Controller debuf duration cut in half.

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Hallows Eve, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. Hallows Eve New Player

    Many updates ago the duration of any controller's debuf was cut almost in half with no explanation as to why. Could we please get this fixed back to how it used to be?
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  2. Hallows Eve New Player

    Still want an answer as to why this unneeded change was implemented.
  3. Yallander Loyal Player

    If you consider that using a trinket or tank cleanse now only lasts a few seconds then I think everything is perfectly balanced. Sorry if you don't feel that way, but if they returned the debuff duration to prior durations I lobby for trinkets and cleanses to have a longer duration to counter it.
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  4. Hallows Eve New Player

    Not a very good reason as there are more ways than that to cleanse a debuf.
  5. Hallows Eve New Player

  6. Zizzi New Player

    Surprising amount of downvotes on this.
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  7. Shadow Vlad New Player

    We finally got a response on pot during cutscenes so Id like to see if this gets addressed to
  8. Zizzi New Player

    You can help this get responded to by upvoting Hallows' first post ;)
  9. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Yes, an answer is a long time in coming. I think I started sending PMs about it last June.
  10. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    cmon man, you know all the cool kiddies from the ps3 forums are completely unbiased and objective, right?
    they would never just downvote and flame something that gives their main class an advantage, right?
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  11. Massah Committed Player

    To be honest I believe the debuff's duration were cut in half to pseudo-balance( read: nerf) the PvP side of things.
    Then DOM requirments for debuffs/control effects were made obsolete after reaching the minimum DOM for Contenet - of which there is no DOM requirement in PvP.

    So as a trade-off you cast your debuff/control moves more frequently which also increases a Controller's Damage Out, but if you are with a power-inefficient group this becomes a hassle (DPS that do not use weapon but with how the newer tactical mods - power updates and seemingly future of content is going to be - people can drop power that only needs to passed thru like an instant healing Barrel or Side-kick is basically a Watcher who also gives you power. And with the tactical mods - and way powers have been being revamped - DPS who are Prec biased Blanced or straight perscion can better benefit from the Enduring damage, escalating Might, Relentless Precision, Deadly Block(Scaled off Precision), Tumbling Master (scaled off precision). In addition the handblaster and AoE Juggle move form the Central City Trinket scale much better with precision than might as they are Precision attacks. (Heck even the snow man trinket's spin chop does better with a Precision build than using the Snow-man's Might based attacks - basically at 700prec and 1916might (2177 with neck procs) the Snow-mans spin chop hits harder at a 2.5-3:1 ratio when compared to a crit from one of the Snow-mans Power moves - so while a power move might crit for 1K the Spin chop will see 2.5-3k)
    But these are allowing for a more damage oriented controller rotation as DPS consume less power and you need to reapply debuffs more often as the duration was shortened. (I believe it is now either 8 or 12 seconds - I think Pi's effects and control effects are the same either 8 or 12- basically you re-cats every two POT ticks which does consume a bit of Power which is hopefully being offset towards the Game swaying people to use weapon combos to see better damage and efficiency.)
  12. Hallows Eve New Player

    Keep voting it down losers. This needs to be looked into.
  13. Hallows Eve New Player

    I'm glad we can see who downvotes now so I know who to blacklist.
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  14. MARK2099 New Player

    I think was reduced on purpose to try to balanced all the extra vit controllers have with T4 and mods, the main problem is pvp, in pve controllers have insane amount of vit so reduced duration of debuffs seem to be their way to make use extra power, pvp is another story, players don't use full vit in gear, usually mix with might or precision, and the stats are much more lower, also the serums is also a problem in pvp, cooldown is so fast a players can never be role debuff if have money or time to farm mats for the serums.

    Anyway a direct answer from devs can easy put end to this discussion, hope any dev check this.
  15. Hallows Eve New Player

    There's no reason for it being cut in half.
  16. Entropy720 New Player

    Controllers, have been missed treated for so long. Yes, it has gotten better but issues like this players should be at least given a reason for the adjustment.
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  17. Black ZeroPrime New Player

    vit does not effect debuffs dom does
  18. Sore Steadfast Player

    How so?
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  19. Black ZeroPrime New Player

    lmao you have a troller guide and you're asking me how so? how so what? how dom effects debuffs? it really just helps the CC effect. I was really just trying to correct his fallacy of vit effects debuff
  20. Radium Devoted Player

    He never said Vit effects debuffs.

    He said with such high vit it could make sense for them to shorten debuffs so you need to use more power to offset the larger Vit.

    But that solution has a very big flaw unless you're geared to the teeth.
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