Controller Debuffs. Do they overwrite?

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  1. Rainnifer Committed Player

    I looked around a bit but didn't find much, if this is already answered feel free to point me in that direction. My simple question is would one controller's debuffs overwrite another's? For example, if a controller had a higher rank amulet of rao, would another controller with a lower rank one be able to overwrite the stronger debuffs? Or do they stack? Or nothing happens? Or the stronger takes priority? Thanks if anyone has an answer.
  2. Kaminuse Level 30

    For logical reasons, I don't think they stack. If two controllers, one with 20% more stronger debuffs and another with 10% hit the enemy at the same time, the higher one takes priority, but both effects are on, if the 20% one ends the enemy will continue 10% debuffed. I may be wrong, but thats what looks like.
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  3. Zydelo New Player

    Makes the most sense. It would be a welcome addition if they did stack in someway. Example would be the defence debuff does its effect then the second one from the other controller would increase crit chance/damage. But that’s one of the problems with the controller role. All of them function the exact same.
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  4. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    i dunno about you guys but the last time i saw two trolls in a raid was about four years ago.

    last i checked debuffs operate on a first come basis. if you happen to be in a group with two trolls it means the first debuff would need to expire before another one can be applied...even if both trolls are spamming the hell out of their debuffs at the same time...but i could be wrong. worth looking into. there was a time i could tell you what your pot would be by telling me your vitalization but i forgot all that stuff too...
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  5. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    whew, yeah, almost never these days. it would certainly make them popular though...
  6. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Two controller debuffs don't stack however pet debuffs like the one from Heartbeak do stack with controller debuffs.
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  7. Rainnifer Committed Player

    On the stuff about two controllers, maybe it is just me but I feel less effective as a controller when there is another one in the group. Usually if they're noticeably "worse."
    Lately I often run with another troll who doesn't have any dps and needs some work with their trolling, which is why I posed the question cause I was curious how it all works together. Otherwise I definitely feel the appeal of being the only controller in the group lol.
    I already saw a thing saying that the POT will prioritize whoever's has the most vitalization, just need to know about the debuffs now.

    From what I've seen that doesn't seem to be the case. I notice the POT buff ends even when I'm using powers, but will of course activate after using another power after it ends. Debuffs on the other hand I never notice them ending unless I don't throw another debuff for its duration, which leads me to believe that it will reset the duration when I use that same debuff again. With that in mind I feel like other troll's debuffs could reset it to theirs, and I hope that isn't the case. That will definitely make it even more appealing for there to only be one good controller and not 2 unless the 2nd one strictly power dumps without debuffing.
  8. Brit Loyal Player

    Back in the day, it was a big to-do that when we would run with 2 Controllers, the PoT would overwrite. One low level troll could eliminate the power regen of a higher level one. Back then there were no Artifacts, so all debuffs behaved identical, though I suspect that from a computer programming standpoint, the same program logic would remain: a new application would overwrite the original, not refresh it and not stack with it.
  9. Isif Committed Player

    If you guys run as a tag team, maybe one of you should run as a DPS-centric "Claw" troll. That way one of you will debuff enemies and recharge while the other buffs the team stats and helps with damage. Claw gives that 7% (?) stat to something like all stats. Just a thought.:D

    PoT is just one of those things that will take care of itself as you use powers these days.
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  10. spack2k Steadfast Player

    Idk... if debuff would stack ppl would start using only troll powers as dps, sacrificing 10% dmg bonus for 100% def,atk debuff which in return would negate the 10% dmg sacrifice:eek:
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  11. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    The short answer is: Controller Debuffs do not stack. The person with the most potent debuff wins out.

    To prove that, I used two Gadgets controllers. Controller #1 was equipped with a level 200 Amulet of Rao. Controller #2 had no artifacts equipped. To measure the effectiveness of the debuff, I used Fear Gas on Controller #1. Fear Gas is a DoT with no damage variance. That means every DoT tick will do the same amount of damage if it doesn't crit.

    So let's go through this:

    Fear Gas with No Debuff: 783 per tick
    Fear Gas with Controller #1 Debuff: 921 per tick
    Fear Gas with Controller #2 Debuff: 869 per tick
    If Controller #2 casts the debuff first and Controller #1 uses a Debuff, Controller #1's Fear Gas does 921 per tick.
    If Controller #1 casts the debuff first and Controller #2 uses a Debuff, Controller #1's Fear Gas does 921 per tick.

    Here is a demonstration of the last case:

    Also of note is that Controller #2's debuff cast did not refresh the debuff duration time. Controller #1 casts the debuff at 6 seconds. Controller #2 casts at 10 seconds. The debuff ends at 18 seconds. A single Debuff casts lasts for 12 seconds. So that means Controller #2 did not refresh the timer on the existing debuff.
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  12. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    This might be a bit off topic but does the buffs from the Claw of Aelkhünd ( troller artifact) stack?
  13. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    The debuffs never stacked that I recall, they always over rid each other. So like someone else mentioned if you had a troll that had their artifact to 200, and a 2nd troll that only had it to 79, the troll with the 200 would assume priority for debuffs and power over time.
  14. Rainnifer Committed Player

    Thanks for the testing, you basically answered our questions and speculations. The Amulet of Rao being relatively new to the game had me wonder if they overlooked that aspect of it, but it seems they didn't so that's good.
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  15. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    I do this when I can I would battle troll with my claw at 170ish and we have a reg troll and it's a good deadly combo more so with a powerful group .
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  16. FrauFever New Player

    so basically, what i suspected is true, if there are two trolls in a raid, the lower lvl one is pretty much a useless appendage, the appendix of the raid....which is why i'm not a stubborn *** about it, if i'm playing a troll and get into a raid with a higher lvl troll, i change to dps. better to be nearly useless than completely useless....
  17. Isif Committed Player

    Not necessarily. I have been the lower troll in raids before and outperformed the higher PoT troll. Sometimes folks just rely on PoT and Supers, without debuffing and throwing instant power. Its a mixed bag. If you throw power, apply debuffs, and still maintain your own power, I would consider you the better of 2 trolls.