Content Rotation and Large Scale events

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  1. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to suggest some ideas and get some thoughts on them.


    By this, I mean rotating content weekly for players to play. Similar to LPvE but with our own characters. They could have their own feats if they're duos (i.e play with a player who uses x powerset) but I'm not sure if many people would like that. I would also add additional incentive. The reason I would really like to see this implemented is because DCUO has SO much content and a lot of it is good but ends up being abandoned rather quickly as we progress. I feel like rotating some of the older content like Arkham Asylum or Brothers In Arms the way LPvE rotates their alerts would be pretty cool. What are your thoughts on this?


    This idea is more density dependent and would really be successful based on the population, which I don't think would be a real issue for the game. I'm thinking that there could be some larger scale open world activities similar to GW2, which is the game I played during my break from DCUO and I thought that it was really fun. This could be done through promoting bounty hunting but not just for current content but by also having bounties that could reward end game players in other worlds. For example, a bounty in normal Metropolis or in Gotham Wastelands.

    What are your thoughts on these? I mostly brought these up because they seem to be the easier ways of dealing with some of the content drought in DCUO. I think that although DCUO isn't too bad when it comes to the space between content compared to other games, it could certainly do better.
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  2. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    not sure it'd help with player boredom/content obsoletion unless proper incentives were given (like marks of victory/feats, but with more marks and no CR cap, so everyone reaps the marks). a better idea might be to expand the open worlds, it is called DC "universe" online after all. one thing i absolutely adored about marvel heroes omega and WoW were the sheer size and diversity of their sand box environments, indeed just their content in general, atlantis was a nice start but DCUO should especially have environments like marvel heroes where everything from newyork to asgard and oriental singapore was present, now that would retain customers. the biggest thing to consider is that players don't play the missions because they grow old too fast, and truthfully the monotony of raids does get "old" sometimes. atlantis and JLD onward it would be nice to see more varied content, which would honestly probably bring in more new customers than anything. i think JLD having solos is a step in the right direction and i'm hoping they expand on that into other regions of different gameplay types. how epic would solo campaigns be in something like dcuo?
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  3. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Thanks for replying. I would definitely like more incentive so I can agree with you there. I am 100000% for more open world and I agree with your point completely. I think it's a shame how some iconic places aren't in the game yet, but Atlantis (which I have been begging for for at least three years) was a step in the right direction.
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  4. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    This part will only be possible if the game goes full Free to Play by permanently making all Episodes free to Play or taking away the Free to Play part (wich is obviously not going to happen).
    If they would scale the Rotating instances so High End Player cant One hit everything i really like the Idea.
  5. Brit Loyal Player

    I think the issue with endgame rotating raids in the non-Legends realm is that progression shifts over to Episode based currency. So the question is: what do we get? If the rotating content didn't have Rath Crowns attached (or whatever the highest Episode of the moment is), nobody would want to do it on any significant basis (kind of the approach given right now towards Legends PvE). Regardless of scaling, people are not running raids at endgame level just for Marks of Victory. It is the lack of challenge appropriate rewards that holds back interest in Legends PvE, and the same would be true for any new endgame content that didn't grant appropriate endgame currency.
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  6. Redhot Well-Known Player

    I wish they would do something like op says. So many times I've wanted to play on my ult or even make a new one to only have no one ever qued for lower end content
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  7. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    This has been brought up before in the past, received no response then.

    I definitely was on board with rotating content.

    The situation changed though after the release of the event content and the subsequent access to endgame content to people who have not ran the content that would possibly be rotated in.

    With the amount of time between episodes, a player that even reached endgame, within a time frame of a DLC, will complete the content and move with the endgame community.

    The time frame between DLC's actually functioning like seasonals to those players, they are spending a great amount of time standing around or doing circles waiting on queues or to be grouped up with endgame players instead of running other content, solo content/walk-ins/farming/exploring.

    In other words, the content being rotated would more than likely be content that a vast majority have never seen before.

    If they never seen that content before, how is it that this would work?

    I have played this game for years, ran all that content over and over and over again, a lot of time, a loot locked.

    I say that because for me, it would not matter, the rooms would look the same and the fight would feel like really, really old and extremely boring, where newer content would be fresh.

    My solution would be to encourage newer players to go back, go back and try the other content.

    I would say, in their down time go visit Arkham and try and get those feats, go explore Gotham or Metropolis, or try the movement mode races while they are waiting.

    When trying to find a way to engage large content and small content, look at encouraging the majority to utilize the smaller content to go back and play the content they missed, maybe have more raids during large content and alerts.

    Large content then has less feats but more content with more challenging content(which means harder than elite content requiring everything maxed or almost maxed out), to allow for time for newer players to catch up with the the minority over time while giving maximizers content to run during smaller content.

    Smaller content having more feats, and less of raids, to give newer players more time to run the older content, while the minority can focus on feats and run content, more challenging content, from the larger content.

    Gear sharing for alts, is what I would suggest to help with alts, but I personally wouldn't care for alts, I would see it as a go around to avoid dropping money into the game, which I don't mind having to give up RB to buy SP.
  8. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    I like the idea of rotating old instances to endgame, which has been brought up lots of times before. For rewards I like the idea of styles, artifact XP, or quarks. I was originally thinking this could be something tougher than elite that you would need the current DLC gear for. Maybe they could have multiple instances (a due, alert, and raid) with the raid being very difficult unless you had full DLC gear.

    Not sure about the open world. The lag used to be terrible with more than 10 people around. With lag even on the giant brine hulk, I'm not confident the game can handle big groups.
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  9. Ringz Dedicated Player