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  1. IAMRYDER33 New Player

    QuickTake is the artifact is not worth the extra layer of complexity. The basic idea here is using a combo of Might and Precision powers to fill the respective damage bars. You’re able to use the accumulated damage via a power in your load out. The amount of damage to fill the Might and Precision bars needs to be reduced by half to make the artifact viable. Also the damage needs to be raised significantly, somewhere in the 40 to 60% range. Even at level 200 The damage output just doesn’t seem to warrant investing almost $200 And 1.6 million XP. Using Gadgets Prec, ( paired with the strategist and transformation arts at 200 ) I can fill the Precision bar roughly every 12 seconds solo target. Sounds decent but that only produces a 40 K hit every 12 seconds that has no chance to crit. It takes well over 20 seconds to fill the Might bar. CRHUD doesn’t split damage on multiple targets. Meaning hitting one target for 40 K translates into hitting eight targets 11 K each. But AOE runs into the previous issue of taking too long to accumulate the damage necessary to activate the artifact. Having both bars activate it produces a hit over 100 K but there are multiple powers across multiple power sets that hit similarly with faster cool downs without having to change arts. Even with the power generating a decent amount of supercharge still doesn’t help the cause for the artifact. I know I said a lot so quick recap:

    1. Reduce the amount of damage to fill the bars by half at level 200
    2. Increase the damage output to both bars my 40 to 60%
    3. Increase the amount of supercharge generation 25 to 35%
    4. ( Optional ) Remove need for actual power. Allow artifact to function automatically ( like Grimorium or Strategists )
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  2. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    You’re suggestions would make this art op, and by default, mandated
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  3. L T Devoted Player

    I've found the artifact works better when you don't focus exclusively on either might or precision, and try to get the bars to fill up at about the same time.
  4. IAMRYDER33 New Player

    I don’t think it would make it OP but it would offer a viable variance to the meta that’s in the game now. Because of how the artifact operates you still have to “get” to the damage. Right now the artifact gives you the option of doing more work for significantly less damage. Especially in regular content. Where a group of Adds dies between 5-8 seconds with average DPS. A raid with two strong DPS or more the damage will be gone before you can fill up either one of the bars. And again the damage is just not enough for you to miss one set of Adds and then hit the next set of Adds. Solo target boss damage is lacking as well because it takes so long to fill up the bar it just doesn’t justify the small amount of damage for such a long time. I’m just saying something has to give. Either faster, rapid damage or a larger pay off at the end of filling the bars or maybe a combo of both but right now the artifact simply under performs.
  5. Fwames Well-Known Player

    I think that is the main crux of it. The filled up bars dissipates into nothingness after 30 seconds of being unused. It limits the player the option of building the bars up for more strategic uses like for a simply "wait for the right moment" kind of thing. Not to mention that raids and alerts constantly interrupts the rhythm of the battle. If the bars function like normal supercharges, I personally think that it would be of better use to the players and not to mention more enjoyable.
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  6. DrakeBall Well-Known Player

    This art is garbage there's are way better arts than this high work low reward one
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  7. IAMRYDER33 New Player

    It would be nice to see that as an added feature. Excellent suggestion
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  8. IAMRYDER33 New Player

    The idea for the artifact is good but I agree the implementation… Needs work. Hopefully developers are checking out the forums and are listening to our input.
  9. Psyfur Well-Known Player

    I got a question. I read Butuba’s pro tip. It says that supercharges that deal damage will fill both supercharge and might bars.
    Does this suggest that the ray should be ignored until after using a supercharge?
  10. Fwames Well-Known Player

    1. It is meant for a hybrid gameplay and most hybrids run neovenom boost to increase the damage output of both might and prec attacks
    2. It needs 10k supercharge to fill the supercharge bar and I can count on my amputated hand's fingers how many damage dealing supercharges are worth it on a hybrid gameplay.

    Been messing around it in test and the most damage I've gotten from it was on an elec toon with green feeds due to how spammable CB is. Second is from gadgets then mental as I can hide it in stealth and only pop it out when it was charged with at least two bars. I can't seem to make it "work" with other powersets due to mainly how I play it, maybe others can.

    The parses are beastly on elec btw but severely limiting as you are relying on green feeds to shoot it at full capacity as frequently as possible.
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  11. L T Devoted Player

    I was able to do decently at sparring targets using Electric (CB), Gadgets (AG), Mental (NVB), and Atomic (AB). I focused on Might and primarily let pets fill up the precision bar. I tried Hand Blaster, Dual Wield, and Shield as weapons.

    In content (mostly open world) it seemed my artifact status bars were always getting reset -- and the supercharge one was especially painful when that happened.
  12. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Posted this in feedback thread so sorry for the cut and paste but in this may be helpful in here:

    Computo and quislet have definitely been not well received but I think it may be due to their respective "best paired with" suggestions.
    Anyone wants to give these a whirl on test, please do. I'm giving my pc build to my nephew so it's all boxed up already.
    Quislet suggests pairing with source shard and grim. Meh. Neither does enough damage to care about buffing them vs bat construct or seemingly even sidekick which is what most source users cycle thru. Grim is very important for setting pi, not for the damage he does. But since he's out, he's getting the buff. So look at quislet not pairing with those. A lot of people use grim to apply pi. A lot don't. And then some players apply their pi as does their grim, wasted slots. So if a player that does use grim ditches grim and applies their own pi, quislet becomes viable since he will eventually do more damage than grim. Rsk is terrible and dead every 5secs now. Passive damage of quislet is probably on par with him and he can't die since he can't be summoned. Even if he did, I imagine he just pops back up like grim. So as far as pairing him goes, that brings us to computo...
    Pets are filling the prec bar. So take a rage character for instance. Combing those two arts with amulet (or tetra if there isn't a buff troll and healer) gives rage a viable st range loadout. Won't be op but would make sense that it's a lot better than what it usually is. I'm sure other powers would be the same way. But since rsk is just so useless and takes a slot, quislet is the better (imo) choice especially if you're already running grim and double pi'n. Computo puts out decent damage when 2 bars are full and over 100k for 3 bars if I've been told correctly.
  13. Nautical enthusiast Well-Known Player

    When in wolf or gorilla form, the prec bar doesn’t fill at all.
  14. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

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  15. Batuba Developer

    I'll look into this.
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  16. DarkAvenger Well-Known Player

  17. Batuba Developer

    Fixed the issue where Computo's Redistributer HUD would not gather precision damage while doing basic attacks in Wolf, Gorilla, Insectoid, Ice elemental forms. This fix should be hitting live early next week.
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  18. UVLN Level 30

    I have the op face, the elite weapon, neck and rings and I didn't get the level up, I'm still 329 and should've been boosted up, I tried to put in a report but no answer, everyone else would be at least cr 330 or 331. Please help me
  19. Berza Committed Player

    You need elite gear (armor, no just rings-neck-weapon).