Constantly freezing on PS4

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Discussion)' started by Incredible Wrecker, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Incredible Wrecker Active Member

    Ran several duos last night then tanked Paradox everything was great. About 1 am central time went to my base froze, checked mail froze, turned around froze, just stood there froze. So I log off hoping it was just a late night thing. This morning same crap. No issues on other games. HELP PLEASE
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  2. Gixxer Member

  3. IIIIINASTYIIIII Well-Known Member

    i have not frozen once on ps4....
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  4. Luminescence1 Member

    I just did, unhappy, very unhappy, having to unplug my new PS4 just so I can get out of the game and reset it. Uncool.
  5. ncgreenlantern Well-Known Member

    I've froze a few times myself .
  6. Incredible Wrecker Active Member

    Yes same type code. Played today no issues until I used a base amenity then bam freeze
  7. Radium Well-Known Member

    Don't unplug it, it'll back you out of the game automaticlly after a minute and brings you to the crash report screen. Then either fill a report(which you should do) and you can load up DC again. No need to turn off the system.
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  8. Gixxer Member

    Seems to be something to do with the AH.
  9. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are investigating.
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  10. Gixxer Member

    I was playing last night for 6 hours and did not get dc-d or that error code. I didn't go to the AH at all during that time. All the other amenities seemed to be okay.
  11. Incredible Wrecker Active Member

    Same as long as I don't use broker in base I'm good. Love the game play on ps4 and I have faith y'all will work the kinks out. Thanks Mepps.
  12. Chris72Lynch New Member

    I get lock ups on this game. Last time it happened I was zoning into an instance.

    The game itself is fun, I even subscribed to it. Didn't think I would be doing that on my ps4.

    Hopefully it is fixed. Thanks
  13. Damien Wynter New Member

    I've just gotten 3 of these crashes (CE-34878-0) in a row. First one I was just flying around the Watchtower and had not interacted with anything except the Voice settings to fix chat volume as is required since forever.

    When I started the game again, ALL of my settings had been reset (gamma, character select screen background, UI settings... everything... I even had to accept the TOS again before it showed the character select).

    Second time, I left the Watchtower into Chinatown PD and then froze on a splash screen while leaving the PD. Again, I had done nothing except change some of my settings back to their "normal" state and accepted the TOS.

    Third time was accidental as I accidentally opened the game again. I had to accept the TOS yet again. This time, it crashed while sitting on the character select screen. I am done until the PS4 client is fixed.
  14. Damien Wynter New Member

    For those searching CE-34878-0 -- this is PS4's generic "Application crashed" error code and not any truly useful information except to know the game crashed. For those having problems with constant crashes, try restarting the console. After this recent episode of DCUO constantly crashing the Netflix app started doing the same thing (it would crash within a minute of launching).
  15. Sgt Bombero Well-Known Member

    Same issues here. Would last 5 secs then freeze again. I was also in my lair,
    Attempting to use the broker. Around 8pm eastern yesterday. After the 4th freeze I went to ps3.
  16. Sgt Bombero Well-Known Member

    Has anyone had trouble today on PS4?
  17. Sgt Bombero Well-Known Member

    Whats up Mepps, Any word on the issues regarding PS4?
  18. Radium Well-Known Member

    All the freezing seems to be confined to the bases from what it looks like.

    Until its fixed just avoid the **** out of it.
  19. Incredible Wrecker Active Member

    That's what I've been doing. But sucks I spent all that time to get my amenities and can't use them.
  20. B0NE DADDY Active Member

    then investigate my issues with shadows game is unplayable started a post called Shadows

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