Controllers and Healers. Questions from a new player.

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  1. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player

    Why the hate on munitions? The dps side is great. The only issue is that it pushes enemies back so much(that and the stupid *** headband and annoying sound of BF buff). Otherwise Bullet Frenzy has alot of variation you can use.

    If you dont have 2 armories I would not mess with support roles. Just focus on dps side so you dont have to be carried as much. At lowier tiers low level support is almost worthless. Other lowbies will die before u can heal. Tanks will die. Troll giving pot is useful even at low levels but the high level guys carrying ur butt will have AM's or ways to regain thier own power.

    If you do have a second armory then atleast DPS ur way up to t5-t7 where u can get free gear for ur support role.
  2. Permafrost Imp Active Player

    1) Not all of the Bullet Frenzy affected skills push back. Try running Particle Gun in your loadout so you lessen the amount of skills that do knock back. Even work on a non BF skill and keep 3 that are affected, just find the ones that stun rather than push back. I know that the majority of them do push back, but if pushing back isn't your thing, try looking for what doesn't push back.

    2) Correct use of your role can prevent these knockouts, enough said. Teaching them how to lunge/block/channel at the right time while having them try to communicate in order to make it easier to suggest ways to encounter an obstacle will save your life, your time, and your money.

    3) Though there is no harm in staying within a certain tier range to stock up on support gear, but what you have suggested is sufficient if you're around the CR for those tiers.
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  3. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    Honestly just wait for STATS REVAMP
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  4. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    or grind for your basic SP
  5. Seethra Well-Known Player

    Waiting for stats revamp? Why.
    No live date is set. It could technically still be months.
  6. Delta796th Loyal Player

    So far they have only worked on 3 of the powers, and judging by how testing is going right now they aren't even close.
    For all we know (and judging the feedback) they could very well scrap the whole thing and start again.

    If you want to wait till summer at least then sure, but I wouldn't
  7. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Sorcery its easier for healing and DPS, but i think Celestial is more rewarding to play and the reach of their heals its far superior.