Congratulations On Nerfing TOTDe into the ground.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Luke©, Oct 28, 2021.

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  1. Bipolar Diva Well-Known Player

    This^ plus a slider as mentioned in this thread. Prevents gatekeeping and satisfies the argument they make.
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  2. NotMeMaybe Active Player

    You so smart my guy, i always read this non-sense type of comments.
    Don't you have rewards for running normal? Yes you do
    Don't we have rewards for running Elite yes you do.
    Should we have aswell an harder difficulty yes we absolutely do, will it change your life if we have "Elite +" no, will it change my enjoyment in DC yes definitely, should there be reward for running "Elite+" yes everything should give a reward any difficulty gives rewards so why not this one?

    I'm running Throne Elite almost everyday lootlocked, why? because it has a decent challenge but still not really hard, do i get rewards no because i'm lootlocked so NO i don't go there for rewards but any difficulty should have rewards, not hard to understand.
  3. Proxystar #Perception

    The point Harlequin was making is that if you want exclusive rewards in your proposed elite+ content or for that matter even as it exists within elite currently then you want more than the difficulty.

    The more rewards players want locked behind the completion of elite the more it becomes not about the difficulty but rather you wanting to have a visible distinction between yourself and players you see as more 'casual', not running elite.

    There is a balance between adequately providing reward for completing the most difficult content that doesn't overstep and provide elite players with too much reward that it becomes toxic flexing.
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  4. NotMeMaybe Active Player

    I knew you would jump here and it's pathetic after 20 timed exolained to you, everything g need a reward, and not everyone enjoy the same kind of difficulty jeez how hard is it to understand, that is embarassing if yo can't understand that.

    You know even any single solo game since the last 15 years has a choice of difficulty right, you living in the past, and once again what you sayin is selfish why?
    Because I'm not asking for elite to be harder i'm aski g for a new difficulty to be added, but i guess your ego will take a hit because you want to be able to do everything with minimal effort.

    The point to have elite+ is to have a "almost impossible raid feeling" and let me tell you there are more people than you think that would try thateveryday, i'ts not because it's not your thing that it shouldn't be added to the game.

    TLDR: Your argument than people just want to flex is getting really odd, realize that people want this game to offer them enjoyment
  5. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    We already know for an absolute fact that there will be a continuation of elite+ that takes into account "lessons learned" from Episode 40. You're already getting excatly what you want. Content that will be played legit by very few, cheated by some, not played by many.

    In Episode 42, from what the Oct 2021 update says, we're getting one raid with 4 bosses and mechanics throughout with scaling difficulty. And for that one raid, the entire content team is working on it. The entire content team for one raid. Let me say that again. The entire content team for one raid. And that's what numerous difficulties is getting us. Less content with more versions of the content we get.

    To me at least, that is in no way preferable to getting a wider variety of content. I'd much rather have 2 or three raids with a different focus and difficulty level. The amount of content in each DLC is getting smaller because of an attempt to please everyone. We've gone from 1 version to 3. Now we're going from 3 to potentially 7 if the structure from Flash to the Future is followed. 7 potential versions of one raid. That's just silly.

    We need better content. A wider variety of content. We don't need an ever increasing amount of the same content. I mean with all episodes being free, I'd argue that event difficulty is no longer needed. There's an entire game to play through for free. The free event that provided a lure to free players isn't really needed anymore. Just play the content when you get there.

    Or we could all wait a year until power creep inches us closer to even elite+ not being enough. Then we can all fight over a newer, harder, even less played difficulty. This is just silly.

    And I'm not against hard content. But I am against hard content being developed at the cost of the game as a whole.
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  6. Harlequin Devoted Player

    I know but thanks for the affirmation.
    I didn't say "no rewards." I said "no rewards that provide an increase in player power." Unique materials, auras or styles only available in that content are rewards and gives sweats something else to use on their crappy, mismatched gear other than the Void Material.
    Nope, it's not, and I agree. There should be rewards in all content. Where the disagreement lies is in what form those rewards should take.
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  7. Proxystar #Perception

    Try to keep the emotive knee jerk reactions at bay and actually comprehend what I said, You're reading my post clearly but then appear to not have comprehended it.

    I never said don't make hard elite content, I never said don't reward it, so please do settle down. I said that there is a danger of over-rewarding it and that's simply a statement of fact outside of emotion.

    If a challenge is all you truly want then reward is actually irrelevant, if a significant reward becomes your desire then you need to ask yourself what do you want that reward for and what do you want that reward to be? If you want a reward then it isn't only about the difficulty/challenge at all and when taken too far becomes entirely about the reward itself and no longer the challenge.

    At the extreme end where it is only about the "reward" it can and does lead ti inevitable toxicity.

    Survival mode for example doesn't provide any meaningful reward outside of a few cosmetics, if people really want the rewards they can undertake the challenge if people really want the challenge they get rewards but probably don't even care.

    Survival mode operates perfectly fine in that regard and any concept of elite should follow a similar pattern, in my opinion.
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  8. NotMeMaybe Active Player

    What are you even talking about, raids are something that come every 4 months, something that we are all here for, something that is exciting for any pve player, so there should be difficulties for all kind of leagues and players not only for your Mr Proxystar.

    If the challenge isnt here for the most advanced leagues and the most geared players rhen thede id nothing exciting at all for those players.

    Stop to act like you never understand on this forum why a part of the community has been asking for a new elite difficulty because in fact you do understand but you always change subject.

    Would you be excited if the Raids where all like event difficulty? The answer is no because you don't play even difficulty.
    The fact is you even go to elite because normal isn't hard enough so you go into elite raids.
    Don't you want rewards aswell when you go in elite raids yes you do.

    So now i'm waiting for you smart answer mr the most hypocrite on this forum, explain me right now why you go in normal or elite raids instead of going in event raids.

    Your answer will be that event raids don't offer enough challenge and rewards? OK here we go

    Waiting for your answer why are you not playing event raids instead of normal and elites.

    I can't wait for your hypocrite answer.
  9. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    This. It becomes suspicious when someone constantly asks for a higher bar but also insists that there has to be something special on the other side of that bar, because then it's obviously not about maintaining challenge for the sake of challenge - it's about making sure that they have access to something only they can have, and that's not motivated by pride - that's motivated by greed.

    Also, if someone wants a challenge? Go kill Subject Doomsday solo. The fight itself will take at least 20 minutes and finding a phase empty enough to do it will take a month. At least. I'd know.
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  10. Proxystar #Perception

    It seems to me like you have some sort of personal issue with me blinding you from actually comprehending my posts and understanding the words that are typed on the screen.

    Take your foot off the personal issue accelerator and actually read the next following sentences.

    1. I am happy for there to be super hard elite modes in the form of elite+ or a difficulty scaler like in FFE.

    2. When the scaler is not present then even elite difficulty needs to be balanced around a midpoint that isn't going to please all parties - I suggest you find a way to deal with that premise.

    3. I oppose putting too much, if in fact any at all progress rewards within elite content, I think the reward for completing elite content need only be a few highly desirable cosmetic chase rewards, which sufficiently provide the carrot. (I've outlined before in other posts how I feel this could actually improve progress and even get rid of the "beating elite day 1" approach to the game)

    4. Number 3 above provides the players with enough of a reward to present a distinction between an elite player and a casual player, this means the primary focus can remain on the challenge rather than overstating the "visual flex".

    Now you don't have to like my views, nor do you have to share them, but understand them.

    There's no smart answer here, its simply the reasonable answer, your rather tedious attempts to insult me simply reflects poorly on your attempt to argue your own points.
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  11. NotMeMaybe Active Player

    I'm not reading your wall of text you are again avoiding a question that i've asked to you, when higher difficulties have been requested on this forum you did the same.

    Facts are, you are playing elite because it has better rewards and higher difficulty than normal and event difficulty.

    But keep ignoring to admit this fact then call other players elitists, while yourself you are playing elite for its better rewards and better challenge.
    There is a reason why the other 3 top and most MMO in the market have Mythic/Mythic+/Heroic difficulties and have a ton of players tackling everyday this high challenge high reward stuff.

    Also where and when did i ask for insane rewards, normal gived cr300 gear, elite gives cr302, then elite+ ciuld give 302 + cosmetics or 304, is that too much Reward?

    TLDR: everything i said is facts, every MMO has some content that is really hard that is the nature of MMO games, but you clearly don't understand that new Raids shouldn't be completed 2 hours after their release, and with PREVIOUS dlc gear, because you want everything with minimal effort then call those who enjoy to make these extra efforts "elitists".
  12. Proxystar #Perception

    At this stage all I can do is laugh

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  13. NotMeMaybe Active Player

    Exactly because you have 0 arguments. Good to admit it on top of that you are indirectly telling I'm a child while having 0 arguments and you are hyper hypocrite.

    Have a good day and don't forget keep playing elite because you for sure find that normal doesn't offer you the right challenge Mr hypocrite)))
  14. Proxystar #Perception

    I will most definitely have a good day, thank you :)
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  15. NotMeMaybe Active Player

    Me too nice to see you done without false arguments regarding difficulty what a pleasure, have a good day))
  16. zNot Loyal Player

    I think what is being done in episode 42 is better (if it is the way that i imagine it to be) Having some of the more experienced devs working on a raid will make the raid difficult and others adding their stuff into it,will be a interesting raid.

    its also easyier for the devs to balance this elite raid if its just one and not 2,i think also we need to consider that 2 raids usuall have alot of buggs most of the time and other issues if they can focus on just 1 raid but with with the size of 2 raids interm of bosses (so we arent loosing out on bosses and thats what matters) so thats better plus i imagine it will be higher quality raid overall with well thought mechanics and design and i really prefer one proper raid vs 2 underwhelming/rushed ones.

    So what are we missing out on with just 1 raid ? On a second raid (that will have re-used mapps anyway?) and most likely less difficulty Since it will be less devs working on it that wont be able to spend as much time in the raid as a whole content team together can and more buggs.
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  17. Bipolar Diva Well-Known Player

    This who is why we only get 1 raid? Jesus just bare knuckle fight the boss! But no shields or healers. IT'S ELITE+ BY GOD!
  18. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    So... like a title awarded when you complete one of the feats in elite? Oh wait... we have that already. :)
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  19. TritonD3 Well-Known Player

    I’m actually sorta worried about this new raid. When it comes to mechanics, some of the devs remind me of a chef running around a kitchen screaming “More ingredients!” The engine is just too shoddy for some of the stuff they try to pull off. Most of the time it ends up an annoyance rather than a challenge. I wish they’d follow Coco Chanel’s advice and take off one accessory (mechanic) before they leave the house.
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  20. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    IMO the difficulty tier system they did for FFe was a perfect solution to this problem as far as it's concept. Yes, the tuning was a bit off and it was super buggy at the beginning and still kind of buggy through the end of that DLC. But those are problems that can be lessened and solved in future iterations of it. But the concept was fantastic.

    I really don't see the need for debate and brainstorming on this topic. Rather we should wait for this difficulty tier system to return next DLC and do our best to help out with feedback on tuning and of course report bugs and so forth.
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