That is all I will say on this.
    Enjoy the rest of your day. ;)
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