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  1. Sprout Robinson Level 30

    I started playing DCUO earlier this summer and I see that Open Episodes are still being advertised. I've looked around a bit in-game but I can't figure out how exactly to access these? I found episodes available for purchase, but that's all.

    Having only played during quarantine, I have nothing previous to compare it to. Are the Open Episodes the Watchtower teleporters with CR Requirements? I had assumed they were like that all the time but I could definitely be wrong. I'm not entirely sure I understand the difference between the event version and the episode version either, that could be the source of some of my confusion.

    I feel like this is probably something basic that I'm not quite understanding.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    You can play the episode as long as your character has the required combat rating to access it, no additional applications or requirements.
    For example, you need to be at 99 cr to go in Gotham Under Siege and do Amazon Fury Part I's On-Duty instances.

    Do note that the loot locked time is double than having a membership/purchased episodes.
    The latest 3 episodes (Metal Part II, Birds of Prey and Wonderverse) are not available for Open episodes.
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  3. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    Past few dlcs the devs created a event version of the newest dlc so everyone can play it

    TL;DR the difference between the event and the episode version is the cr and gear

    I’ll use wonderverse numbers, so the event version is designed for players lvl15 to cr 298, the gear that drops In these lvl ranges is designed to get you to the minimum cr requirement for the endgame episode version of 299 you’ll see this kind of gear in open world and the event version of the instances. If u are below Cr 299, running the on-duty event content gets you the dlc currency and source marks And gear drops to help you reach Cr 299 overtime, the On-duty event instances will buff your characters to cr299 stats and some of the event instances will have “watered-down” mechanics in some cases (haven’t ran this event stuff yet so I can’t compare if there is anything). The event version will have purple vendor gear and they won’t have access to buy the gold vendor gear (episode version gear)

    Assuming the player owns the once the players hits Cr 299+, the open world mission gear will be higher than the event gear drops that a lvl15-cr298 would see in open world loot and now those Cr299+ players can buy the gold vendor gear. The players would also have access to the episode version(Endgame version), it gives higher gear and normal amount of source marks and dlc currency a event player would see.
    HOWEVER if a cr 299+ players queues for the event version of the dlc they would not see higher gear drops because the event only drops event gear and the player would lose access to the source marks because 299+ is out of the cr relevancy range... previous event episodes had Owners boxes too, it contained enhanced styles and base items only a member or owner of the dlc could open as well, event players couldn’t open them without ownership or by sub

    if players aren’t a member or own the dlc, they will not be able to buy the gold vendor gear or be able to run the endgame version of the on-duty content, because the newest dlc isn’t part of Open Episodes like Catastrophic mentioned
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  4. SekretVillain Dedicated Player

    Open episodes are basically a event that allows you access to DLC' without owning it or without being legendary.
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  5. SekretVillain Dedicated Player

    The wonderverse episode has a event section for it as will every new DLC that releases. This gives all levels something to do and allows people that aren't at CR requirements for the DLC to enjoy it still
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  6. KneelBeforeZodd Well-Known Player

    Normally, If you don't have a membership episodes will be locked unless you buy them. Because of COVID-19 (no1 knows if they'll keep episodes open after it) they gave everyone (free and premium players) access to every episode besides the 2 last ones (Wonderverse is available as a event), but their loot locks reset every 2 weeks instead of weekly.

    The event version is a version available for players below the CR relevancy (afaik it starts at 299 for wonderverse) window or players who want a easier version of the content. It has less mechanics, is a lot easier and you can't play the elite version or get the best gear, but you still get marks to buy items at the vendor (low cr gear or cosmetic items or to buy high cr gear once you hit the CR relevancy window and purchases the episode/membership)
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  7. Sprout Robinson Level 30

    These was very helpful, thanks everyone!

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