Content Spotlight: Death of Superman & More!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jun 2, 2021.

  1. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    daybreak ...i know highend chars got it mutch easyer to do low lvl content but give us some sourcemarks for your so called (Spottlight Episodes) otherwise they got no really use
  2. Lycan Nightshade Dedicated Player

    with a spotlight i think it should remove the relevency window and possibly give a bit extra in marks (in this case both SM and Tributes)
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  3. KiraDanvers Well-Known Player

    Ok, at first, I thought a double Tributes week was the most pointless bonus week ever, but the fact that you've added new rewards to the vendor makes it a BIG yes!

    You should do this more often with other older DLCs. You've got all this content in the game already, but we have little reason to go back to them. Simply adding a couple of new rewards in the vendor and making it a spotlight event will give us a reason to go back (even if it's only for a week)
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  4. Captain Shadowhawk Level 30

    I find it funny that there are so many capsules in players and league banks that they could run the 5x stabilizer event every week for the rest for the year and it still wouldn't put a dent in the number of capsules floating around out there.
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  5. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Doomsday totem??? As in…there would be a Doomsday stomping around my base???
  6. PolarisSylar Committed Player

    How many marks is each new item ?
  7. Illumin411 Loyal Player

  8. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    100 tributes each.
  9. Lycan Nightshade Dedicated Player

    What would you say to the suggestion that they remove cr relevancy (and possibly give a small bonus) to the spotlight and instead add the new rewards to DoS?

    the idea here would be that it keeps people active in DoS (which is the only dlc not to have its currency change to sm) and still get butts in older content.
    i suggest this because if new rewards are added to the older content(SM converted places) then people who hoard SM..(yeah me) or people who just buy SM can get the new stuff(and whatever feats) without having to run the content(which kinda goes against the goals here)
  10. Vella Well-Known Player

    If they aren't bringing it back just give us the feat. Especially Switch players. The switch wasn't even around when the emblem.
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  11. Aech0013 New Player

    So how long is the game down for this?
  12. Critical Massacre Committed Player

    I’m wondering the same thing.
  13. DCUO Post Loyal Player

  14. Gundraasi Well-Known Player

    Thank you! I haven't done the Doomsday raid once in my life yet LOL! (is member since 2015) ... It just eluded me somehow.
  15. stärnbock Devoted Player

    you didn´t say what is most important: are there new feats or not?
  16. Charon Lead Content Designer

    There are no feats associated with obtaining the new items or any other new feats with the content.
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  17. SuperCristal29 New Player

    Oh ! I made a recent post about it so I hope they still try to give us the Superman emblem or at least one similar despite knowing the claimed rights etc ...
  18. Captain Shadowhawk Level 30

    Looking at the preview of Streaky, why doesn't he have the lightning bolts on his side of a cape? Not really Streaky, just an orange cat.
  19. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Do not buy doomsday unless u want to waste 100 marks like me.. literally comes up to my knee. What a joke..
  20. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Except for kill doomsday x1000, right?
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