Content Spotlight: Death of Superman & More!

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    It's an iconic and tragic story that gets retold over and DC Universe Online: the Death of Superman! Earn double rewards and more all week.

    This week – from Thursday, June 3, 2021, through Wednesday, June 9, 2021 – players will enjoy:
    • DOUBLE Tributes when completing instanced or mission content in Death of Superman
    • 50% discount on Death of Superman gear at vendors
    To play the Death of Superman content:
    • Look for the Doomsday raid (easy) under the Tier 2 section of the 8-player On Duty menu
      • Disabled Thursday and expected to be enabled Friday
    • Look for the Doomsday raid (hard) under the Tier 9 section of the 8-player On Duty menu
    • Look for the Last Son of Krypton solo in the 1-Player On Duty menu right at the top (just under the Vault)
    • Use your map to warp to or travel to Doomed Metropolis to collect missions and fight Doomsday in the open world
    Tributes are used primarily to purchase gear and rewards from the Death of Superman vendors.


    Two new base "items" have been be added to the Death of Superman vendor (for Tributes).
    • Doomsday Totem
    • Streaky the Supercat


    Finally, earn 5X Stabilizer Fragments all week long, too!

    This week – from Thursday, June 3, 2021, through Wednesday, June 9, 2021 – all players will receive BONUS Stabilizer Fragments when completing the daily Stabilizer event in the On Duty menu.

    When you complete the event, you will get five times as many Stabilizer Fragments than you normally do. The event rewards different amounts based on your access level, so that ends up looking like this:
    • Members
      • Standard Reward: 6 Stabilizer Fragments
      • 5X BONUS Reward: 30 Stabilizer Fragments (two complete Stabilizers)
    • Premium Access Level
      • Standard Reward: 4 Stabilizer Fragments
      • 5X BONUS Reward: 20 Stabilizer Fragments (one and one-third complete Stabilizers)
    • Free Players
      • Standard Reward: 3 Stabilizer Fragments
      • 5X BONUS Reward: 15 Stabilizer Fragments (one complete Stabilizer)
    Remember, it takes 15 Stabilizer Fragments to form one Stabilizer, which can then be used to open any existing Time Capsule. The event can be completed once per day. Need a refresher on what's in which capsule? Check out our updated Time Capsule guide!

    The standard Stabilizer Fragment rewards will go directly to your currency tab (as usual) and will be delivered in the loot window as two items: the regular cache of Stabilizer Fragments that you always receive and a bonus cache of Stabilizer Fragments with the appropriate bonus amount.

    PLEASE NOTE: The content spotlight and 5x Stabilizer Fragments will begin this Thursday with daily server restarts and will last through Wednesday. The new rewards are permanent additions to the game.
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  2. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

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  3. Isif Committed Player

    Ooo, more cats.:D
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  4. Belthazur Dedicated Player

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  5. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    And Tributes can be converted to Source Marks, right?
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  6. GoldenBrownDragonFire Well-Known Player

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  7. MisterTeapot New Player

    I don't believe so, since it seems to be in it's own sort of category. Generally once episode currency is able to be converted, the vendors get changed to list their prices in source marks and the content rewards source marks instead. Since these still provide Tributes, and Tributes can still be spent, there is no conversion. At least none that I've been able to find -- I'd love to be proven wrong.
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  8. RahRah Active Player

    No, you're right. They can't be converted. They are their own permanent currency.
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  9. Lycan Nightshade Committed Player

    um 50% off gear, now does that mean the vender is half off because there wasnt any gear (boxes) for DoS, just style.
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  10. RahRah Active Player

    No, they can't, and probably never will be able to. Also, if you're over CR262 you won't get source marks for the content either (unless from the loot box drops)
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  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'm pretty sure a few people in here....well
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  12. Controller Loyal Player


    Supes can drink to this week, lol.

    And ANOTHER CAT I can add to my base??


    Maybe THIS ONE can finally get some kitty litter and a food bowl. Isis is getting tired of competing with Wonder Dog and Krypto for THEIR food.
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  13. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    What, no new entire Legion of Super-pets DLC?

    For shame! For shame!

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  14. Lara Well-Known Player

    We will be able to buy the 80th Superman emblem (10pt Feat)?
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  15. mynch457 Well-Known Player

    Nope, they aren't bringing back the 80th Superman emblem.
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  16. Lycan Nightshade Committed Player

    its highly unlikely since its time limit was dictated by WB/DC. tho i do have hope maybe one day i could replay it on a couple alts....
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  17. Batman2099earthcold Committed Player

    Cool that i have a Lot of Marks from that dlc saved for trying to get the the enhaced lobo chest i haven't get it yet
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  18. Skybreen7 Level 30

    You won me over with ...

    • Streaky the Supercat
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  19. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    Well, this was unexpected!

    Any feats with the new treats? Also is Streaky a T3 combat pet and why is the answer yes?
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  20. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    Well. Here I thought you couldn't get me excited for anything in the game any more. Huh.

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