Cool gift idea. Or incentive for people that sub for a year.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by BabyBoyzim, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. BabyBoyzim Committed Player

    Make a new character and have an ‘unlock all completed’ sp for a new toon. Just one boost for an alt or new character. Of course, only sp you unlocked already on your account. I play another game that has an incentive similar for people that play or intend to play long term and they grant one of these tokens where you can boost one alt to the level of your main. Just a nice ‘thank you’ for dedicated players. Sure some of you ‘NO to everything’ people will rip this idea apart, when in fact it causes no harm.
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  2. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    I see no Issues with this. I actually like the idea.
    Only problem i see is What about Elite Renown? Elite Gear?
  3. TheLorax Devoted Player

    This idea sounds convenient. I know people that would pay for this.
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  4. FlawlessTime Committed Player

    I like it sign me up.
  5. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    I like the idea. Deff a +1
  6. Brit Dedicated Player

    I love it.

    The CR boosts are nice for new players to help catch them up to the majority of the player base, but for the more experienced players, getting a CR boost just gets us a character that has the gear but not the skill points in order to hang at the level we are accustomed.

    A cloned Feat Unlock would be AWESOME for the experienced players who get less value from the CR boosts. I don't see a reason why both couldn't be available in the store.
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  7. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    Would love this so much.
  8. Irvynnge Well-Known Player

    yeah, sounds like a cracking idea, to me.
  9. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    Does it include augments ans artifacts though...

    Gearing up can be done in a few weeks. SP can be bought. If it included artifacts and augments. Yeah.
  10. fm0987 Well-Known Player

    Wishful thinking but doubt they'd ever implement this or anything like it, as everything about this game is designed to extract money from the player in every way possible (instead of ya know, actual member benfits). All of these things, time capsules, artifacts, feat point unlocking could/ should be granted to members for free as part of subbing or at an increased rate (artifact xp for example). Instead they double dip and charge their already paying members twofold.
  11. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    I don't believe they currently track subscription length (outside of time remaining on your current sub). So some new tracking software would be needed unless you are suggesting this is only for people that purchase a years sub (which already gets a substantial discount compared to monthly subs).

    CR wise, a new skip to XXX CR has been released in January for the past couple of years and members have received at least one free when a new one comes out. The biggest issue around the CR skips at this point is the lack of SP, and which ones get added going forward will be carefully considered as they could result in a loss of purchase (seasonal currency, older episode purchases), or a perceived killing of a portion of the game (PvP, LPvE). The free CR skip is currently a loss leader, as much of a benefit as it is, it is also intended to encourage purchase of replay badges to unlock feats.

    I could see a button being added to the feat page to "unlock all", like the one that exists for the style menu. Though this would just make it easier to purchase all feats, the total cost to unlock would likely remain the same. The people most likely to unlock feats are high SP, usually end game players that want another character. So this alone would be a quality of life improvement. Though my philosophy for feat unlocking is primarily just unlocking feats I have no intention of doing again (grinding feats, feats that require a lot of coordination with other players, or time sensitive feats like seasonals), so I would not be likely to use that button.

    Using the feat breakdown at, the cost of replay badges (350 for $10), and the cost of feat unlocking (1 rpb for 1 star, 3 rpb for 2 star, and 5 rpb for 3 star), the current cost to unlock all feat (assuming you have all feats unlocked on one character) is about $163. This does not include the 0 point feats. So the game would be out up to $163 for every character that uses the proposed free feat unlock.

    As long as this is only a free gift and not a purchasable option (which would either have a prohibitively high price point or result in a substantial loss of potential purchases) and is only given once a year preferably with the CR skip, it might not be too bad as people would need to purchase feats during the remainder of the year. Though our community has shown an impressive ability to be patient for some things (hoarding nth metal until the next double XP weekend that could be half a year away or more, and holding off on marketplace purchases until a sale and maybe not even then if the sale "isn't good enough"), so it could backfire. If we know and can anticipate being able to unlock all earned feats on another character for free, it is very likely that replay badge sales would suffer.
  12. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

  13. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    I agree but i think it would be a anniversary gift. Non-members 1 character boost, 2 for payed members boost.
  14. Dark Soldier Committed Player

    Hello all,

    But yea I really like this idea, but they should do it in December for the “ gift” they usually do,, ( i don’t remember if they have in recent years sine the anniversary started)

    If they do do this i hope they’d still give us the 210+ character for everyone in January.. that way i can level 2 of my remaining few
  15. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    The CR that has came with the skip has went up each year for the past few years. So more than likely it will be a 235-240 CR boost.
  16. Dark Soldier Committed Player

    Low low low key thats around the cr as my main, I mostly just play the events nowadays.. i buy legendary so i can switch my power, get the enhanced styles ect... idk i just dont feel like grinding when i can have the same fun w no grind

    But since i went back controller this dlc ( bc atomic combo interruption is something they refuse to tweak) i think imma make a earth take this year.. idk maybe rage since that battle aura looks so good

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