Could we pause auras and matter and make way for new skins?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Aduzar Light, Nov 30, 2021.

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  1. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    If we were to count:
    - OG Auras (Not counting variants)
    - OG Materials (Not counting variants)
    - Accessories
    - each Elite Gear Style item (Fooling yourself if you think they're anything but SHINY already-existing styles)

    We'd easily have well over 300 right now. Possibly over 400. There is a point, if 300-400 of anything sounds like a lot.
    If someone told you that you need to hike 300-400 miles somewhere, does that sound like a lot?
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  2. Trykz Dedicated Player

    If this argument is which cosmetic should be worked on first, by all means carry on, I don’t really care or have a dog in that fight.

    If this argument is should any cosmetic be worked on before major, verifiable, reproducible bugs/glitches/exploits are fixed. I definitely have a dog in that fight. Fix first, shine later.

    If They believe both could be worked on at the same time, fine.
    But if this is a priorities argument.

    -fix everything that is in the bug thread that has been confirmed
    -then add cosmetic’s.
  3. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    No, i leave unnecessary disrespect to you.

    I'd simply point out that, as my original point was to fix Bug A before looking into Request Z, i'd prefer if style bugs like the Tunic of Greed and Future Defender Cape were looked into first. You know, things constantly asked for by completely separate Forum Members almost every month. Second assumption needing a second correction, let me know if you want a third. Otherwise you can do the right thing, and just stop.
  4. Wallachia Loyal Player

    Okay, kid.

    If you want to argue about what you are wrong just because your ego is THAT fragile, even with mepps sayng the exact same thing that I did, do it yourself. I won't take part on this anymore.

    But no, they don't hire programmers to make skins and skin artists can't work on code, except in your little world where you are too precious to be wrong.

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  5. Proxystar #Perception

    You may wish to note this was his list

    So he wasn't just suggesting skins go on hold, he's suggesting a lot more, hence my broader use of the terminology cosmetics in what was a direct response to him. ;)
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  6. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

  7. Shalayah Committed Player

    The question is can they make new skins a priority over auras and materials/chromas lol
  8. Proxystar #Perception

    I may have extrapolated the 1 year time frame from your post that "skins wait one year" based on this comment"

    But, I did not create your list, you made it yourself.

    I therefore told you that it isn't practical to leave those things on hold while they focus on your ideal list of bugs, I don't really care what the time frame is, it's irrelevant to my point because I don't think you can put them on hold for any period of time.

    Bugs should be addressed but cosmetics must also be created at the same time, because whether you like it or not, cosmetic development is a massive element of this game, equal to new content development.

    Without it significant portions of the game will become disinterested and leave, it won't matter then how much you want your bugs fixed then, because it'll be irrelevant to fix bugs in a dead game.

    So again, to repeat to you, it isn't practical to pause development of cosmetics, whether that be skins, auras, materials, whatever, any and all of them for the sake of fixing bugs.

    I trust you understand the point now ;)
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  9. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Fair enough, i misread ur comment. I read it more as a direct reply to the topic of skins.
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  10. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    Actually the "false" reply was due to you applying one posts details to anothers with absolutely no context. The extrapolated portion of text that you cut from my first post was from my general feelings towards "what people Want vs what the game Needs". Then, for some inexplicable reason, you took a small portion of a different reply to an entirely different person, mashed them together, and basically conjured up a fake narrative of what I was saying.

    Easily rectified by simply looking back at Page 1, but sure, i'll just do it here I suppose.

    Post #1 was me stating that we've spent years now blinded by "New Shiny's", so much so that old "Bugs and Unintended Mechanics" have gone unresolved. Certain Forum Members inserted their own definition of "Bugs" without even asking what was meant, and were corrected for their troubles. Theres absolutely no mention of any set timeline in the post for what we'll call going forward, Overall Cosmetics. Merely the suggestion that new requests take a back seat to old "Bugs and Unintended Mechanics" fixes for once.

    A Forum Member replied stating we haven't gotten any Skins in years.

    This is the extremely important part. The Threads about Skins. The reply i got from this Forum Member was specifically about Skins. Specificity is important. I, in turn, replied to the Forum Member about Skins. The subject at this point has now changed back to just Skins. If you find the time to head back to page 1 again at some point, you'll see my reply kept to the topic I was being directed towards. Namely, Skins. More importantly though, theres absolutely no mention of the aforementioned Overall Cosmetics in this reply at all. Because the Forum Member didn't bring up Overall Cosmetics, they were interested in discussing Skins. I mention that i'd personally prefer if Skins were delayed, Skins being a singular Cosmetic not Overall Cosmetics, but you decided to infer that one reply was completely and utterly connected to the other. This is why context is important, as is following a Thread discussion before deciding on an appropriate response.

    I hope "Skins" is mentioned enough there to clarify the actual point.

    As for the idea of knowing that Overall Cosmetics are as important as "New Content", I wouldn't insult you by insinuating that I know something like that, and all I ask for is the same. You seem to be stuck in a loop of your own creation and replying based on the "fact" that started the loop. If I didn't say Overall Cosmetics need to be delayed for a year, then you're actually the only one suggesting it here. But still replying as if its my idea. I'm sorry, it really isn't. It never was to begin with. It was yours apparently.

    Also on the subject of Cosmetics being delayed, hasnt DCUO survived past DLC Delays before? Isn't it currently surviving given how the Styles,or we can call them Cosmetics, for Membership for 3 months straight (Including Decembers) have been Elite Styles already present in the game? I'm genuinely interested to know what you're basing the idea of "no Cosmetics = no game" on, considering your post above states that you "dont think they can put them on hold for any period of time"? To clarify btw, thats not even an attempt to mock or insult or anything, I am genuinely interested where your information is coming from?
  11. Proxystar #Perception

    The truth is, you, not I, you said more than just skins can wait.

    Who cares about a time frame, who cares about skins, evidently you think skins should wait, but your other post also evidently shows you think a lot of things other than skins should also wait, otherwise you wouldn't have said it.

    You just don't like the fact that other people don't agree with you, it's obviously hurt your feelings, oh well, bit of a shame but is what it is.

    Look to be perfectly blunt I don't really care either. The point I'm making is that cosmetics shouldn't be delayed, no matter what those cosmetics are and no matter what amount of time you think they should be delayed.

    Evidentally also and as others have also told you, including Mepps, the people working on cosmetics are not the same people working on code and game bugs.

    The devs attempt to fix all bugs as quickly as they can, some certainly persist longer than all or any of us would like, but that doesn't make statements like "omg stop giving us auras, cause you need to fix Deathstroke in HIVE-E first" any less stupid. ;)
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  12. Atrocuis_ Well-Known Player

  13. Oceans Developer

    To expand even more on this, not all art things are worked on by the same artists.

    The person working on the materials and auras isn't in the same art department as the person who would work on skins. The auras/materials are currently made by our FX artist, while the artists that would work on skins are the Character team who works on gear styles and NPCs. Of course there is some overlap in tasks in special situations, but in the end, these are separate art departments.
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  14. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    C'mon hairy chest skin!
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  15. Trykz Dedicated Player

    In 2011 DCUO sold us a dream. A dream of every day regular people becoming super heroes. 10 years later we’ve come to realize that was a lie. These are not regular folk. Did the exobytes Only get dispersed at gyms? Until I can make an overweight toon with mustard stains on his wife beater than that will remain a lie.

    Give us chubby heroes with male pattern baldness and eczema.

    That’s really all I want.
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  16. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    You don't get it. And there's honestly no better way to clarify what happened than the clear and honest explanation that you just got. Page 1 will still be there later if you want to attempt another look. Otherwise i'm done allowing the thread to be derailed by unnecessary replies and even more unnecessary insults.

    On Topic (Finally)

    Opinion stands. I believe that bugs that have been present for years should take priority over new requests. I don't believe that "sweeping things under a rug" to make way for "new" is a good idea at all. It sets up a genuinely worrying trend. I've forgotten just how many years the Future Defender Cape has been stuck to everyones feet and the Tunic of Greed has a designated spot for an Emblem that doesn't match with any Emblem, but its sure more than 2 years. And the constant requests to fix them validate that. How theres clipping issues with certain Cowl-type heads with regular, non-bulky, slimline chests. How the arms disappear on the Lexcorp chest if the hand style is too large. And how a style as old as Scuba Legs clips through at least 30% of Feet styles. And so many more.

    Yeah, theres people who would rather ignore it and move on, keep adding things until the same issue happens to one of their new shiny's and then suddenly its not ok, but thats not me. Nor should it dictate what is right or wrong to argue for or against. Theres actually Forum Members who have Old Style Fix requests permanently placed in their signature. If thats not telling of the issue at hand, I dont know what is. And as we literally just got confirmation that the people who could fix these could end up busy with comparatively unnecessary Skin upgrades (Post #33), I think its damn fair to say what i've been saying. Fake narrative aside.

  17. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Solution is simple.

    From now on.... you have to work on everything by yourself.
    That way there would be one department overseeing everything. ;)

    Of course.... you may have to give up on non-essential things like sleep.....
    but if you want I could have Starbucks deliver bags of Coffee to your door to help with the lack of sleep. :D
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  18. Proxystar #Perception

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  19. Jaelia Committed Player

    I agree 1000% if I’m not mistaken megzilla had said she was going to work on new HD skins for the other skin styles instead of the first original 3 She is not here anymore so maybe until they hire someone else? :eek:
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  20. Catastrophic Repercussion Dedicated Player

    You are mistaken.
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