Confessions of a Tank in T5 Raids

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MrSuperman, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. cravex15 Dedicated Player

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  2. Ice Lantern New Player

    Basically if he feels that you are too close, he will choose not try to gain aggro until you die. Seems like a scumbag move to me.

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  3. BigAl Devoted Player

    I don't get you. One post sounds like you disagree with him, another like you applaud him.
    Yes, he's right. Dps that run ahead and start fights deserve what they get. On the same thought, if they melee while a tank is tanking a boss they also deserve whatever they get. But not because the tank stopped working. If they die because of their own actions, then yes, its on them. If they die because he stopped doing his job because he broke a nail, then its on him.
    Nuff said.
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  4. DirtyPirate123 New Player

    Its funny I do the same thing.
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  5. Dazuzi New Player

    Isn't the tank failing if and when someone gets ahead of him/her? Isn't the tank's job to stay ahead of everyone else and lead the group?

    If the group is really bad, then it might be a good idea to pause and wait for everyone to catch up constantly, but if the group is not made out of first timers, there shouldn't be any need for that.

    You're an incompetent tank if you cannot lead the group.
  6. Deranya Dedicated Player

    That is true, tank you should be the first in. Sadly you will always find monkeys that will jump ahead and go in first. They will pull anything to them and die, blame tank and heal and continue to do it over and over again. Unless you run with a complete group that is either league or people you can trust not to monkey around in situations like that you will always have them.
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  7. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    My wife is a tank, & we run most of our group content together. I've seen MANY run ahead of us trying to "speed things up". Look, folks are individuals, be it for good or bad. It's not my wife's fault if people run ahead in an instance, & You know what? as a healer, I'll stick with the tank. You wanna play Dora the Explorer? Do so at your own risk. Not the group's. I think it's pretty incompetent to make a general comment like that at tanks.
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  8. BigAl Devoted Player

    I wish I could take control of other players' keyboards and controllers. That would be the best. Or if I had an "easy" button I could press that would stop teammates from attacking before I draw aggro. Alas, you can't fix stupid.
  9. Dazuzi New Player

    Running raids (mainly T5, since tanks aren't really needed in other tiers) with competent players is generally rushing. Everyone's done it million times before and everyone knows their job. It's tank's job to stay ahead of the group and lead them.

    Even if the tank's a bit slow or doesn't know what to do, they can still do their job. As an example I ran nexus a few days ago with my friend who's been away from the game for a long time, he didn't really know what to do, but he was and still is a good player, so he figured it out fast. We rushed ahead, he followed and aggroed mobs. No wipes, no pointless deaths and a fast run.

    They were trying to speed it up and you weren't doing your job. Obviously it failed.

    • When I'm trolling, I can temporarily replace the tank with stuns and let the damage dealers start nuking or even kill the mobs. It's tank's job to catch up before there's an actual need for a tank.
    • When I'm tanking, I stay ahead of the group and do my job. It's my job to be first and aggro mobs. It's rest of the group's job to keep up with me.
    • When I'm healing, well it's complicated. I tend to do ******** of damage, rush, heal and take most of the aggro if tank's not there. With the new healer gear you can easily take the hits in raids, but generally speaking you should be near the people who are first and be ready to heal.
    • When I'm DDing, I wait for a troll, healer or tank to be there and then start nuking.
    I feel like I should point out that in T5 raids it's a good idea to let the tank start the boss fights. And I should probably point out that tanks shouldn't wait for minutes before doing that. If everyone just arrived in the room, they're probably ready, so JUST GO.

    You can be in control without that. Be fast and aggro mobs, that's all you need to do. Don't pause for no reason and you'll be first.
  10. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    I never said anything failed. Wow, ego - centric much ? Ther's pills fer that.
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  11. Dazuzi New Player

    That's the best you got? Well, let's examine what you said:
    That makes it sound as the speeding things up failed, so yes, failed. And there's a good chance it failed because the tank wasn't doing his or her job.

    And yes, I'm the one with the ego problem. I'm the one who's advertising my awesome CR, SP and whatever in my signature. Oh wait.
  12. Deranya Dedicated Player

    It says "trying to speed things up", it doesn't mean it failed. It can also mean that they managed to hold those back so they didn't go ahead and speed into death and high repair costs. Just because something didn't go a certain way doesn't mean it failed. There is a difference and it causes unnecessary conflicts
  13. Deathmike Devoted Player

    When I tank I'm always at the frontlines.
    Doesn't matter if it's a raid, alert or even a duo; it's extremely rare that someone gets in front of me.

    If someone does manage to get in front of me I won't take it personal. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt first and assume they know what they're doing and can handle themselves.

    Deathmike out.
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  14. Dazuzi New Player

    Did you even read what he said? Let me quote it for you:
    Does that sound like they managed to hold them back? No. It sounds like the speeding up attempt failed.

    If you try to speed something up and you are unsuccessful at it, I call it a failure. The attempt FAILED.
  15. Deranya Dedicated Player

    Dude, I am not one of those people that will jump into arguments, so keep your caps to yourself. All I said was that things are not always failures when they don't work out the way they were intended. Situations can change from one way to another.
  16. Dazuzi New Player

    Wait, what? "FAILED" was too much? I'm pretty sure it was more than justified way to highlight it.

    And yes, if something doesn't work out as planned, the outcome can still be positive, but I believe we were talking about people trying to speed things up and being unsuccessful at that. In that context saying that the attempt failed is more than justified.
  17. BigAl Devoted Player

    Imagine if you will, that everyone followed the same guidelines for content. That would be amazing. You cannot control idiots that run ahead of the group and start a NEW fight with ANOTHER group of adds. You assume too much. If the original fight wasn't finished, then there was no reason for a player to move ahead and start a new one. That's what I'm saying. If the tank aggros a group, then runs ahead to aggro another group just so he/she can "stay ahead of the group", then the content has a good chance to fail.
    I fully understand what you are saying, but no one single player can control the entire action of the entire group. You can try and dictate the outcome, but there is likely someone (eventually) that will go against the grain.
    At this point, I think you are arguing just to argue because you've lost your footing and won't admit you've made an error in your words.
  18. Dazuzi New Player

    You never gave proper context, so of course I had to make assumptions. If you don't want me to make assumptions of the situation, provide proper context.

    In that context, the person doing it is obviously an idiot. Unless we assume that the mobs were close enough for you to pull in. Sometimes it's better to be on the other side of the mobs, as an example here. (It's a bit messy and the DD was too close, but still.)

    And I agree, you can't control the group, but you can control the mobs. If controlling the mobs is not enough, then it most definitely is not the tank's fault.

    I'd appreciate if you could show me where I made errors or where I lost my footing.
  19. LivingDeath New Player

    LOL the original post is quite funny. Only thing I disagree on is you claiming all dps beed to be ranged. Ive done melee dps since the release of this game. Melee dps is doable and fun to do. All you need to do is learn animations. And block or ****. So if my melee play style bothers you and you want me to play your my subscription and ill play how ever ypu like
  20. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    Your still here? LOL...