Congratulations On Nerfing TOTDe into the ground.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Luke©, Oct 28, 2021.

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  1. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    The combination type feats could also work but would depend on the content. Take the custodian fight in ISe for example, if there was an elite feat to wait for him to absorb each different type of NPC and then defeat him it may take longer but is a test more of survivability rather than just pew pew dps. Or even boss combinations like PCe last boss where you have the encounter become more challenging based on what boss combinations you have that are more deadly than others, DWFe also was an example of that with with the stompa + lashina combo that would have players disband the raid and reque to get a different combination on 1st boss.

    Feats of that nature that are more multi-layered.
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  2. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    Four corners being a 10pt feat. Good luck getting people to follow directions in the maze. They must have the HUD off so ‘go left’ is whichever way they are currently facing. Lmao. But yet finding batwoman 13 times is 50pts… dcuo logic working overtime
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  3. Proxystar #Perception

    Haha, I'll have you know Batwoman is a tricky little critter who hides exceptionally well in plain sight on top of that tall building, glistening in the moon light, probably close to shooting off fireworks just to give a lending hand to the sight impaired :D
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  4. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    Hard to find indeed. Those green dots on the mini map sure don’t give away her hiding spots.
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  5. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    While we are at it, can we get the hades teleport mechanic put back to a timer rather than health intervals. Fast burn means fewer teleports while slow burn means you will be stuck in the basement.
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  6. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    What’d be spectacular is if the devs did this live an did it themselves an played/tested it all themselves. Just sayin….
    One huge issue with all this is that they rely on us to do their testing and the testers do not represent everyone. The other issue with it, the rest of the community gets a voice once it goes live an the “elitist” pretend any voice other than their own doesnt matter or carry weight (i even had that very debate with someone not so long ago and they flat out said their voice matters more and has more value because they are so good).
    Lets not pretend the high an mighty elitists as a whole have the communitys best interest in mind. Some do, some clearly do not.
    But either way, the largest issue i see in all this is the way it all happens.
    Theres also not just lowly pugs and elitist but theres alot of middle ground there.

    To that point, thats where i consider myself. The middle ground. I clear all elite everytime but i do it pugging. When i happen across a group competant enough to communicate an discuss and figure it out i spam with em to get my gear because fact is, outside all of your special elite groups, the content is far too hard to complete. The vast majority aint clearing it at relevancy and now that we have the buff/clamp change, most wont be completing any of it ever and thats ok. But to pretend elite aint hard enough when even a group of solid players cant complete it is just false. Its plenty hard. Its not hard in the way i think it shouod be, i think the designs are horrible and there needs to be more engaging an better mechanics and such but i digress
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  7. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    I guess what i mean is, everyone sayin its too easy doesnt venture out beyond their super secret group to easily complete it. That alone skews their view.
    Conversly, those cryin incessantly its too hard dont have thing resembling coherent groups to run with and/or are terrible themselves.

    The rest is the middle ground, those of us that dont find it to hard at all but also dont have your special elite groups to run with so its much to hard due to group failure not our own ability. So for us its often much too hard till we luck into the rite group an spam it out while we have competent players to do so.
    U see in LFG, “need ____ for ___e experienced players only”….. how is anyone supposed to even run it an learn the mechanics if you wont invite them?

    So what we have is
    1) elitist who wont run with anyone an teach them anything then cry its too easy (no kiddin)
    2) semi-elitist who only invite people that have done it (other semi-elitists)
    3) the majority of the community who have no business in endgame content much less elite cryin its too hard (no kiddin)
    4) the group of us that falls in the category of fully capeable and knowledgeable but cant carry group 3, cant get invited by group 2 and of course would never get invited by group 1 under any circumstances lol

    My stance is as its always been, elites far too hard for the vast majority, and when you stack a group of the absolute best players you know an do this with always, then of course its too easy. For the top notch players that arent part of an elitist league or group its just rite usually.
    Both views are so far skewed to extreme opposites they both must be false or on a bell curve, be thrown out as the extreme outliers and theres almost no value to consider from either (sorry elitist).
    Seems to me, if the rest of the community were given a chance to learn from you high an mightys thrn perhaps they wouldnt be so bad and perhaps you’d find that theres plenty of us that are more than capeable. Theres nothing the devs can do to please all here. Till u come off your high horse an mingle with the rest of us you will always thnk its too easy.

    This is all coming from a place of someone who doesnt have an elite group or league and only clears it when the rite group comes along an we work through it and coordinate and communicate and even then i think elite is too easy. I think the designs need to be more creative and better. I do think the arbitrary 1-shots are stupid and i think 2 res limits are stupid. I would reference OG dox. No 2 rev limit, just a beast of a raid before being nerf’d into the ground. That to me represents what elite should be. Very beatable, but only with the rite level of coordination.
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  8. Miserable Committed Player

    I can't speak for all so-called elite players but many of us have no desire to gatekeep content. We aren't really concerned at all with whether other players can complete content. We quite simply want content that is fun for us and that only happens when the content is sufficiently difficult.

    Now I'm aware that it doesn't make sense to cater content to the top 1% and it would probably be very difficult, if not impossible, to create content that is simultaneously hard enough to be enjoyable for the best and also completable by whatever percentage of the endgame player base you guys think is reasonable. That's why I think what the devs tried last episode with the 5 levels of elite difficulty has the potential to be a perfect solution. If there are multiple elite 'levels', then it would not be unreasonable for one of those to be of absolutely crushing difficulty.

    Many of us would love to find a solution where we can all get what we want.

    Also +1 for the removal of the death limit in elite.
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  9. Bipolar Diva Well-Known Player

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  10. AthalwolfCOH Level 30

    I'm with you on that. I've yet get get through it even once. Every team has just quit after not being able to get passed the first boss fight. I can only guess its all the 200 arts players enjoying it.
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  11. August Moon Well-Known Player

    I wanna say maybe testing parameters in terms of elite raid content should very more. Like being able to beat it shouldnt be the only parameter to fully testing the raid . People should be able to beat it with every tank, heal, troll , and dps power . beat it with both prec and might dps. its very clear different powers have more of a struggle than others ,and the devs do not seem in a hurry to address or take care of that issue. The last thing you need is another at level raid where ice cant tank it or earth is struggling again meanwhile fire rage and atomic can skate right through it, or a damage check whose goal has only been reach and tested beased on 5 dps using a circuit breaker, neo venom , eog stack combination every time
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  12. zNot Loyal Player

    To compensate for that the mechanics need to be difficult then since your power cant be used as a excuse for not doing a mechanic,i specificly mean for tanking powers because i know there are some gaps there too then they should put mechanics as i said into the boss that the tank needs to block/avoid rather then just a design where u need to be a specific tanking powerset to make it easyier like in survival mode where ice outperforms every other tank power.

    Or a design where both tanking power sets are needed 1 tank takes the boss (ice,earth,fire)

    Other tank takes adds (rage,atomic) so all powers are needed

    And it would be good if power trolls were a must have for elite raids
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  13. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Your really complaining about them nerfing Throne of the Dead?

    Like have the vast majority of you guys forgotten that Throne was exploited on release?

    "Need my Quantum DPS here bro."

    "Quantum DPS only bro."


    "Quantum Exploit needed."

    The nerf should've happened when they patched the exploit years ago, you people said you wanted difficult raids at the time but then when this one came hot off test; a lot of people cheesed it.

    Don't @me, If you were there at the time; you know what I said is true.
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  14. Harlequin Devoted Player

    I remember being given a forum vacation for criticizing the devs for the pathetic "punishment" given to the exploiters. It's no wonder that people continue exploiting glitches when there are zero repercussions.
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  15. CCPONCHO Well-Known Player

    Question, do you think that if powers were more balanced that it would eliminate all these nerfs? It seems like people were complaining that Ares health was just too high and it made the fight really long, not really mechanics so much. Alot of people complaining that they just didn't have the burn not because they lack skill, but because they just weren't the right power.
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  16. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Serious answer:
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  17. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Power balances would help but alot of might powers in general have their single target impacted the most by the use of artifacts. It could be those players struggle because they don't have 200 arts, which is completely fair to say. Single target rotations for might powers are all pretty straight forward in terms of skill so that shouldn't be the root cause.
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  18. AV Loyal Player

    Yeah it's definitely not the cause. Just looking at base rotation DPS without SC factored there's a difference in how each Might power plays and in how well they'll each do in ST or AoE situations but with SC factored in it all comes out in the wash. To help make the STU feat grind feel more engaging I ran a bunch of elite raids on every power and, with the best rotations and proper SC usage, the difference between every power's overall performance was pretty negligible such that there's really no excuse for anyone to be like "oh I did bad because I was <insert w/e power they think is weak here>." They all have unique strengths and unique ways of compensating for any perceived weaknesses.

    I think it's just a matter of most players not using SC well (seems like a lot don't even super-stack self buffs before an SC dump) combined with the fact that there are a million mediocre ways to build Might and only a handful of goated ways to build it with some powers having a few more near-optimal options than others. That's kinda like how it is with Prec but with Prec it's obviously way less involved since it's just spamming/clipping a combo as fast as possible, so harder to make a bad build. I'd argue that once a player understands the different Might rotation patterns in the game that it's the same way but getting to that point takes more experience since different powers have different optimal patterns (even though most powers have semi-viable options for all of the different patterns).

    The art thing is definitely a factor too like you said, though that'll be an issue for any DPS. I think it's good that Nth/Seals are way more accessible now. I often get questions like "ok but what do I do if so-and-so artifact is only 120 or 160" to which my answer is pretty much always that I couldn't say, because finding the best builds with the best tools at our disposal is already involved enough to the point it's not worth anyone's time to try to min:max for the bagillion sub-par equipment options a player might have.
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  19. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Skills Points are also a factor. A lot of people have snappy responses to that subject and while there may be a few organizational flaws in the system, the fact remains that access to the raw Stats make your DPS output pop (even moreso when you DON'T have 160-200 rank Arts). There is no shortcut for SP.
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  20. AV Loyal Player

    True but the amount required to max Might DPS output is technically only ~360ish (though anything less than ~460ish is gonna be noticeably much squishier... Unless they were dying constantly due to not having enough SP to put into Health... which I have seen 1-2 times, specifically from players who were like "lolSP I'm just as good with 300 as a player with 680" > *Player gets quickly and repeatedly 1-shot by roomwide AoE that doesn't phase rest of group*. (That's also not to downplay the value/importance of high SP for health purposes.... having max SP let's you shrug off a lot of stuff).

    SP's definitely super important, and way more important than most seem to think it is, but not so much that it'd be a reasonable excuse for poor DPS performance. Yeah... I wouldn't want a low SP player wearing a Tetra for me, they'd have a rough time with anything melee range, and they couldn't pull off Battle Tank/Troll nearly as well... but if they aren't dying they should still be able to keep up in ranged DPS.
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