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  1. Oblivion New Player

    If you look at the controlling power sets in game now, each one gives power the exact same way. There's little to no diversity at all. I mean each power set has a POT move, a Power Dump and now a POT Shield, which is great. To go a step further I think controlling she be more like healing, where as each power set have a different play style. Now i'm not to experienced in healing so forgive me if I'm wrong.
    • Sorcery - Area of effect Heals
    • Nature - Heals over time
    • Electricity - Burst Heals
    So here are some custom moves i thought of:
    • Light : Summons a Large Power Battery that restores power to group members in the area ( think city hall duo). Enemies that enter the radius are sucked in. Power battery explodes after set duration.
    • Mental : Creates a telepathic link to all members of the party empowering them with you psi to reduced power cost for a set duration.
    • Gadgets: idk .. sorry never played it so have no idea lol
    So now every controlling power set will have there own little perks.
    Mental would focus on reducing the "strain" of combat. (lol mental pain killer)
    Light would focus on pumping out even more power.
    .....But than again i barely have enough space on my load out as it is, and if it's not broke dont fix it. lol
    Do you think every power set should play their role the same way ?
  2. BomombRook New Player

    They won't do this sorry. I say that because all troll powers should give power the same no matter what. If they made it like healers are, then there will be reduced players playing a certain troll power.
  3. The Blinder Well-Known Player

    Iv'e heard the power battery idea from many other threads just like this also
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  4. BomombRook New Player

    Troll powers are fine the way they are really, except certain powers they have.
  5. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Your sig's not cool anymore
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  6. thoughtpatern New Player

    kinda like how theres certain healer powers that ar in abundance while some are not? say it isnt so! i think it would be fantastic tfor each troll set to have "that defining power" that would really give a different feel to how they eacb could b played.

    i mean lets face it.. if u learned to troll on one power set, Its exactly the same for the other sets, aside from a few minor differences in how debuffs are applied( with hl def debuff being the red headed step child but i hear thats even changed)
  7. bareheiny Devoted Player

    It would depend on how it was implemented - the powersets would have to be balanced in terms of distributing power. I'll give you once guess as to what we'd start seeing in LFG if one powerset was found to be able to distribute more power....
  8. Little Sister New Player

    I like everything the way it is : )
  9. TrueMarvel New Player

    Gadgets does not have a group shield
  10. Delta795 New Player

    Sure you have PoT & burst power but after that unless you are playing as an Energizer they are all pretty unique.
    I'm fine with them how they are.
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  11. thoughtpatern New Player

    youre right but something is telling me that the whole power return system woukd have to be reworked in order for something like this to take place.

    we can dream though right?
  12. Motive New Player

    Has anyone tested the change to group troll shields (Bastion) that means they give power over time instead of power back for damage received?

    Does it stack with PoT and how much power is it giving?
  13. Jurgen Blitz New Player

    From what I´ve seen and played, the same way that you described the differences in healer powers, the Controller powers would be differenciated by:

    - Gadgets: I get the impression that they are a BIT better at power restoration, or, at least, at ranged trolling (being able to throw p0t from a good distance with Sticky Bomb, thus staying away from the hell of the battle, is a good thing).
    - Mental: AMAZING at crowd controlling, they can subjugate a full room in seconds
    - Hard Light: the "power economizer". The same power you use to give p0t can chain into countless attacks without having to pop another power, thus saving your own powerbar for some Recharges.

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