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Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Coconuts, May 20, 2013.

  1. Coconuts Active Member

    Hello everyone.

    I'm currently a CR87 troller with 108 sp (nothing to brag about) but I wwas wondering how the fellow controllers go about speccing their skill points. I know there are those who take a more classic approach and spec purely into the controller related innates (vit, dom, cunning and now, power).

    Then there are those who have a more damage oriented mentality and spec their skill points into dps innates (might, crit chance, crit mag, and now, prec). The reasoning I've heard for this is that "the gear gives enough of the role specific stats to be effective"

    I wanted to know the community's take on these two schools of thinking and which they believe are more effective, either by their own experience or that of others. I'm stuck in between both and I wanted to see, by listening to the ideas of others, which of the two builds makes more sense to me.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Falco Well-Known Member

    For me, as a controller who has always preferred to dump sp in crits, might, and precision (as well as vit of course), I think the time has come where we need to focus on vit and power first. With other controllers in the lfg chat shouting that they have 1600-1700+ vit, groups are going to start expecting this from everyone. I think if you want to keep up with the new content, you have to keep up with the other players.
    Or you could just go out and get 160+sp. Problem solved. ;)
    (108sp isn't much to brag about for some, but it shows you're working on it. gj).
  3. Ixnay Active Member

    Personally as long as you start: weapon combos > movement innates > cunning > Tier 1 Vit what you do from there is personal preference. I've got 149sp and use MA so save 1 sp on not having the triple hold triangle move but I've got enough to get all the Tier 1 Troll/Dps innates and then the 30 extra vit in the 2nd tier + 1 speced into Vacuum Bubble for when I DPS. I plan to go for the 2nd tier might innates next but that's mainly as I also DPS and there's no way I'm respecing that many points every time.
  4. Coconuts Active Member

    Thank you guys for your input. So definitely spec into atleast the first level of vit and cunning.

    I have another question. 2 actually.

    1. Do you feel that speccing into dom is all that necessary to spec into dom as a troller? (Aside from the "suggested dom" needed to control adds)

    2. How do you feel about the troller iconic power point innates? Do you use them or see them as not worth a whole power point ?
  5. Falco Well-Known Member

    1. Do you feel that speccing into dom is all that necessary to spec into dom as a troller? (Aside from the "suggested dom" needed to control adds)

    That can turn into a very heated discussion between controllers. lol.
    Lets just say there is no wrong answer to that one. ;)
  6. Coconuts Active Member

    Lol that's kind of what I'm aiming for. Because some trolls swear by it, yet others just get the suggested amount and use the rest to do damage. I am currently specced into the dom innates but I'm gonna have to try it without any dom specced and see how much of a difference it plays in my game. If little to none, ill add those to dps or more vit.

    Just wanna know what everyone else thinks about the subject.
  7. Doctor Nova Well-Known Member

    I didn't get any Dom currently. 115 SPs, CR91, Omnipotence helm+T5 solo gear (greens)+blue Manta chest (T5 vendor)+CR83 weapon (green from T5solo)+CR 84 troller trinket (from T5alert)+lockbox troller jewelry+some beta mods & T4 mods:
    Dom 702; Vit 1398; Power 2730.

    T5 Raid description says 800 Dom. T5Alerts 775 Dom. I've not done T5raids. Did T5Alerts.
    more Dom?.... meh. maybe if I ever bother with the raid. Respec to replace the Might I got for use in Duos and Challenges in DPS role, into Dom. I would consider it.

    hmmmm. switches to green T5solo green troller jewelry:
    Dom 780; Vit 1365; Power 2611. hmmm.
    (when I do alert or raid, I'll use Vitamin Soder III to boost Vit) I'm playing less often... not eager to do T5 raids yet. If I did would I respec to get more Dom? possibly.... (waits to see other posts)

    that green T5 solo gear (CR81-83) certainly has Dom on it.
  8. Black Jaq Well-Known Member

    1. Some of our powers function on Dominance such as shields and aggro dumps. If you are using Event Horizon or Quantum Tunnel you should spec Dom.

    2. More Vit is more VIt, right? See #1 for Dom.
  9. dr strangeonline Well-Known Member

    I think you should have a min 50 more dom than the highest requirement for what your running. If your right at that level(800 for T5 raids) than your stuns will definitely land on the trash not necessarily the bigger adds. Your dom still has to be stronger than enemy willpower. There will be enemies who are immune to CC. Having said that unless your using it for shield strength its not really necessary to have a ton more.

    I did some looking and found it posted that the group shield strength was based on each party members levels(could've been changed since then though).

    As was said above get all tier 1 vit, cunning, innates, then check your dom level's and see if or how much you may want to have mines 848 and lands on everything it should. After that its really your preference I go for the DPS innates so I can dual spec and do more damage in controller stance. While you'll hear DPS say that damage the troll does is unimportant it is for group damage. If your in an alert or raid and your putting out more damage thats less damage the healer will have to heal while the adds up and attacking. Also the mechanic's for how we regen power needs us to do damage to rebuild it. We have to attack to dump power so we might as well do as much as we can while we wait to dump.

    Ultimately its up to you. If your using a shield alot maybe melee trolling then go for it just to survive but if your doing it for CC purpose you don't need a lot of extra dom all stuns have a set duration.
  10. Emerald_Starlight Member

    Personally I spec intro my roll first; Vit, Dom, Cunning. Then I grab Defense and the Precision from the Shield tree. Before the update and all the new innates I would do the same minus all the extra vit and dom (the rest of my sp were randoms usually). I don't grab power because that would be the dumbest thing ever lol, but no seriously don't waste sp on power. Bottom line, spec your role first, then grab might, prec., etc. if you want to do more damage, or defense if you want to increase your survivability.
  11. Katte Active Member

    I spec'd into vit+dom but there are a lot of different views on this. My dominance helps significantly when I am picking up fallen members since I use it for my shield. I have had many people wonder how I managed to pick up fallen members with a boss on top of me (including picking up the tank) and this is why. After I finished vit and dom then I went to defense.
  12. PhireStorm Member

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