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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by jr1nc, Feb 14, 2014.

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  1. Octantis New Player

    Hey thanks for the nice and constructive response :D I always fear I come off as a jerk when I pose questions on the Internet ... Never my intent.

    I do see your points, and respectfully submit to them.

    And no, I don't consider you an elitist; never struck me as one. I just meant you have experience in the game far more than I could dream, so I would trust your opinions and the facts you use to support them.

    Anyway, I agree there are too many warring demographics, but I get a sense from this thread that there are two being targeted for this thread: the ones who want harder 8-mans, and those that think the difficulty is fine. With that assumption I made my argument. I get the feeling that those two specific demographics won't find common ground, and I think the community will pay the price if one or the other wins.

    Maybe it's best to just ignore both groups. I'm on board with scaling difficulties of existing instances to CR, but as you suggest, if the Novice/Expert idea is bad, then I don't see CR scaling Instaces flying either.

    I just want to see someone suggest an idea worthwhile and see everyone compromise. But alas, we're Gamers, right? lol
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  2. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    Ok, but when you consider the fact that many people have no clue what they're doing for the most part, it's nice to take pride in your accomplishments and what you've done despite pride being a sin. When I said I'm one of the best, I wasn't just referring to myself. I just think Elite should be a positive name, not a negative degrading name. The definition seems positive.. There's many factors that make someone an "elitist" including their attitude. Just because someone asks for high cr doesn't mean they're elitists, maybe they just want to do it really fast because they have something to do. Never jump to conclusions.
  3. Jamie New Player

    I have a perfect instance idea that would wok great for DCL11 with Darkseid. A nice simple arena. We start off with simple groups of adds and bosses and work our way up until we wipe enough that we give up. After each fight there would be an intermission to allow for people to repair and such and then the next fight would start. The fights would start off easy so low level players could try it as well. The final level would be able to 1 sot a T7 tank so the content would remain a challenge for a long time Yes, no one would be able to finish this content for a long time.

    The rewards - they would start off small and go large. after each fight you would get some marks (type depends on level of fight), rare vault items, rare lockbox items, and gear of the appropriate level. You would not get all of this from every level but you would at least get some of it. To make matters more interesting there would be leader boards so you can see how you and your team stack up to other groups and players. The score board could even be linked so people could see how they compare against all servers. This should provide plenty of challenge and fun while not excluding any type of player.
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  4. Yeah that Eddie Committed Player

    TL;DR Summary of this entire post.....


    My response?

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  5. Octantis New Player

    In all seriousness, a survival-mode instance would be a very unique experience. It would certainly be different from "Go here, kill this." Plus, a large majority liked Oan Sciencells.
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  6. Octantis New Player

    Such thread

    Very hate

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  7. SuperBell Loyal Player

    Go ahead and use replays all you want, just don't come complaining when you get everything done before the game is even for sale for the public. You can't run through content that take months to create in a week and expect devs to give you something new right away.

    Replay badges were meant to be used by people who can't/don't run content every day to catch up to people who do, or for people locked from an instance to rerun it should a friend/league mate want to do it. I wish people would stop blaming replay badges.
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  8. SuperBell Loyal Player

    Sure, being elite can be a positive thing. Payton Manning is an elite quarterback because he has the stats and a world wide stage to back it up. The International Astronomical Union get to be elitist because they spend their whole lives doing research and reviewing each other's work. Over 99% of DCUO gaming community have no idea who JC is, so having his league/friends and himself considering him one of the best doesn't make it so, and is an example of negative elitism. And as someone who mostly pugs I can say that the majority of the community isn't as bad as some "puggophobics" think they are.
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  9. Whiteroom New Player

    I and many others complained about how broken, not how hard they were. And then they were fixed and fun, no matter if you were fully geared or not. And now they have been nerfed multiple times, as well as having far easier to get, far more powerful gear available. The raids have been made to easy, to easy. But thats a dead subject. The ones who were complaining that it was hard still do so for the most part. Hell, there was more than one complaining about the difficulty who hadn't even run them, by their own admission. Those were the most vocal ones in the end.
  10. Lightful New Player

    I notice that the majority of players who claim the DLC content was not enough and lacks time consumption are the ones who replay the raid more times than that's needed to.

    As for the casual vs elite debate, I believe a difficulty scale should be implemented. They, the devs, have implemented this for lower tier content and the increase in difficulty only lead to NPCs dealing more damage with added health. The real challenge and fun lies within the objective. I noticed they don't add any objectives after an increase in difficulty. This is precisely why putting on lower gear for higher tier content to add difficulty doesn't make the raid itself anymore exciting.

    In football, if you were able to score without the need of holding the ball, the sport itself would take a drastic decline in interest (when I refer to interest, I'm regarding every perspective of the sport--spectator and competitor alike). By adding the objective of holding the ball to score, it really does that much more for the sport and the excitement.
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  11. TrueOlympus New Player

    i agree. I got the epic odyssey feat just the other day with a pug. took 2 tries. the first try only failed cause a troll DCed right at the very start lol
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  12. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    To be honest I don't know who JC is either, which server is he on?
    Whatever happened to these words towards the game is the same thing that happened to words like cow, chicken, pig, noob, dumb, etc.. People are just... Weird.
  13. Remander Steadfast Player

    I think some are under the impression that the current team is completely different from the launch team. Correct me, if I'm wrong, but haven't many of you actually been here since launch?
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  14. bull425 Well-Known Player

    So what I see is hey, it's cool that you are going after new players, but in doing so, don't forget the old ones. Makes perfect business sense. If you have a base that is spending money, don't ignore them (not saying the game is), or they will spend their money elsewhere and the cycle will continue. I see someone that likes the game and gets enjoyment from it and wants to keep playing but is bored. Here I can agree. I am going through the post 30 material now, and truthfully, the content is pretty bare. But, it is year 3, and if we get 4 DLCs this year, that is a good deal of content. I also see someone saying, hey, I didn't mind the challenge. I agree with him. I feel kind of cheated with the Intergang arc, especially the Temple mission because it was always a challenge defeating Bruno, but damn, did I ever feel gratified after doing it having been defeated by him and it taking usually at least 2 tries. It was a great challenge. I ran Sun Matrix, queued up for a PUG, and we got the part with the spiders, and a guy gave instructions and a strategy after a couple of fails, it was awesome. Frustrating, but so gratifying after we did it. So I see his points.

    Lastly I will say this, there needs to be more content across all the tiers. And heck, why not add some 1-30 content as well, give an opportunity to get additional SPs, but also vary the experience so it's not the same old, same old.
  15. Bruherd New Player

    If you didn't spend 500 dollars on replay badges and just paced out the content it would have stretched out your progress. 2 years is a long time though, and I see what you are saying. I'm nowhere near that status (I simply DO NOT have the time to play that much) but II play with a fairly decent league who have members in it since launch and they once in awhile state the same thing
  16. KRR New Player

    Ever wonder what makes an elitist an elitist? I have risen to the top tier with trial and error , having my butt handed to me and handing others theirs in battles, PVPin etc. it has taken a year but I am at the top of the food chain. HOWEVER...I don't look down my nose at other players. If they don't have the right gear or skill PERFORMANCE isn't up to par, then I give criticism. The negative elites are those that do the opposite and kick you without warning or sling trash talk because of some reputation to be kept in the real world.

    Some of these players are dependent upon delivery and catheters. You hear about them in the news after an ER visit or worse. Either way, be proud n a healthy level, but the moment you think you are better than someone else because you have more sp, higher cr or spent more money, your digressin has begun, and negativity rules your game play.

    On a side note, the sooner F2P goes away, the sooner quality players will reappear. Plugging is no fun because alerts can take hrs. DCUO needs to make CR adjustments or something. DLC 9 is ridiculous right now with CR 85 mixing with CR 100 and above. People swear by sp pts for whatever reason and their performance is pitiful....but they have crazy sp's. IVE GOT A PORCHE, A SCARAB, AND MY WIFE IS A MODEL...BUT I HAVE ED, NO DRVERS LICENSE AND IM SCARED OF THE WATER. performance is everything. Stats are just eye candy.
  17. LL New Player

    Almost all have, at least the ones we know.

    I believe when Chris Cao left, then the dude right after him left, people think we have a complete new team which is not true.
    I'm glad spytle has been around since launch and glad he is in the position he is.
    I believe he loves this game, DC, and wants only the best for us players.

    Oh and he got Krypto in the game. Nuff said. :)
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  18. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Sorry, but those two statements kind of contradict each other and could easily be looked upon as doing exactly what you said you aren't doing: looking down your nose at other players.
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  19. Giggles Loyal Player

    Devs let me just say I think you got it perfect with DLC9. The difficulty is not too hard, but it is not too easy either. I realized this just last night. Let me explain. Here is some back story first...

    Yes, with a full league run, with an entire team of people you have played with for years, all content is relatively easy. Either way, all content is going to be that easy for any team or group in that same situation. I however feel the difficulty should be scaled around imperfect teams. I have enjoyed DLC9 immensely, and I'm not that big a fan of a Lanterns. Me personally, I'm a Joker and Superman fan, but this DLC9 is in my opinion one of the best from both a story perspective and a mechanics perspective.

    A friend of mine just started playing like 2 weeks ago. I had been helping him gear up, my league and I helping others in his same position get geared and show them and give them advice on how to play their respective power sets. My friend played at launch with me, but lost interest due to the exploits and hacks that were around when the game launched. I convinced him to give it a try and roll an ice tank, and yes I know ice is one of the easier Tank sets, even I mess with my buddy from time to time and tell him he is tanking with training wheels. He has enjoyed the game so much since coming back he is now a legendary member on that promo you guys had in January.

    Just last night he tanked AnB for the first time. The first run, I had set up a team of 1 PUG, 6 of my league mates and my buddy as the tank. I sat next to him and explained how to cycle his shields, when to use each shield, when to use a soda, etc. He tanked it pretty successfully for his first attempt. Sure there were wipes, and bumps, but they got through it. They got through it we'll enough that they wanted to run again. Then I joined the team and played with them all after a player dropped from the team. We ran AnB probably about 5-6 times last night, and my buddy was tanking each and every one of those runs. With each run he was getting more efficient at tanking, and I can say after last night he can tank with the best of them now.

    My point here is, if content was extremely difficult, there would have been no way we could have done that with the team we had. It would have been difficult to let a new player tank new content for the first time, and most teams would have never allowed that, especially with my buddy being only CR95 with 60 skill points. Although he did have 6 pieces of unmodded rage tank gear. What I am trying to explain is, you should never need a perfect team to run any content. Content should be enjoyable and fun as long as you can grasp the basic mechanics of how to play your role and class.

    I enjoyed DLC7, but I can respect the fact the majority of the community did not. I saw what DLC7 did to this game, even though I enjoyed it, and you can go back and check my feedback in the poll thread that asked what we wanted the T5 raids to be like, and I can honestly say we were wrong. As I have said before, we gave our opinions without any regard for the possible repercussions that something like DLC7 would do to the game. DLC7 nearly killed the USPC villain side. So I for one would much rather have DLC's like 9 instead of 7. Where all players can afford to take the time to teach people how to play without needing perfection. Content should not be scaled based on perfect teams and leagues who have been playing for years. It should be created in a manner in that it is a challenge for newer players and PUG teams.

    If any player, league, group, etc wants a real "challenge", they can go do a PW in full T1 gear after GU34, when you can buy it all from a vendor. They can slot beta mods into their gear, and make sure they do not use the DW or Rifle exploits that currently exist on the live servers. They can also use a perfect 2-2-2-2 set up. The problem is they don't want to do that. The players who claim to want a challenge, do not really want a challenge. They want something that allows them to prove how "leet" they are. For whatever reason they have to try and prove how much better they are than everyone. Quite frankly, that's what PvP is for, not PvE. No one cares how elite anyone is in PvE. All players play and learn differently. The game should be catered to the skill of the majority, not those of us who have been playing for 3+ years and know this game like the back of our hands. Period.
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  20. Tob1rama Senju New Player

    Lol 20k replays for what... You say you have been playing since launch then why you has used so many replays..... I means you should be up to date in your gear a elitist who raise cr with replays is not a elitist imo
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