Content Spotlight: Death of Superman & More!

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  1. Zoe· Content Creator

    Still is. Superman and his symbol (Emblem) are copyright protected by DC Comics. If Daybreak decides to just add it to the game without their permission again, DC can pull the plug on everything really fast and sue Daybreak for not cooperating according to their rules. It's more legal than anything.

    Also, I remember that in Jens (Spytle) times they had to fight DC to get us Green Auras and Lantern stuff for our characters. DC was really against it. So It's not a matter of money here I'm sure, more of DC just being overprotective of their brand. I'm sure Mepps or Charon can chime in and confirm this as well. I also remember Charon saying that they are trying to see if they can get permission to use CW stuff so we will have to wait and see.

    I think Megzilla has a point, because she said that they don't want people to mispresent their characters, and sadly it does happen in the game. Again "Overprotective of their brand".

    The least they could do is hide the feat so it'll stop taunt people and upset them.
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  2. Great Architect Dedicated Player

    Whatever the underlying concerns about image or copyright are, DCUO had a limited-time licence to grant that style to characters. Once that licence expired, they no longer have the rights to do so. I understand the frustration (I only got it on one of my characters), but until DC changes their current stance on the matter, Daybreak have their hands tied :(.
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  3. Great Architect Dedicated Player

    The problem with that is that people that bought it, but didn't equip it, might not know there is still a Feat for it. You have to cover a lot of odd eventualities.
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  4. ThunderGunExpress Well-Known Player

    I think the price of the Main Man style and the Superman Rubble seems to have gone back to full price a day early in DD Metropolis.
    I thought I had just earned enough on one character to purchase the Main Man style, and accidentally bought the chest and legs at full price, thinking it was still 50% off like the rest.

    Everything else seems to still be half off the price, barring the two new pets.
  5. SuperCorp New Player

    Hard to snooze while serving the country over seas and unable to get to internet...
  6. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    Sadly, that matters not to DC Comics. They licensed it for a specific time, and when that time was up, Daybreak had to stop offering it. Regardless of the exact reason why, you missed out on getting it the same way I missed out on getting the Batman v. Superman Emblem Swag Bag because I was waiting for it to go on sale for a lower price. :oops:
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  7. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    Thats why you don't only know what you've lost when it's gone.
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  8. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    about the Superman emblem ...this emblem is 100% one of the most used and may even abused emblems ever..if i remember right Frontnite get an Superman char Now too and DC Comics got any Problem that we can do crap with this sign sounds strange to me
    how old is DC Comics now ? something between 80 and 90 years ? i mean were was his company without fans? how can i say to guys that put so mutch trust in my work we dont wanna be abused by you guys in the end of the day if thats DC Comics point to say no we dont want you guys to use our emblem didnt they hurt her own buissness with it?

    I stay not 100% behind this game but it is active since 10 years now i be sure that this game helped DC Comics alot get a mutch bigger fanbase... so is it very that hard for DC Comics to say fine lets say thanks to our fans and make it possible that we can get this emblem in the game ?

    Im personaly not a fan of Superman but yh i understand guys that be frustrated about this silly problem about an overprotected Emblem